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HardBritLads – Rugged Straight Footballer Ed Shows Off His 9-Inch Cock

by on Sep.19, 2011, under HardBritLads

Ed P is a very rough, straight football player. He has a definite air of masculinity all around him, a hairy chest and deep voice. Ed hails from Leeds and has a distinguishable sexy northern accent. If you’re not impressed by now, your jaw is going to drop when you see his 9-inch cock (23 cm)!

In my opinion, Ed’s cock is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen: it’s straight as an arrow, pretty thick and when it gets hard it throbs. Ed’s cock never goes down, it just stays very hard and upright as long as it takes. It’s a perfect fucking tool.

During the short interview Ed P told us some of his main interests in life: football playing and his work as a straight porn actor. Even during the interview Ed’s cock is already hard in his adidas shorts, his enormous dick protrudes on one side. That’s just yummy.

Ed starts to gently squeeze and fondle his huge bulge through the shorts, giving us a preview of what’s to come. He raises his sports vest to reveal his rough hairy chest, and squeezes his nips a bit, then goes back to his cock. His cock is so huge that it can barely fit in the shorts, it looks as if it wants to come out by force. Ed takes off his sports vest and finally takes his gorgeous dick out.

Like I said, Ed’s cock is completely straight, and looks totally imposing in its size. It is long and thick, with the most beautiful, bulging cockhead on its top. Ed strokes his tools slowly, to give us a good view of it. Ed puts some lube on the top of his cock and rubs it in, so that it starts to glisten. He allowed me to film him from many interesting angles, and below you can preview a few of them.

Ed finally completely takes off his shorts and stands up. His dick looks even bigger when he stands, and he puts some more lube on it. Then Ed stops stroking it and just doesn’t touch it anymore. It stays hard and doesn’t even think about going down. I

Ed continues to wank his huge tool a bit faster now. He goes back to the sofa and spreads his legs to give us a better view of his balls too. Now there is also a lot of precum coming from the tip of his cockhead. He continues to beat it and finally he shoots a very big stream of cum. His cum is thick and creamy.

Staight football player Ed P massaging his erect cock
Ed P shows off his 9-inch dick
Masculine Footballer With Erect 23 cm Cock

Short preview video:

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