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Masculine Hunk Nate Stetson Fucks His Buddy Dolf Dietrich Hard & Raw

by on Dec.12, 2017, under Alpha Male Fuckers

Dolf Dietrich felt a little lonely lately so he decided to call his buddy Nate Stetson for some intimate fun play. With his macho handsome looks and mustache to boot, Nate is just the type of masculine top that Dolf needed at this moment to dispel the blues.

The two hunks start kissing each other, and soon enough they swallow each other’s cocks. These two studs know how to suck a man’s cock and they are now in the cocksucker’s heaven, slurping and slobbering all over each other’s hard fuck sticks. Nate gets rid of his clothes and starts eating Dolf’s ass, to make it nicely relaxed and ready for his hard cock. Next, his raw dick slides into that inviting hole and he starts pouding Dolf’s ass away. At first he goes slowly and steady, but with deep thrusts. Later, he gets into a steady rhythm and fucks Dolf harder, taking him for a ride.

After some time, after riding Nate’s dick like a cowboy, Dolf shoots his load all over Nate’s chest.

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Masculine Serviceman Riley Fucks Sam Hard

by on Jul.24, 2013, under Alpha Male Fuckers

It’s a classic fantasy – a hot serviceman shows up to fix something in your office and it just so happens that you are alone. Sam realized he was the lucky bastard when hot serviceman Riley appears on his door. Riley notices that Sam is thinking the same thing as he and soon enough the boys are hugging and kissing each other.

Sam pushes Riley next to the wall, gets on his knees and sucks his hard dick as if it were the last thing in his life. Riley notices that Sam is jerking off his dick and, since it’s so nice and stiff, Riley wants to try it, too. Riley gets down to work and explores Sam’s cock, as well as his asshole. That asshole will, of course, gladly receive Riley’s hard throbbing dick so it has to be prepared properly.

Riley fucks Sam hard and aggressively while Sam lies on his back. Then Riley turns him around and fucks him while Sam is lying on his stomach. After some time Sam shoots a huge load on the sofa, then Riley follows suit and shoots a mega load of jizz that has made quite a mess.


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Hairy Mature Hunk Adam Massaged & Fucked Hard By Aggressive Top Leo

by on May.29, 2013, under Alpha Male Fuckers

When Adam Herst got to his work today he realized he suffers from last night football match. He thinks to himself, “Man, I really need a good massage for my back!”

Fortunately, Adam already knows a good masseur service Trojan. He gets an appointment with a certain Leo Domenico who works at Trojan masseur service. They meet at his office where Leo is wearing only shorts, his whole muscular body fully exposed for Adam to appreciate. Adam lies on the table and lets Leo do his magic.

Leo puts some massage oil on Adam’s back, then his legs and other parts of the body. Especially that great ass where Leo focuses his special attention. Leo’s finger naturally finds its way to Adam’s ass crack and there the sensations quickly cause Adam’s cock to raise to the occasion.

Adam goes after Leo’s hardening cock in his white sexy shorts. Leo goes into a position from which he can face-fuck Adam. Adam is eager to receive that big cock in his ass and hurriedly goes on all fours so that Leo can access his ass more easily. Leo continues to use his fingers for some more, but then switches to his tongue. That Adam’s hole needs to be properly prepared and relaxed before it gets penetrated by Leo’s massive dick.

Leo likes to fuck rough, so he shoves his big dick in Adam’s ass just in one stroke. Leo fucks Adam hard like a real nasty motherfucker.  Leo uses the table to raise Adam’s legs so that his hole opens as much as possible. Then they switch position, and now Adam is on his back with his ass hanging from the edge of the table and Leo grabbing his hands up while nailing that dick deep inside him, fucking him really deep.

Adam suddenly starts cumming and shoots his load on his whole torso. Leo doesn’t stop fucking him, though, he is his bitch and it’s the top who decides when it’s enough of fucking. But Leo soon cums as well, and shoots big jets of cum that travel all the way to Adam’s shoulder and chest.


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Dan Steele Shows Off

by on Jun.08, 2010, under Alpha Male Fuckers

Dan Steele is the type of guy everyone fantasies about, including our own Kurt Rogers. Horned up and alone in his plush apartment, Dan has great features, handsome face, dark hair and stubble with a nicely hairy chest leading down to an all but perfect dick!! Slowly working himself into a frenzy, we get to see his pants bulge out until his cock can’t be contained anymore, and he gives us what we want to see. Surprising us all, and nearly making us shoot in the process, he reaches for a clear flesh light, slides his lubed up dick inside and fucks it solidly. Letting us see exactly how good it is, his dick soon edges nearer and nearer. Don’t miss his cumshot though, he drenches that sexy hairy body of his is jet after jet of jizz, ready for us to lick off!!


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