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Ben Sucks A Hairy Cock

by on Jul.31, 2010, under New York Straight Men

It was one of those nights here in NYC that felt like a swamp. At 9pm it was still 90 degrees and so humid you could almost see it in the air.

We had been exchanging text messages all day with Kevin, who was spending his day off building a wall in his apartment. He was making his 1 bedroom into a 2 bedroom so he could take on a roommate. He was working hard and thought he deserved a blowjob, that’s Kevin for you. When he was finished he texted again and said he wanted to right over cause he had a load to blow and it really couldn’t wait. We have gave him the all clear and within 15 minutes he showed up horny but unwashed.

He arrived sweaty, ripe and still had drywall dust on him. We told him he was in luck because Ben, who would be his sucker loves manscent, especially on hairy guys. Kevin really didn’t care what Ben liked, he just asked us if he could deep throat. We didn’t need to answer for Ben, his mouth would provide the answer to Kevin’s question. while Ben was working on Kevin’s cock we put on some of Kevin’s favorite lesbian porn, he is really into watching 2 girls while a guy is sucking him.

In the end, Kevin got what he came for; an amazing deep blowjob that caused him to spew his 3 day load!

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Straight Military Boy Shoots and Tastes His Own Cum

by on Jul.31, 2010, under SpunkWorthy

Gene is getting out of the military soon, and decided that it was about time to explore some of the fantasies he had been holding back on. When he called to let me know, I warmed up the cameras and was ready to roll.

The hot part about Gene is that his dick is always ready to go in about 2 seconds flat. He had a hard-on probably before he walked in the door. And it’s popped up to full attention from the moment his zipper got pulled down.

Gene is one of those quiet types. He didn’t pay much attention to the porno playing in the background while getting stroked, but doesn’t make much of a peep either, until he’s just about to blow.

I got him up on all fours to show off his ass. He said having his hole played with was a new experience, but it didn’t seem to stop him from leaking a bunch of pre-cum.

He flipped over onto his back and at the last second he lets out a grunt and shoots a huge load all the way up his chest. I didn’t expect this, but when I lapped up a bit of cum, Gene stuck out his tongue to give it a taste!



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Aggressive Straight Dude Splits Antonios Ass

by on Jul.29, 2010, under Chaosmen

They start off kissing and we get a little frottage action as Taylor rubs his cock all over Antonio’s.  Taylor takes the lead giving Antonio head, but soon after climbs on top and basically does push-ups into Antonio’s mouth.

Taylor gets him doggy style and properly fucks Antonio’s face. Very hot and you see just how big Taylor’s cock gets. Then, unfortunately for Antonio, he gets to FEEL how big Taylor’s cock gets! Can you say Ass Rape? I dunno what was going on, but Antonio was running away from Taylor’s stick for the first part of the video.  Is it pleasure or pain? (I say pain!)  The funny thing is, Taylor just keeps at it, not letting him slide away!

Finally we switch to the couch and I let Antonio ride Taylor’s cock so he can monitor the depth. Taylor can’t stay hard with a girl when he is laying down, (he really is pretty dominate!) so I was hoping the sitting position wasn’t too much like laying down. Turned out fine and we really get to see Antonio split in two. Finally, Taylor fucks him doggy-style, showing no mercy. He unloads all over Antonio’s asshole, fucking him with his cum.

A quick cut to Antonio busting his nut.  Taylor instinctively took some of Antonio’s cum and started spreading it around Antonio’s mouth..well..chin. He was not sure if Antonio would go for it, and you can tell because he is a bit tentative about doing it.

Finally realizing Antonio wasn’t gonna put up too much of a fuss, Taylor bends over and they share a cum soaked kiss! Gooey stickiness everywhere! So extra props to Taylor for not only delivering a great cumshot, but for pushing the limits of Antonio’s cumshot!



Short preview video:

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Cocksucker Blows The Big Blond Guy

by on Jul.27, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Lucas hasn’t has a day off from his family’s butcher shop in 2 weeks. He says the summer and the holidays in December are their busiest times.

While he was out for a jog he figured that since he had the whole day off it would nice go get some head. So he gave us a call. We told him to come right over because we had an eager cocksucker who will be waiting with an open mouth.

Less than an hour later Lucas arrived, hot, sweaty and horny!  Off came his shorts and out flopped his big uncut cock ready to be sucked. Lucas took advantage of Ben’s mouth and fucked his face like there was no tomorrow.

When Lucas was finally ready, he exploded on Ben’s face and grinned as his cum dripped into Ben’s hungry mouth.


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Mouth Full Of Hard Straight Cock

by on Jul.24, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Meet Doug! He is a 29 year old, Italian-American, Bike Messenger who works in Manhattan and lives in Brooklyn. Doug is a scruffy, straight, hipster-type guy who has a really big cock and he likes it serviced every chance he gets.

Since most girls have a hard time getting it down, Doug has learned to rely on the talent of guys who live to suck! The day we shot this was one of the hottest days in The City, one of those where the heat index was over 100! Doug arrived after riding around all day on his bike, weaving in and out of traffic. He was sweaty and had The City’s grime on him. His hairy crotch, armpits and ass held on to his sweet smelling manscent that was like a "heady" aroma to Ben.

Ben was completely lost in the blowjob, it was like a dream come true to him, blowing this hairy guy with a really big dick. Doug was having a great time too, feeling Ben’s warm lips, wet mouth and deep throat on his piece. When Doug was ready his hairy nut sack released a sticky load of cum, thanks to Ben’s talented mouth!


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Servicing Perfect Stud

by on Jul.23, 2010, under Maskurbate

Man vs Machine. Who will make William cum faster, me or the fantastic RealTouch device ?


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Adorable Horny Jock Taylor Ash

by on Jul.22, 2010, under RandyBlue

The absolutely adorable horny jock stud Ash Taylor plays with his ass and jerks his thick meaty cock.

_MG_0677 _MG_0691

Short preview video:

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Playing With His Ass and Dick Until He Cums

by on Jul.21, 2010, under Straight Fraternity

Brock says it takes a lot to freak him out, so I asked him if I could play with his ass. I think I freaked him out – but he agreed to try it.

He starts out getting his nice big cock all plumped up and hard for me. Then I had him get on his knees so we could check out that awesome bubble butt. I started playing with his taint and hole, and he said it wouldn’t take him any time to cum. But only because he was horny when he got there. Riiiiight. I knew that he was loving it – but he didn’t expect that it would feel that good. I think he was a bit embarrassed. I had him turn over so I could get his cum shot on camera. This guy knows how to cum big and loud.


Short preview video:

I love this guy. There’s something boyishly funny and beautiful about him, but at the same time he’s one hot man. As in all previous movies Brock gives a great performance which will leave you wanting more!

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Lifeguard Nick Is My Hero, Too

by on Jul.21, 2010, under All American Heroes

Lifeguard, wrestler, and a hero on top of all that, who could want anything else? Nick saved his 3 year old sister’s life on a family vacation where she almost drowned in a pool; however, he quickly jumped in and gave her CPR. This is what earned his brave hero status on All-American Heroes. This lifeguard has all the right attributes-tight body, hairy in all the right places, a beautiful bubble butt and a killer smile! This stud is here to get naked and have some fun!

Slowly working his manhood into a raging hard-on, Nick takes off his clothes, revealing his furry torso, amazing 6 pack and of course his throbbing cock! He plays with his nipples and strokes himself, until he bends over and shows us his nice, straight hole. Massaging his virgin hole with a finger and then putting it inside his tight asshole, arouses his sexual energy even more, gets him closer to cumming.

Nick lies back on the bed, ready to burst a huge load of warm juices. He blows his white creamy load, dripping down his dick onto his big hairy bush below. Relieved after such a good jack off session, he sighs softly as the cameras roll away…


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Young JJ Swallows Cum

by on Jul.19, 2010, under SUCKoffGUYS

Super hot 20 year old, JJ swallows cum for the first time ever.

Seth hadn’t shot a load in about a week and has quite a big load saved up just for JJ.

JJ whips out Seth’s cock and gets right to work. You can tell JJ is really into this suck off and wanted Seth’s load really bad. Pre-cum flows out of Seth’s dick in massive amounts. JJ licks up and swallows every drop of the clear semen and begs for more.

JJ sucks like a man with a mission and Seth pops off a huge load in JJ’s mouth and all over his face. Seth makes sure JJ swallows a bunch of his load before pulling his dick out of his mouth.

Cum is still oozing out of Seth’s dick and JJ keeps licking it clean and shoving the man juice into his mouth. You can tell JJ was enjoying every drop of Seth’s load and wanted to make sure every last bit was drained from his cock.

JJ said he absolutely loved the taste of cum and can’t wait to down some more.

Short preview video:

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