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Hairy Mature Hunk Adam Massaged & Fucked Hard By Aggressive Top Leo

by on May.29, 2013, under Alpha Male Fuckers

When Adam Herst got to his work today he realized he suffers from last night football match. He thinks to himself, “Man, I really need a good massage for my back!”

Fortunately, Adam already knows a good masseur service Trojan. He gets an appointment with a certain Leo Domenico who works at Trojan masseur service. They meet at his office where Leo is wearing only shorts, his whole muscular body fully exposed for Adam to appreciate. Adam lies on the table and lets Leo do his magic.

Leo puts some massage oil on Adam’s back, then his legs and other parts of the body. Especially that great ass where Leo focuses his special attention. Leo’s finger naturally finds its way to Adam’s ass crack and there the sensations quickly cause Adam’s cock to raise to the occasion.

Adam goes after Leo’s hardening cock in his white sexy shorts. Leo goes into a position from which he can face-fuck Adam. Adam is eager to receive that big cock in his ass and hurriedly goes on all fours so that Leo can access his ass more easily. Leo continues to use his fingers for some more, but then switches to his tongue. That Adam’s hole needs to be properly prepared and relaxed before it gets penetrated by Leo’s massive dick.

Leo likes to fuck rough, so he shoves his big dick in Adam’s ass just in one stroke. Leo fucks Adam hard like a real nasty motherfucker.  Leo uses the table to raise Adam’s legs so that his hole opens as much as possible. Then they switch position, and now Adam is on his back with his ass hanging from the edge of the table and Leo grabbing his hands up while nailing that dick deep inside him, fucking him really deep.

Adam suddenly starts cumming and shoots his load on his whole torso. Leo doesn’t stop fucking him, though, he is his bitch and it’s the top who decides when it’s enough of fucking. But Leo soon cums as well, and shoots big jets of cum that travel all the way to Adam’s shoulder and chest.


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