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My Best Friend’s Dad – Rough Ex-Soldier Frank Clayton

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Frank Clayton

My Best Friend’s Dad is the second new website from the author of The Full English which was introduced yesterday. While The Full English focuses on younger straight guys, My Best Friend’s Dad is all about mature men that live around us and which we meet every day.

The mature guys on this site are also real amateurs. They have never appeared on an adult site before, and most of them have families. I think it’s very interesting to get a peek into the life of a  capable and loving father, to get to know them better and understand what keeps them motivated. The experience and wisdom which they acquired throughout their life makes them equally sexy and attractive as their younger counterparts.

Pretty much any porn punter has heard about MILF (Mother I’d Like to Fuck), which is used to denote a mature woman between the age of 35 and 55 who is still very attractive and desirable. But if you attempt to find the male version (DILF) you will probably be disappointed. Instead of real straight daddies, you are likely to find “daddy” models having sex with other similar models, which puts their straight sexual orientation into question.

On My Best Friend’s Dad you can find the real DILF. These men appear on the Internet for the first time. Most of them don’t want to be adult porn stars, but just to earn some extra cash and show off their manly assets before it is too late.

The main aim of My Best Friend’s Dad is to accurately portray the essence and sexiness of the older bloke next door. He could be your postman, baker, or former school teacher. Or even your best friend’s dad. You will probably want to know what motivates him, what turns him on and generally what goes on inside his head before he takes off his clothes and gets to action.


Frank is an ex-soldier, dad and as of recently a bodybuilder. He is a pretty daring and sometimes aggressive guy, and he doesn’t shun from using his physical strength in order to resolve disputes with the odd irritating person. However, Frank also has a tender side of his personality which his wife and kids are quite familiar with.

Recently Frank got interested in bodybuilding and found it invaluable for keeping his body in top shape. He participated in the “strong man” contest where he trained with his mates. In one of the next updates I plan to bring you his pics from this event.

Frank feels confident in his own skin and has no problems whatsoever to strip down for the camera. Actually, it turns him on and he’d like to try his luck in the porn business as an actor. One of his most vivid fantasies is to fuck both his wife and some other girl in the same shoot.

Apart from his decidedly masculine look, muscular body and somewhat cheeky attitude, Frank has a really big uncut cock, too. The first time he had sex with a girl she told him he had a full size dick for someone of his age.

When his wife saw his cock for the first time, she told him “There’s no way you can fit that in me!” which – unsurprisingly I may add – boosted Frank’s ego a lot.

Here is one of Frank’s shoots where we first see him walking his dog in a park, then later he strips down his clothes and gives us a nice slow jerkoff action so we can appreciate his beautuful manly body and straight uncut fuck stick.


Click here to watch Frank’s entire photoset and download his whole HD video at My Best Friend’s Dad!

My Best Friends Dad is a brand new site that features the truly hot and genuinely straight mature men from the UK. If you would like to see what these masculine straight next-door-type guys do in their spare time, have intimate insight into their private lives and even see their private photos, you will surely want to visit this site!

If you buy a membership to My Best Friends Dad you automatically get access to
The Full English as well.

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  • nick deck

    Hey frank please make a porn mov wood love to see it your a hot look man . Haw about new York stright men .

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    If Frank is not ‘of the persuasia’ then neither are we!

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