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Wankoff By The Sea

by on Jun.30, 2010, under English Lads

Horny str8 PT Callum is one fit bodied lad who relishes in showing off his body; today in the hot tropical sun it’s too hot to wear more than shorts and he is quick to feel his uncut meat through his shorts… and the bulge in his shorts showing he is more than a hint semi! Lying back on the rocks he pulls down his boxers and a stiff cock springs out and sticks straight up! Every muscle in Callum’s body is hard and he is gripping and wanking his cock with real enthusiasm as though he is taking part in a new Olympic Sport! When he bends forward to show off his slightly hairy hole he gets drenched by a wave his hole covered in salt water! Playing in the sun has made him so horny that when he lies back on the rocks and power wanks he blows a nice big load over his abs!

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The guys at Englishlads have impeccable taste for Straight Guys and it’s guaranteed you’ll find tons of the hottest jackoff material on their site!

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Sucking Huge Cock in a Mountain Forest

by on Jun.30, 2010, under SUCKoffGUYS

Our members have told us that they can’t get enough of Ethan Ever and neither can we!

Ethan has everything when it comes to performing; great face, fantastic body and a HUGE cock. We get to see a lot of Ethan’s playful personality in this shoot. It’s clear, Ethan is becoming quite comfortable being in front of the camera.

We start out this adventure by taking some photos of Ethan hard body against the granite rocks. We quickly move on to the blowjob, this time performed by Seth. We all know Seth loves to take huge cocks in his mouth and well, Ethan’s dick is just perfect for the job.

Listen closely in the video and you’ll hear gun shots in the back ground. This made Ethan a bit nervous as he’s not used to being around mountain people shooting off their firearms. We also had someone drive up riding an all-terrain vehicle. This is when you’ll see but naked Ethan squating behind some rocks.

After a while, Ethan relaxed and let Seth work his magic on his fat dick. Seth sucked on Ethan’s cock and milked out a great load that flies in his mouth and face.

Seth, all worked up over having Ethan’s jizz in his mouth, takes the rest of the spunk that is still dripping from Ethan’s dick and pumps out his own load using Ethan’s cum as lube.


Short preview video:

Once again Seth and Aaron made a very interesting footage of cocksucking in nature.
Last Winter they made something similar, when Seth emptied his balls and splattered Aaron’s face with a big wad of his sperm onto Aaron’s face in the backdrop of the cold snowy mountain landscape and I think it was way too cool. 

But this time it’s Spring and they’ve got the gorgeous hunk Ethan who has an absolutely delicious huge cock!

Click here to watch this entire movie! It’s interesting and totally hot!

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Mike Boss – Straight Scoundrel With HUGE and Hard Cock

by on Jun.28, 2010, under Manavenue

Mike Boss – brown-haired, blue-eyed stud for this week – was all too eager to show us his
huge dick.

When he teased us with it during his audition, it wasn’t quite at full erection. During his shoot, however, he releases all this testosterone and it was full throttle throughout filming.

He seems to get off with having a single finger probing his straight boy ass, too. Watch as he grinds the sofa, probing a finger then, and watch his dick get hard as he’s humping. After moving to the kitchen for some more stroking, we get an under side view of that huge man meat as he teases us before heading to the bed.

As if the sofa humping weren’t enough, he grinds the bed – again, probing his tight ass with a single finger – and when he rises up to reveal his fully boned cock, you can tell he enjoys the hell out of it.

Mike then stretches back on the bed, gets into some heavy meat-beating and blows a beautiful load of cum on himself.  Bet you wish you were there to slurp it up, then stare into those blue eyes…until he was ready to fuck.


Short preview video:

Why not do yourself a favor and watch this stud’s entire movie and see for yourself what a truly nasty and hot motherfucker he is?

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Virgin Straight Boy’s First Gay Experience

by on Jun.27, 2010, under Uncategorized

Although Dan Decklin has been fantasizing about being with a guy, it was a bit awkward for him; still, watching him fumble with my cock was a major turn on! There is something so innocent and pure about these first gay experience videos that I could watch them over and over.

Dan’s cocksucking was a bit tentative. Don’t get me wrong, it felt great, but he was a bit clumsy and had a powerful gag reflex. Despite that, I didn’t make him go down on it a few times until he choked and his eyes watered.

The finger fucking and toys were much easier for Dan. I think three things really helped Dan:

1) he had given himself six warm enemas, which helped his hole relax; 2) he was doggie style, there unable to see what was happening back there; 3) I taught him the ‘pushing back’ technique which, when done properly, makes it impossible to ass to cinch and tighten, and just about anything can glide in unimpeded.

While I was probing his ass, there was one point that he made me stop playing with his cock because he was too close to cumming. Then when I finally had him roll over, slid a dildo up his ass and started jacking him, he was only moments until he shot a huge load of cum all over his chest and abs.

I have to admit, I kind of missed manhandling these virgin straight guys.


Short preview video:


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Young Powerful Straight Boy Fucks His Buddy

by on Jun.26, 2010, under Chaosmen

If I remember correctly, AJ worked with Eli last.  AJ topped the entire time. Mainly ‘cuz he was being a bit of a baby about bottoming but also ‘cuz he had a tennis ball-sized bruise between his legs.

Now Ransom, we know he loves to get fucked. It’s hard for him to NOT cum while being fucked. But I also know he can top really good, and he also knows the sweet spot to nail a guy’s prostate.

So AJ thought he was going to top this entire video but as Ransom rode his cock, he saw how hard Ransom was. He thought maybe he could take it. Clearly Ransom was loving getting fucked, so why shouldn’t he? I really need to leave the cameras rolling between takes. It was so funny to watch AJ admit he was loving getting fucked.  We had to stop once because he said he was gonna pee or cum, which cracked both Ransom and I up.

AJ was determined to cum while being fucked, and though it sure looks like it isn’t going to happen, AJ kept telling Ransom where to hit his sweet spot. "Not so deep, slower, no faster…no…right there!"

I have seen a lot of porn and usually when it takes a while for the bottom to cum, the top usually becomes droopy. But Ransom stayed rock hard and fucks him after AJ cums, pulls out and then busts all over AJ’s hole -shoving his cum-covered cock in, breeding AJ’s ass.
Ransom is normally not much of a talker, but listening to him tell AJ to take his load is VERY hot!

As for AJ, I think he has no fear of bottoming and is now looking forward to the extra intensity of cumming while being fucked!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their whole movie and many other hot boys getting their cock sucked off or fucking some male ass for the first time!

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Hunky Hank Is Back

by on Jun.23, 2010, under Island Studs

Our man Hank, the blue eyed hunk with the sweet dimples & killer smile, is back looking better then ever!  He has bulked up at the gym & has let ALL his beautiful body hair grow since we last saw him. Check out his naturally untrimmed arm pit hair, dick hair and the patch of dark fur between his perfect pecs!  He enjoys being in front of the camera and it shows in every frame here!  While it was NOT my intent, this film has become a behind-the-scenes look at naked Hunky Hank, with his winning personality, stroking his rigid dick.  This masculine man’s man has the perfect rock hard cock & thick chunky white muscle butt!  When I ask Hank why he has put on weight, he simply replies, "beer". 

Our banter as he jerks his beautiful cock is truly priceless.  With a cocky smile this beer drinking stud calls himself "The Employee of the Month"!  Watch as he carefully removes his tight blue jeans with only one hand when his other is full of slippery shiny lube – all the while seated in a lawn chair outside in the garden with a throbbing hard on!  His humorous comment to the outrageous scene he finds himself a part of while naked, "Minimize risk, right?"  Listen as he gives me a hard time when he notices I did not hire him to trim the trees in our garden – he really is a tree trimmer!  This guy is just so much fun to be around!  Hunky Hank is one of our favorite Island Studs, and we will definitely call next time to trim our trees.

Short preview videos:

Click here to watch this stud’s whole movie!

Islandstuds features hot manly and exotic males from Hawaii!

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Two Masculine Euro Motherfuckers: Staghomme Hustler

by on Jun.22, 2010, under StagHomme

Axel is on his way home, after the gym, when a sexy street hustler catches his eye (Damien). The hustler notices but Axel keeps on walking. He knows what this kid on the street is up to and Axel wouldn’t dream of paying for sex. Only problem is that Damien is not gonna let a hot lil trick like this get away:

“Come on! I’ll give you a discount…just 20 Euros! I got a nice cock! We step inside this building here and you take a look. Then you decide!”

Axel decides quiiiick!! He chokes on it! Mounts it! Rides it! Fuck! Maybe Axel only paid a measly 20 Euros, but he ends up getting all of his money’s worth with all that piss Damien’s gives him all over his body and in his ass.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch this whole video on StagHomme!

Staghomme is a great euro gay site with fresh, imaginative and always very hot hardcore porn.


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Wild Beefy Stud Zack Shoots

by on Jun.21, 2010, under Str8boyzseduced

Zack is completely out of control in this scene… I intended this for the cutting room floor but Zack is just so fucking HOT I couldn’t waste one minute! Lots of up-close shots of his body, cock and beautiful ‘bubble butt’… Zack jerks himself for a while then stands up, yells out ”I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!!” and squeezes out a massive white load…Too Wild! …and Zack has a question for YOU at the end!?!

Watch his whole video on Str8boyzseduced!

For a small fee these boys agree to have their cock professionally sucked by Vinnie Russo, a hot stud in his own right!

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Mushroom Head Cock

by on Jun.21, 2010, under Fratmen

Here’s a brand new frat hunk Trent. As you can see, he’s very much into sports, especially baseball. He works out daily to build and chisel that incredible body of his. On Trent, muscles abound… but if you’re curious about that most important muscle on every man’s body, Trent’s got a surprise for ya! His cock is not just big and hard as a rock, but is also thick almost like a man’s wrist. And on top of that is the delicious mushroom-like head.

I wonder how it feels to have that cock drill some tight!


Click here to check out Trent on FRATMEN.TV

FRATMEN is the best site for real straight STRAIGHT FRAT BOYS!


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