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Handsome Cameron Gets His Ass Drilled By Devin’s 9-Inch Monster Cock

by on Sep.01, 2013, under BaitBuddies

It’s interesting how appearing in several porn shoots has changed Cameron Kincade’s outlook on his sexuality and life. Before he did these several scenes with us he identified himself as straight. But nowadays he prefers to think of himself as "Pansexual", meaning "the one who is attracted to another person regardless of his or her gender or sexual orientation". Cameron is happy because of this change and thinks that this broader understanding of his own sexuality has expanded his horizons and brought him a more fulfilled life. He says that he can be attracted to both guys and girls now.

Cameron said he was looking forward to meeting our new straight boy, chocolate-colored Devin Tyson. Devin is only 21, cute and very hung. You’d think you could handle his 9-inch cock easily, but you’d be wrong! Cameron found out this the hard way, when he tried to accommodate Devin’s huge schlong in his ass, but more on that in a second. This was also the very first time for Devin to find himself in front of the camera, so you can imagine how nervous he was. Add to that that he expected he would be fucking girls, and the confusion is even greater. Of course, Cameron already knows the story and how I will tell them that the girl won’t be coming, but Devin had no idea. I tell them to watch some straight porn so that they can get hard for "the girl". Devin almost went out of the room when I told him that if he wanted to get a big paycheck he would have to fuck Cameron this time instead of the girl. But, it seems as if Devin had always wanted to try something like this, so he decided to give it a try since the opportunity already presented itself. After several minutes his shocked state was replaced by that of curiosity and slight horniness. The thought that he would be fucking a man’s ass seemed odd and also somewhat kinkily attractive to Devin. Devin decides to continue stroking his cock, and at first he doesn’t want to allow Cameron’s helping hand but later he gives in. The guys stand up and begin to mutually jerk each other off, and also do some frotting action.

Cameron and Devin finally kiss each other the proper way, although Devin still avoids putting the tongue in Cameron’s mouth. Next, Cameron wants to try his cocksucking skills on Devin’s monster cock, and successfully deepthroats Devin’s entire 9 inches of hard meat! I asked Devin if any girl could do what Cameron just did, and he replied that only a handful of girls could do the same feat. Now it’s Devin’s turn to reciprocate the blowjob, so he kneels before Cameron and starts sucking on his nice cock. But now it’s time for the main dish of the day, i.e. fucking.

Devin told us earlier that he’s an ass man, meaning he loves girls’ asses. But this time he had something even more interesting in front of himself and his cock -  Cameron’s eager, willing, hairy and very tight ass. Cameron puts a lot of lube on his ass and Devin’s cock to make sure that the penetration will be smooth. Devin finally sticks his entire cock up Cameron’s ass and fucks him slowly at first, doggy style. Devin then changes the position into himself sitting on the couch and letting Cameron ride his monster cock. Devin’s huge cock proved to be quite a powerful tool and it pushed all the right buttons in Cameron’s ass, so after a few minutes Cameron can’t hold it for any longer and shoots his load all over Devin’s thigh while Devin is still fucking him. Then Cameron starts licking Devin’s balls until Devin shoots his load, high up in the air!

Curiously, when we asked Devin how he would rate this experience on a scale of 1 to 10, he said 8 – which was surprisingly high. Maybe Devin will follow in Cameron’s footsteps and become another pansexual, who knows?


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