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The Full English – Hockey Player Ryan

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Ryan is a superhot straight dude in his mid-twenties and he’s quite a ladies man. Ryan is one of those guys who really have a need for an interesting and challenging sex life. Boring sex equals unacceptable sex for him, so he will do quite a bit of work in order to spice things up.

His sexual life began when he was only twelve. An older barmaid who worked in the billiard club seduced him on a billiard table. Now that’s an interesting beginning of one’s sexual life!

When he was fifteen his girlfriend’s mother found him too irresistible, and so did his school teacher. As a matter of fact, when he was eighteen most of his buddies’ mums were already under his spell and hopelessly in love with him – including one who was 56 years old then!

Ryan has a mature lady as his present partner who is not afraid to experiment with him and push the boundaries of sexual experimentation as far as possible. So let’s take a peek at their story and their current life. The interview may sound tame and monotonous at the beginning, but actually it’s quite an honest interview with lots and lots of super hot details about their sexual life. And his missus just can’t keep her hands off her hubby – which we totally understand – such a great stud wow!


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