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Muscled Hung Stud Johnny Forza Fucks His Buddy Robbie Rivers Raw & Hard

by on Aug.19, 2014, under DallasReeves

Johnny Forza and his buddy Robbie Rivers are chillin’ on one clear summer day… and since both men are horny bastards things soon get out of control. Both guys are quite hot, with muscular strong bodies and big upright cocks. They are both natural charmers, I’ve been sort of "in love" with Johnny Forza from the first moment I saw him.

Anyway, Johnny finds it a bit too hot for him to keep his t-shirt on, so he removes it, which gives his buddy a chance to see his exquisite ripped chest and arms in their full glory. Robbie doesn’t want to be left out so he also removes his t-shirt and lets Johnny explore his well-toned body. The guys definitely have a lot of chemistry going on between them and they’re obviously enjoying the ride.

Robbie has basically taken advantage of a rumor that he had heard before – that Johnny Forza is pretty much horny all the time, it just takes a little spark to make him fully erect and willing to plow a man’s ass. So when Johnny’s pants are gone, too, we are suddenly confronted with Johnny’s huge 9-inch monster cock standing there like a rocket on a launch pad. As if spellbound, Robbie takes Johnny’s massive cock and starts stroking it slowly. His mind can imagine all kinds of hot stuff that he’d like to do with that gorgeous tool… such as, to swallow it right there and then. The guys exchange a few blowjobs, then Johnny bends his buddy over and starts ramming his hole with his raw cock with wild abandon.

The whole video is also interesting because the scenery is so clean and unusual, the terrace scene particularly.

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Hung Straight MMA Fighter Robbie Rivers Fucks His Buddy’s Tight Ass

by on Apr.17, 2014, under BaitBuddies

Here we have two hot straight guys, Robbie and Playboyee (his stage name). They are actually friends in real life and they met each toher while playing in a rock band several years ago. Namely, Robbie was the lead singer and guitarist, and Playboyee was the drummer.

So, these two hot straight musicians left the band and are now having some nice time down in Miami changing various jobs. Of course, they didn’t forget to attend the notorious Ultra Music Festival. Playboyee even went so far to submit his own application because he wants to be a model. In the application he wrote, "straight, athletic, plays hockey, was married and has a kid".

Apart from being a musician, Robbie is also a semi-pro MMA cage fighter. Robbie told our casting director Caruso that him and Playboyee are really close buddies, almost like brothers and that he knew, as Playboyee knew, that they would have sex one day, if nothing else just to make an experiment.

Playboyee says that Robbie is indeed completely straight Robbie has had his present girlfriend for years now. However, he also adds that Robbie is a wild boy and that the two have already had lots of 3-somes and even 4-somes, so they’ve already seen each other naked and in action. It was Playboyee who talked Robbie into trying this sex thing together so they could earn some easy cash to pay for the Ultra Music Festival tickets and the bus ticket to Miami.

Playboyee has this crazy plan to tell his buddy there would be a girl that they would both tag team, but in reality he wanted to suck his buddy’s cock and finally feel his cock up his ass. Can’t really blame him, Robbie is super hot and his cock is stiff and amazing.

So let’s fast forward to the action itself – the two straight buddies are sitting on the sofa with their cocks erect – they both have nice 7-inches of man meat and hot fit bodies. Caruso tells them to start whacking off each other’s cock to let them relax a bit. They were both quite nervous and tense, so while they’re stroking each other’s cock they continue to crack jokes and laugh out loud. Little by little, they agree on the new name they’re going to adopt for themselves – Robbie thinks that "The Butthole Surfers" would be just right, while Playboyee thinks that "Strokenoffs" sounds more apropos for what they’re doing.

Well, while they might have been nervous, their cocks decidedly refused to be nervous and got stiff and hard as ever. They proceed to suck each other’s cock a little – an awkward but hot sight to behold for sure. Then there’s some kissing as well, and Playboyee jokes mentioning to Robbie "You kissed me like you like me."

Next, Robbie finally shoves his big cock deep into his buddy’s tight virgin ass – and fucks him until he fucks the cum out of him – hot! Playboyee shot his wad all over himself while being fucked in the ass. So, patience did pay off for Playboyee and he finally got what he wanted all along, his buddy’s hard cock in his ass.

After the official scene was over and the camera was turned off, Caruso asked Playboyee if he would tell his buddy that the whole thing was just a set up, but Playboyee says probably no because he was afraid Robbie would be completely pissed off.

Caruso also asked Robbie if he would mind having another similar shoot with Playboyee and he basically said "yes", but after they were gone Caruso tried to contact them but they became unreachable. I guess we’ll have to wait until their cash reserves are dried up, then these boys might re-appear out of nowhere again!


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Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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