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Muscled Soldier Hannibal Punishes Young Thief By Fucking His Ass Hard & Raw

by on Jun.13, 2014, under GayWarGames

Young dude Ron made a terrible mistake when he decided to steal things from Hannibal’s storage house (Hannibal aka Tomas Friedel). First and foremost, Tomas wants to teach the boy a lesson – that stealing is wrong and sinful, and he kicks and beats the boy, then ties him up and continues with the punishment lessons.

Hannibal is outraged that this young thief thought he could steal things from his storage and go unpunished. Beating him up just isn’t gonna do the trick, so Hannibal resorts to more efficient methods. He whips out his big stiff cock and forces the boy to suck on it. The boy gags and tries to avoid the big soldier’s main weapon, but Hannibal is stronger. Finally, Hannibal pounds Ron’s tight ass hard and raw. The boy had no other option but to take it deep in his ass and get over it. Being held and restrained by Hannibal’s strong hands and with his legs fully raised up in the air, the boy could not escape this hard punishment. It used to be a virgin ass but no more – Hannibal took good care of it and now his army buddies will probably want to stretch it even further.

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Game_of_power_s3 21

Preview video:

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GayWarGames is a Russian bareback porn site with a distinct military theme. It has been around for some time, but lately their soldiers are really hot so I wanted to give you guys a preview of what you can find there. The tops are really straight-looking, mean dudes in camo uniform, and I must admit they defo turn me on. I am a sucker for soldiers and military uniforms in general, and these motherfuckers certainly push all the right buttons for me. The action is set in a fictional country called Thukistan. Apparently, in this country young boys often get abducted by mean, sex-starved soldiers and get their ass brutally fucked raw. It’s a nice fantasy site with a military theme.

Muscled, manly soldiers punish and fuck their prisoners
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