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Aggressive Muscled Top Saxon West Disciplines His New Sub Boy

by on Sep.10, 2015, under UK Hot Jocks

Saxon West is proud of his new stable of cute bottom boys. He usually treats them fairly, he’s firm but tender with most of them actually. However, some bottom boys are deemed not compliant, and thus require special treatment. Saxon can get pretty aggressive and fierce with these boys. He usually manhandles them without a trace of compassion. It’s widely known that the master’s orders must be obeyed in this house and anyone who doesn’t comply and is caught can expect severe consequences.

Today Saxon is in the mood for someone muscular and firm, but with a relatively unspoiled ass. Thankfully, he quickly finds a suitable candidate and orders the boy to get on all fours, so he can inspect him better. Saxon is intrigued by JP Dubois’ ass and is eager to taste it. Saxon uses all the tools that are at his disposal – tongue, fingers and spit. JP’s cock is already stiff hard and throbbing, greedily but with a certain trepidation expecting the Master’s next move. Saxon takes off his wrestling suit and out goes his already fully hard fuck stick! He spits on it and slowly tries to penetrate the bottom boy’s achingly eager hole. Saxon’s dick is a pretty thick tool, mind you. He doesn’t ask the bottom boy whether he is ready or not, he will simply use his ass the way he pleases.

He aims with his huge stiff dick directly at the entrance of the boy’s hole and presses the asscrack with his cockhead. Soon enough, the master’s cock is buried deep in the boy’s ass and starts drilling it without mercy. After some time Saxon wants to drill the boy’s other hole, and orders the boy to open his mouth wide. The boy is a definite talent for cocksucking, as evidenced by the demonstrated amazing skill with the master’s prick. The sub boy’s saliva gets totally messy on his face while he’s hungrily trying to pleasure his master.

Finally, after manhanding his sub boy for quite a while, Saxon reckons the boy has earned the right to finally see his captor and so he removes his blindfold partially. However, the boy’s ass obviously needs a lot more work before it can be deemed "finished". Saxon aggressively turns the boy over and shoves his cock deep into that ass again, now from behind. The boy is able to feel his Master’s cock full girth in this position as it slams into his ass, balls deep. When the blindfold has been removed completely, the boy hoped that would be the end of his ordeal, but as it turns out he was mistaken!


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