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Handsome Straight Dude Augustus Gets Serviced By Shiloh

by on Aug.31, 2014, under Chaosmen

Augustus is a great looking straight dude. Although himself straight, he’s got a lot of gay friends who suggested to him that he should make some gay porn videos because he looks so sexy. Augustus is also very much into gymnastics and that’s what has sculpted his body (he’s not a great fan of weight lifting). I wouldn’t call Augustus cocky, but he’s certainly not shy in front of the cameras either.

While I was thinking about who would be the best match for Augustus, Shiloh came to my mind out of the blue and I think he’s a very good choice. I figured that Augustus’ first man-on-man video ought to be a serviced video so we proceeded to make one. Shiloh’s cocksucking skills have improved considerably and you can tell that he really knows how to suck a man’s cock. Augustus’ cock is a healthy 8 inches long, but it’s more floppy than stiff and can bend around any obstacle. Augustus was somewhat nervous and distracted by the fact that a guy was sucking his cock, but he gradually got used to the situation. Augustus’ cock didn’t have any second thoughts about getting hard, though, and Shiloh’s masterful mouth kept it hard and throbbing all the time.

Shiloh also took good care of Augustus’ virgin straight asshole, and rimmed it like no one had ever done before. Shiloh was somewhat surprised at this but his cock sure liked the new sensations and one can tell that rimming made him super horny. Since Augustus’ cock is floppy, Shiloh was able to suck it backwards, while giving his ass its due attention at the same time.

Augustus didn’t speak a lot throughout this blowjob video, but his body sure did – he kept encouraging Shiloh to suck his cock by gently patting his head. At times Augustus would close his eyes and the position of his body obviously showed that he was in ecstatic pre-orgasmic state of bliss while his cock was being serviced.

Eventually Augustus shoots his load which ends up in Shiloh’s mouth.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire blowjob video in HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.


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Ripped Handsome Motherfucker Patrick Roberts Jacks Off Among The Ruins

by on Aug.30, 2014, under Manavenue

Patrick Roberts is a hot, handsome and muscular stud. He looks so ruggedly handsome that we just had to make something extraordinary and suitable for such a ripped motherfucker, so we brought him to this weird rugged place full of ruins.

Patrick was delighted to show off his hard muscled body for the camera, and the thought that people would be getting off while watching him made him horny as hell. He is a tall dude and looks quite imposing while flexing his hard muscles among the ruins. He gets rid of his black shirt and those camouflage short pants to reveal his hot bubble butt – which is totally hairy and firm, just like you’d expect in a real man like Patrick. He spreads his ass cheeks to give us a good view of his tight virgin man hole.

Slowly he jerks off his nice cock making it hard and when he feels he’s close to cumming, he crouches and jacks off like a madman until he shoots his load. Be sure to check out this handsome motherfucker at Manavenue.


Preview video:

Click here to watch or download his entire video in HD quality at Manavenue!

Manavenue is an exceptionally good porn website that features masculine, cocky, muscled, powerful straight men, the type of guys that grab your attention while you’re secretly ogling them in the street or in a supermarket. These tough motherfuckers are aware of their sexual appeal and want to show you everything they’ve got.

Ripped Masculine Straight Men

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Masculine & Ripped Travelling Sales Rep Terry Butcher Gets Fully Inspected By Female Hotel Staff

by on Aug.30, 2014, under CFNM TV

Terry is a hot, masculine, muscled & very handsome man. He works as a travelling sales rep for his company and he’s staying in this all-female run hotel called Hotel Crystal. Being a horny motherfucker Terry put on his favorite porn video as soon as he went into his hotel room.

The ladies that work in the hotel are extremely offended when they find out that Terry is watching dirty porn videos where women get pounded by a horde of hung men in all their holes. Well, what else would you expect from a straight guy, to watch soap operas, perhaps? Of course he’s going to watch porn. The women threaten him that they would reveal his little secret to his employer if he doesn’t cooperate with them. The women’s fee is not monetary, though, and they require something else of this sexy straight guy. Soon enough Terry finds himself surrounded by female hands that quickly take away his clothes and greedily explore his muscular hairy masculine body. The women also pay due attention to Terry’s spontaneously growing cock that just can’t help getting hard when so many hot ladies are playing with it.

I can sense there would be several more sequels to this story.


Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at CFNM TV!

CFNM TV is a brand new site from the creators of sites such as CFNM, Brutal Tops, Breeder Fuckers, The Casting Room and CMNM. If full-length videos of hung masculine men being dominated by beautiful horny women turns you on, you’re certainly going to enjoy this site. It is actually the video site specific CFNM site that’s made especially for those who prefer videos to photo stories.



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Rough Ripped Redneck Adam Bryant Plows A Dude’s Ass For The First Time

by on Aug.29, 2014, under BaitBuddies

This week we have two hot redneck guys. One is a bait boy called Bradley Boyd. He hails from North Carolina and his favorite sport is snowboarding in the winter, visiting beach in the summer and hanging out with his buddies with a big supply of beer.

On the other hand we have a very typical redneck – big boy Adam Bryant who comes from Titusville Florida, which many consider to be one of the places that is famous for its rednecks. Adam proudly displays his ripped body, which is the result of years of training bodybuilding and playing sports. He looks like a rough boy, and actually he is. He loves to dominate women and fuck them really hard. He is not shy and comes across as quite a straightforward dude. He even told us that, "Sex is something I do well, and since I have talent for it I might just as well get paid for it." And you know what? We totally agree! Who would want to let this superhot stud with 16.5” biceps, huge muscular chest, big thighs and 7” x 6” hard dick slip through his fingers? I don’t think many would. And although Adam hoped he would get the chance to fuck some pussy, preferably a foreign one (foreign girls turn him on especially), we kept it a little secret that we had something else in store for him – our bait boy Bradley!

As it usually happens on these fake auditions, the guys are left together to make their cocks nice and hard while expecting the promised girl to arrive. And when she doesn’t, Caruso offers the boys double the money to fuck each other. Caruso is very convincing and enumerates them all the advantages of having sex with each other, such as: getting paid double the money, not wasting the time, and perphaps even enjoying the sex. Adam is displeased and shakes his head in astonishment… and after some time he yells, "I came here for a woman." There’s the usual chit-chat and Caruso tries to calm Adam down, telling him that it’s no biggie and that he can decide any way he wants… Adam is not convinced of Caruso’s good intentions, but then out of the blue Bradley agrees to have sex with a guy for money and that was a big game changer for Adam, too.

Straight Adam is somewhat shocked that he’s about to decide to have sex with a guy, but nevertheless the wish to earn some easy money proved to be really strong, and Adam finally agrees. Bradley moves closer to Adam and takes his cock in his hand, stroking it slowly. Adam’s face at this moment is totally priceless. Pay attention to Adam’s moans when he sexually touches a guy for the first time, it’s hilarious to watch. Then Bradley takes Adam’s hand and puts it around his own cock, signaling him to reciprocate. But Adam is still confused. However, when Bradley took Adam’s cock in his mouth and started servicing our straight redneck boy, Adam’s cock woke up instantaneously and grew to its full size!

Adam is still somewhat confused as to what he is to do with a guy and they do some sword fighting that I didn’t find particularly interesting. Now Bradley wants to kiss Adam and Adam promptly rejects the offer saying, "I can’t, I can’t", so the casting director tells him to go ahead and suck Bradley’s dick. Adam quickly retorts, "I don’t do that! I’ve gone further than…" Caruso explains to the boys that they really need to do something more than stroking each other’s cock in order to earn the money, and offers Adam to fuck Bradley’s ass. Now this was another story for Adam because in his opinion fucking a guy’s ass is something that only masculine rough men can do, it’s a man’s thing to dominate and subject weaker guys to one’s will and, in this case – his cock. So Adam’s answer to this proposal is totally positive and he is happy to do his thing – i.e. to dominate someone in sex.

The next scene starts with Bradley impaling his ass onto Adam’s upright fuck stick and riding it like a pro. Adam’s cock is not only big, it’s also pretty thick and stretches Bradley’s ass quite a bit. You can tell by Bradley’s face expressions that he’s loving every second of it. Now Adam wants to get into his usual "dominant" position, which is to put Bradley on his back and Adam is now on top of Bradley fucking him hard and fast. Adam keeps fucking Bradley until he fucks the cum out of him. Bradley shot a huge nice load all over his body while being plowed mercilessly by Adam’s hard cock. Caruso asks Bradley how he liked the fucking session and Bradley is almost unable to talk! He just says it was "quite good".

In the end Caruso tells Adam to try to rate his sex with Bradley on the scale from 1 to 10. Adam replies it has to be 7.5 – "considering I love women".


Preview video:

Click here to watch their complete video in HD quality at Bait Buddies!

Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Nasty, Raw & Cum-Filled Frat Gangbang

by on Aug.28, 2014, under Sketchy Sex

Description we got from "Roomie":

"I’ll admit it – we like it messy and dirty. We like to leave lots of cum stains on the couches, carpets and so on after our wanton sexual orgies. This was yet another one of those crazy summer nights when we invited several hot guys with big dicks who were willing to fuck us. My roommate doesn’t really mind who comes in our house as long as he’s got a big dick and plenty of seed to dump into his ass. I remember two superhot and hung straight dudes who dropped by, fucked our asses and filled it with cum. Their jizz flew everywhere but the biggest part was injected into my friend’s hole, just as he wanted."

Ben’s commentary:

So here again we have one more wild raw gangbang with plenty of internal cumshots and huge bare dicks plowing willing asses. Interesting additions are Bryan (the guy with the orange t-shirt) who is straight – bicurious and sports a huge 8,5-inch hard dick. Eli is one of the "Roomies" and he’s the bottom here. Kevin is the guy in black t-shirt and he is gay and bottoming in this scene. There’s also an unnamed "college kid" with a pretty large dick but we don’t know more details about him at this time.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire bareback breeding video in HD quality at SketchySex!

SketchySex is a brand new site that comes from the two boys who participated in the making of FraternityX. The site further expands on the theme of FraternityX, namely hot college guys fucking like horny rabbits. Of course, the action is bareback and there’s plenty of cumshots and breeding scenes. The guys are hot as ever, young hot muscled motherfuckers with huge stiff cocks.

The site showcases video movies that were shot by two roommates who have an insatiable sex drive. They spend almost all day long cruising the Internet in hopes of finding the next big cock that will fill their holes. Neither of them work anymore, however, they earn some money from their website these days. Their hookups are very hot, hung straight/curious or bisexual guys! The two roommates regularly post their videos on Sketchysex and, if you want, you can donate some pennies for their hard work by becoming a member of their website!

Click here to give them a try!

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Aggressive Muscled Army Stud Tyler Demolishes Officer Rizzo’s Tight Ass

by on Aug.28, 2014, under All American Heroes

Tyler is a hot, beefy and muscular military stud. He likes to bang a man’s ass from time to time, especially if the bottom has a six pack. That gets him off. So we paired him with Petty Officer Rizzo. Rizzo has a lean body and is just what Tyler is looking for. Tyler can sense there is going to be a nice tight hole for him to fuck, and he was right! Petty Officer Rizzo was more than happy to service his newly found army friend and slobbered all over his big cock like a total horndog that he is.

Tyler is now ready to stick his huge pole into that tight Rizzo’s ass. Of course, it’s not easy to receive such a big tool in your ass, so Rizzo is moaning and groaning. Now Tyler is really fucking him hard, holding him by his throat, and Rizzo can do nothing but hold on to Tyler and try to take this hard pounding like a man. Rizzo realizes that Tyler is really going to demolish his tight boyhole and moans quite loudly. Next, Tyler makes Rizzo stand on all fours and he shoves his cock into his ass from this position.

Tyler holds Rizzo’s shoulders tightly and Rizzo is now completely at the mercy of his big army buddy. Rizzo knows how to take advantage of this situation so he positions himself in such a way that Tyler’s cock is directly hitting his g-spot, i.e. his prostate. Being mercilessly pounded by super aggressive Tyler is a sight you don’t want to miss – it’s really a very hard pounding, if ya know what I mean. Rizzo also wants to try to ride his buddy’s cock and he jumps up and down on it for some time.

When Tyler felt that he was about to shoot his load, he approached Rizzo and aimed his cock just over his head. Several copious streams of Tyler’s hot jizz squirted from his cock and splattered all over Rizzo’s face and chest. Rizzo swallowed as much as he could catch.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 9.16.36 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 9.18.44 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 9.19.16 PM

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire videos in HD quality at All American Heroes!

All American Heroes is a very cool military site with all kinds of uniformed men (firefighters, military men, lifeguards etc.). It’s an unmatched and unavoidable destination for all lovers of hunky, hot uniformed guys who like to blow their loads and fool around with their buddies.


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Beefy Big-Dicked Employer Mark Long Fucks His Horny Painter Hard In The Ass

by on Aug.27, 2014, under NextDoorBuddies

Drake Tyler is a painter who suddenly found himself in a hard dilemma: to act professionally and do his painting job or to yield to his secret temptations and great passion that he feels towards his employer Mark Long. When Mark Long goes away to jog a few rounds around the house, Drake uses the opportunity to try to find Mark’s underwear in one of his drawers. You see, Drake gets off on sniffing strong muscular men’s underwear, as it usually carries their musky masculine scent emitted by their cock and balls. Sniffing Mark’s underwear made him totally horny and the only thing on his mind was how to get his hands on Mark’s sizeable cock.

Drake comes back and finds his underwear smeared with paint, so he quickly realizes that Drake has been messing with his underwear. He goes outside and tells Drake what he suspects, and Drake suddenly finds himself in a difficult situation. What can he say so he doesn’t get fired right there and then? Drake realizes he has only one option – to pull down Mark’s shorts and swallow his cock as soon as possible. Before Mark realizes what’s happening, Drake is already deepthroating Mark’s huge thick slab of man meat. Drake thinks that men are generally prone to forgive small mistakes if they get a good blowjob from someone, and that’s the card Drake is playing on.

Mark is still very angry, though, and feels that just an ordinary blowjob won’t cut it! So he tells Drake to come into his bedroom for a full-blown fucking. Mark’s cock is fully hard and throbbing and Drake can already feel that monster ravaging his ass in unpredictable ways. But Drake knows he’s been found out and if he wants to keep his job he has to obey his employer. Besides, that’s what he’s been secretly fantasizing about, anyway.

Mark tells Drake to bend over and spread his ass for his raging cock. He quickly shoves his tool inside his ass, balls deep. It’s not easy to receive such a thick and long dick all the way to the balls, so Drake tries to accommodate it. The guys change a few positions and Mark really gives it to Drake, hard and strong. Eventually, Mark pulls out and shoots his big, copious load all over Drake’s bum. Drake follows suit and splatters his load all over himself, making a huge mess.


Preview video:

Click here to download their entire video in perfect HD quality from Next Door Buddies.

Next Door Buddies is a porn site that features the typical "guy next door" types of men having some hot man on man sex with each other. These guys are usually either really straight or straight looking, although there are of course hot gay guys as well. The stories are a bit cliché but the quality of production is pretty high and the men are usually really good.


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Fit Straight Surfer "King Kong Dong" Shawn Jacks Off His Huge Cock

by on Aug.27, 2014, under Island Studs

Well, well, here we have a hot fit straight dude that goes by the name King Kong Dong Shawn. After a longer hiatus he’s decided to show off his masculine body and that huge cock of his again for our camera.

Shawn is pretty adept at juggling and he showed us how he juggles balls while being totally naked on the beach! Now this is one of the more popular surfer beaches in Hawaii and it’s not reserved for nudists only, so it was really brave of him to strip naked. Shawn likes to play football and it clearly shows on his now much bigger muscles. He also spends a lot of time in the gym. All this physical activity has sculpted his body and I think you’ll agree he looks way hotter than a few years ago when we first filmed him.

Shawn tells us how he got that silly nickname. He was in the High school locker rooms when his buddies saw his huge schlong dangling there – so it was kinda inevitable that they’d give him a fitting name – King Kong Dong. Clearly his buddies were a little jealous of his huge cock as he was the most hung guy among them all.

While Shawn has a way with words and is quite soft-spoken, he’s definitely not shy and likes to show off his naked body for the camera, knowing that other people will jerk off to his naked pics and videos.

There’s also a video recording of Shawn with his buddy Donkey Dong Darren (guess why he got that nickname). They had a blast outside while playing football naked.

As for his private life, Shawn is studying Marine Biology, he loves the Hawaiian girls and he says that people tend to mistake him for young Nicholas Cage.  Shawn also used the opportunity while he was in the shallow waters and took a rather long piss there – piss lovers take notice.

After fooling around almost for the whole day outside, I invited Shawn inside to my little island house to shoot his jerkoff video. He sits outside on the sun deck and starts stroking his huge dong slowly. Check out that big mushroom head on his long fat cock. He also gives us a good view of his hairy bubble butt and virgin straight ass. After that he goes back to stroking his dick, now much faster. When he shot his load, his spunk sprayed all over his hands, chest, cock and balls and hard six pack abs!

After the jerkoff session Shawn goes under the shower to take a long and sensual shower. All that spunk on his body really needs to go so he can become squeaky clean for his girls.


Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire movie in HD quality at Island Studs!

Island Studs is a great, new, and refreshing porn site that features hot guys from Hawaii. These bad boys have no problem with showing off their beautiful, toned body and hard cock. Watch them as they do their usual chores against the stunning backdrop of Hawaiian nature!


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Big-Dicked Stud Troi Sucks Off Beefy Straight Dude Dusty

by on Aug.26, 2014, under Chaosmen

I just knew that this hot beefy straight dude called Dusty would eventually get comfortable with guys even though he was pretty nervous in the beginning. Dusty’s cock most definitely loved the attention it got from Troi’s pretty skillful mouth. I get the feeling that Dusty would have returned the favor gladly had he not gone through a little accident in which the inside of his mouth got sore and painful. Troi’s cock is not a laughing matter for sure, so we reckoned it would be best to wait for Dusty’s sore mouth to heal.

I think that Troi must have watched some gay blowjob movies in order to learn how to better suck a man’s cock. His technique has improved considerably and he now actually knows pretty darn well how to get off a guy! Pay attention to his technique where he also uses his hands. Dusty hadn’t cummed in days so Troi’s warm mouth and additional techniques proved to be quite enough. Troi is such a forceful and masterful cocksucker in this video that it’s not an exaggeration to say the he made Troi cum with his mouth, i.e. sucked him off. This is Troi’s only second blowjob video and we really feel obliged to commend him and his willingness to learn how to be a successful cocksucker. Because, hey, maybe it can improve his sex life with girls in some way, or it may just come in handy if he needs to suck a buddy of his (if that should ever happen).

Anyhow, I think it would be worth to make a sequel to this in which Dusty would suck Troi off.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire blowjob video in HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.


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Suave Hairy Straight Man Craig At His First Audition

by on Aug.26, 2014, under TheCastingRoom

Meet Craig! He’s a very hairy and manly straight man who will immediately captivate your attention by his impeccable, suave looks.

This straight man has admitted that he’s done some exotic sexual experiments, but he is adamant about not doing any movies with men only. He’s the epitome of that typical arrogant hetero dude who likes to continually boast about how many women he has seduced and brought into his bed. However, as it is usually the case with these braggy straight men, you can assume that not really everything he says is totally true.

That being said, it’s utterly unimportant whether all his sexual conquests were real or not – here before our eyes is a hunky and hairy heterosexual man who has many, many wild sex fantasies that he would still like to explore. We still think we would be able to make different movies with him, providing he can maintain erection and shoot his load – as he successfully did in today’s audition test.

Also, in our auditions one can see if a guy can get hard while the cameras are rolling – some men are great in bed but can’t perform in front of the camera. Luckily, Craig’s cock seemed to have no issues getting hard for our cameraman, which is a good start.


Click here to watch his entire casting video in HD quality at
The Casting Room!

The Casting Room (formerly known as First Auditions) is a great, original porn site that showcases young, cocky straight men who would like to become porn stars and make loads of cash. They think that they’ll be accepted right away and be able to fuck lots of girls, but they don’t know that our casting director is very strict and wants to fully inspect them during the audition. He orders them to get fully naked, show their ass, and jerk off so that we can clearly see the cumshot. Plus, we get to hear all their fetishes and what turns them on.

Manly Straight Men at their First Porn Audition

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