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Sexy East-European Guy Dan Sirek Strokes His Big Straight Dick

by on Mar.02, 2019, under WilliamHiggins

Dan Sirek is a hot 32-year-old straight guy from Prague. He works as a driver and loves various sports, including soccer and fitness. His body is well-built and he looks in top shape, indeed. In the interview he says that he is straight, although he has had a couple of experiences with guys. He was reluctant to give us any further details about those encounters, though.

Anyway, he starts his solo performance by lying in the bed and then he starts to touch and massage his hot body. When the t-shirt is gone, we can admire his well-toned muscular chest and abs. Then his hand finds its way to his crotch and he gropes himself, too. He takes off his jeans as well and finally releases his cock and starts to stroke it. Dan’s cock is pretty big and quickly grows to its full size while he’s playing with it. He puts on some oil on his cock and continues to jack off. He raises his legs and gives us a good view of his ass and that hot asshole.

Dan keeps stroking his big, straight-as-an-arrow cock while the camera focuses on his asshole. Then he gets on his knees and keeps wanking, and also thrusts his hips back and forth simulating the fucking movements. Dan’s whole body looks very sexy and hot as he’s thrusting his hips and with his huge dick sticking out in front. Dan then lies on the bed again and keeps stroking his manhood. He increases the pace and then his balls get really tight, and the next moment we see Dan’s cock shooting a thick cumload all over his stomach. He rubs the cum all over himself and then proceeds to the shower to clean himself up. Good job, Dan!

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Hot & Handsome Czech Straight Dude Gerasim Spartak Strokes His Stiff Cock

by on Jun.21, 2017, under WilliamHiggins

Gerasim Spartak is a hot 25-year old Czech straight guy. He lives in Brno and was very eager to show off his hot, muscular body for the camera. He plays sports like snowboarding and skating. Gerasim also speaks fluent English so his interview was very pleasant indeed.

He stands up and removes his t-shirt. Slowly, his hands find their way to his crotch area and start fondling his cock. Little by little, his clothes are gone and we are confronted with his impeccable, muscular body and hard, upright cock.

Gerasim alternates between standing up and sitting on the sofa while stroking his nice stiff dick for us. He didn’t have any issues with showing us his nice hairy tight straight hole, either. Finally, Gerasim gets on his knees and strokes his dick until he shoots his load all over his hot body. Then he heads over to the shower for a hot shower scene.

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Ripped Manly Stud Alex Stan Barebacks Alan Carly’s Eager Ass

by on Mar.08, 2017, under WilliamHiggins

This particular pairing was suggested by the members of website William Higgins, and we’ll have to concur that Alan Carly and Alex Stan look perfect together. While Alan is cleaning his house, Alex Stan drops by and starts watching Alan, trying to stay unnoticed. He reaches for his cock and starts stroking it slowly while watching Alan. Stan then walks into the room where Alan is, and grabs Alan’s ass. The guys start kissing each other, and then soon enough their clothes are gone and Alan gets on his knees to properly service Alex’s hard cock.

He swallows the entire shaft and really gets into the blowjob mode. Alex grabs Alan’s head and guides him how he would like to have his cock serviced, fucking his cock-hungry mouth. Alan goes near the desk and spreads his ass cheeks, making his ass ready for the upcoming penetration of Alex’s cock. He then positions Alan on the bed and starts fucking him, first from behind. This allows him to penetrate him deeply, shoving his entire cock in that eager ass. Then Alex lies on the bed and lets Alan sit on his dick and ride it like a cowboy. Alex strokes his cock while Alex’s dick fucks his ass from below. Soon enough Alan is getting close to the point of no return and shoots his load, while Alex’s cock is still inside him. Alex pulls out and shoots his load all over Alan’s body. The guys then kiss each other passionately and that’s the end of this hot fuck scene!

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Ripped Manly Straight Dude Petr Cizmar Shows Off His Body & Huge Uncut Cock

by on Dec.11, 2013, under WilliamHiggins

Several days ago I came across a group of tough-looking military men that belong to the special forces. They had that unmistakable rough, manly look and plenty of alpha male attitude, if you know what I mean. I’ve been searching the Internet ever since trying to find someone who would look more or less like one of those guys that I particularly liked, but until today I couldn’t find any.

Luckily, today I stumbled across this mean-looking, hot and ripped Czech man who fits into the above description perfectly, so you will know exactly what type of men I’ve been talking about. Petr Cizmar is a superhot, masculine and very muscled stud with an amazing huge pole that looks almost unearthly big and imposing even on his very muscled frame. He is 28 years old and hails from a town in Slovakia called Ilava. He weighs about 80 kg (176 lbs) and is 173 cm tall (5’8”). His cock is 20 cm long (which is about 8 inches) and when it gets hard it pretty much stays that way as long as needed. Petr likes sports, cars, motorbikes and he is very serious about his fitness regime so he spends a lot of time in the gym and sparring in kickboxing with his buddies. Petr’s favorite movie stars include Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. He has been in Brazil, USA and Thailand so far, and he hopes he’ll visit more countries in the near future. His favorite country that he’d like to visit soon is Italy.

As is typical for many straight men that have devoted their life to sports and fitness, Petr’s dream is to become the World Champion in fitness/bodybuilding one day. This uber hot straight man is aware of his rugged sexiness and loves to show off his ripped body for the camera. Like a soldier, he obediently follows the instructions of the cameraman and shows off his immaculate strong body.


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