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Sean Cody – Big Beefy & Muscled Jock Christian Shows Off

by on Aug.20, 2012, under SeanCody

Christian is a typical all-American jock. He is big and beefy and very sexy. He is 25-year old dude and the first impression you’ll get when looking at him is that he is a gym rat and a muscle head. But that’s not really true. As soon as he starts speaking you realize he is a sensitive and caring boy.

"I’m a big softy," he admits with a smile.

He says that people get a bit intimidated by his powerful muscles but actually he just wants to be hugged and to hug others!

Hmmm I think we have a nice big bear in the making!

While he was here for the shoot Christian was in a great mood and very cordial towards everyone. He was really quite lively and wanted to joke and play with everyone on the set.

When he took off his shirt I was glad to see that he hasn’t shaved off his manly chest hair.

"You’re a hairy guy!" I said.

"Yeah. I have to trim it every once in a while or it gets a little unruly."

I told him he should let it grow bigger. After all, there are few hotter things than a big burly bear with chest fur.

Christian admitted that he’d like to "fool around" with a dude. "I’ve thought about it before but never had a chance to talk about it."

All throughout the shoot Christian kept playing with his asshole and tugging his nuts. He says he likes to tug his nuts as it makes his dick rock hard.

I think we can bet we will see this naughty stud in some more action!

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