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If you had to take only one man with yourself to a deserted island, which type would you choose? Some pretty boy actor with lots of make-up and a whole bunch of people working on his image, or some tough-looking mofo with an attitude who can beat several guys all at once and is a powerhouse of raging testosterone, muscled body and almost constant hardons? 

Well, it’s little wonder that I’d opt for the latter option, because frankly for me only that type of guy does the trick. And boy oh boy, what do we have here today – Chad Hanson is just one such rough bad boy. He is 23 and looks like a tank. At the moment he works as a construction worker, but in the past he also worked as a bouncer in a club.

He is very sexy and beefy and you definitely feel a male presence when he’s next to you. He says he’s straight but has messed with guys a little, mostly receiving blowjobs.

Chad also has one of the best cocks I’ve seen in a while, it’s hard as a rock and think and long. Believe me, the feeling that his cock gave me when I had it in my mouth was just spectacular. It throbs and pulsates like mad, oozes precum.

The funny thing is that I didn’t expect it to be so think and hard, it didn’t look so good while it was soft … but I’m certainly not complaining that Chad is a real grower!

I thought it would be a real pity if I left Chad’s beautiful manhole untreated, so I tried to give it a proper service. However, Chad backed off, telling me that he was not ready for that yet. A bit later he agreed nevertheless. After all, it’s all in the name of a man giving a proper service to another man.

Obviously my cocksucking skills caught Chad off guard, because he didn’t expect a blowjob to feel so fucking great. He said that “this is the best blowjob he’s had in a long time”.

After a while Chad stands up and now he fucks my face really hard. I didn’t want to back off, after all one can’t refuse any part of such a great throbbing dick. When you have a hard pulsating dick in your mouth, backing off is not an option. Learn how to deepthroat it. Of course, some gagging is inevitable, but if you get the technique well, you’ll be OK. Just always strive to do your best when you are sucking on a man’s tool. Don’t use your teeth, use your tongue. I will probably write a tutorial about cocksucking soon anyway.

So, next moment we have Chad who is on the brink of cumming because my mouth and throat are relentlessly gulping and swallowing his mighty rod. Suddenly Chad announces that he’s gonna cum. He shoots his load and I suck as much of his man juice as I can. It’s all swallowed, almost to the last drop!

Chad was taken by surprise that I swallowed his load without any problems and thinks it was totally mind blowing. And I can tell you, he can’t wait for the next cocksucking session.


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