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NYSM – Manly Straight Officer "R" Serviced

by on Jun.30, 2012, under New York Straight Men

We’ve finally found a new hot cop for ya! Officer “R” is as bad and dirty handsome motherfucker as they come, and I’m sure you’d love to watch him fuck the face of our resident cocksucker.

Our straight bait girl found him while he was drinking at a bar in Upper Manhattan. They got out very frequently since then but it took her weeks to persuade him to come here and be sucked off by a man. Jeez, those straight men… when will they learn? ;)

Officer “R” is a typical representative of a NYC tough stud, he is Irish and Italian by descent and works in one of the outer boroughs. The men in his family have always been policemen, both his brothers as well as his father are cops.

He is only 30 years old and was married recently but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to look at other women. Oh no, this dude has a very high sex drive. He says he even let one dude blow him on St Paddy’s day when he was still recovering from something that had happened the night before!

Namely, Officer “R” was fucking around with his colleagues from work, they were drinking as usual in a bar. His buddies had left and he had a couple more beers. He was in his cop uniform. Then a drunk civilian approached him and somehow persuaded him to blow his police cock!

Officer “R” is definitely never tensed up, he is actually a very laid back dude. It seems that dudes who are still below 40 are ready to experiment more and are not so uptight.

His chest is completely covered with nice manly hair and he has a nicely muscled body – not too much but just enough to distinguish him as a real man.

Our cocksucker Trey was honored to be able to suck off such a nice specimen of a manly man, and he gave his best. Officer “R” blew a big load directly onto Trey’s face, so that Trey ended up with his face completely covered with cop spunk!

I can’t wait to see this motherfucker again.


Short preview video:

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New York Straight Men!

New York Straight Men is the world’s biggest collection of straight men getting their blowjobs from gay dudes! These men are usually truly straight but they love getting head from a gay guy because it feels so much better than whatever their girlfriends can do. These men are not the Hollywood type cuties, they are Real Men!


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Manavenue – Muscled Horn Dog Jorge Alvarez Modeling His Dick

by on Jun.29, 2012, under Manavenue

We found Jorge Alvarez on a local beach recently. This muscled, manly, hot stud loves to show off and soon enough we agreed to make a video with him. When we asked him what he’d like to do, he said “Modeling my Dick” which is actually the correct answer.

Jorge has nice chest hair and very muscled body, in fact for those of us who like their men ripped and hairy Jorge is a dream cum true! He is also pretty hung, his dick is very long and it doesn’t take it a long time to get hard.

Jorge is a hopeless horn dog, and he can get SO horny that he can cum without touching his dick, only by flexing his muscles (that makes him cum). This time he almost did that, but had to make a light stroke with his hand and the next second he was shooting his load! Hot stuff!

Jorge’s cumshot was pretty copious, he drenched his entire stomach and a lot of sperm oozed from his pulsating cock. When he shot his load, he figured it would be cool to show his muscles again, with his semen dripping from his cock. Damn, rub one out, this really turned me on!


Short preview video:

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Manavenue is an exceptionally good porn website that features masculine, cocky, muscled, powerful straight men, the type of guys that grab your attention while you’re secretly ogling them in the street or in a supermarket. These tough motherfuckers are aware of their sexual appeal and want to show you everything they’ve got.

Banner 500 X 250 copy

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CMNM – Lukas Gets Milked By Pervy Footballers

by on Jun.29, 2012, under CMNM

The management of Mancastle United Football club is keen on controlling their footballers in almost every aspect of their lives. They conduct physical examinations regularly and check whether their players are sexually capable and potent. They think that a sexually powerful male will be a powerful player as well.

Today it was Lucas’ turn and the examination team consists of three manly men. Lucas is forced to strip naked and his cock is milked until he shoots his load of cum.

Furthermore, the domineering men force Lucas to crawl on the floor and smell his trainer’s crotch area – stark naked, of course. The other men keep teasing him about his rock-hard erection that just won’t go away despite all the embarrassing situations. The chairman of the club joins in and strokes Lukas’ cock too.

In the end Lukas shoots his load and the nasty men from the club force him to eat first his own precum, then his own sperm.


Short preview video:

Find and watch horny Clothed Male/Naked Male videos in HD at CMNM now!

Clothed Male / Naked Male (CMNM) is a superhot porn site where Nervous straight guys get stripped naked, groped and violated by fully clothed men.

There’s nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit! When they are in such a submissive position, one would be crazy not to use the opportunity and jerk them off!


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SpunkWorthy – Young Muscled Stud Chance Strokes His Fat Dick

by on Jun.28, 2012, under SpunkWorthy

Chance has just finished his freshman year in college and came here to San Diego to relax a bit and possibly earn some money. A friend of his told him about our website and how easy it is to make money by jerking off for the camera and he said he’d give it a try.

Chance is a pretty athletic dude, and whenever he has free time he goes into the gym and keeps his body healthy and strong. He also plays several sports. Once while I was chatting with him he said that his favorite sport was a toss-up between soccer and football, “but probably more football.”

Chance has full lips and dark handsome eyes which put most girls into a state of enchantment. Chance admits that it kinda turns him on the fact that some people will be turned on by watching him naked and stroking his cock. In fact, he was already half-hard when he dropped his pants, probably due to this very exciting prospect of being the object of someone’s jerkoff session.

Chance’s cock is pretty big and thick and he has a real bush around his balls which, as a real man, he will not shave off, ever.

He also gave us a very nice view of his ass by spreading the ass cheeks. He has hairy ass too, which is very cool indeed.

Chance says that he has to jerk off at least once a day, but for this occasion he saved up for several days’ worth of cum. And boy, did it pay off – his squirts were pretty epic and he completely drenched his belly, while some of the sperm dripped down his side.


Short preview video:

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SpunkWorthy is a great porn site that features younger straight amateur dudes. Lots of truly straight military guys doing gay for pay only once or a few times! This site is usually the first and only place where you’ll see these bad boys, so don’t miss out!


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Drill My Hole – The Stable Punishment

by on Jun.27, 2012, under Drill My Hole

Damien Crosse goes into the stable to see whether his new worker David Birdham is working hard or just fucking around with the horses and doing nothing. It turns out the latter is true and Damien wants to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.

Damien ties David up with a rope and forces him into submission. First he makes David suck his huge hard cock, then tells him to bend over and spread his ass wide for his hard cock. Damien gives David an aggressive, rough pounding and spreads his hole far and wide.

Nothing better than the sight of two tough, masculine men fucking the shit out of each other.

TheStableDMH (1)
TheStableDMH (3)
TheStableDMH (5)
TheStableDMH (6)
TheStableDMH (12)
TheStableDMH (7)
TheStableDMH (8)
TheStableDMH (2)
TheStableDMH (9)
TheStableDMH (10)
TheStableDMH (11) 

Short preview video:

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Drill My Hole is a brand new porn site from the owners of MEN.COM and it features rough men who like to fuck their bottoms hard and very aggressively. These usually straight bad ass dudes can really drill holes in a virgin man ass. Lots of high quality HD videos inside!


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Fratmen Sucks – Muscled & Hung Jocks Clayton and Cole Exchange Blowjobs

by on Jun.27, 2012, under Fratmen Sucks

Here at Fratmensucks we always have muscled and hung guys. These college men are the cream of the crop, no doubt about that.

Today we have Clayton and Cole in our gym. They are fucking around, showing off their muscles and lifting weights. Eventually they both get very horny and I tell them to exchange blowjobs, which they did.

Clayton is more ripped now than ever. Since the last time we saw him here he has been working out in the gym almost all the time. His body is defined and he’s totally ripped.

Cole has also come back recently and is getting back into the gym routine. He still needs to get ripped but he’s on the right track. I believe that Clayton will show him the ropes.

Cole was really impressed with Clayton’s ripped muscled body, and Clayton returns the love by worshipping Cole’s very fat dick.

They work out for some time and after they’ve become sweaty, they begin giving massages to each other. Well, rubbing another man’s hot body will undoubtedly give you a boner, which is exactly what happened with our two studs.

Clayton tried to suck Cole’s dick but he was inexperienced and couldn’t swallow that big thick tool to save his life. After some time he got the hang of it.

Cole returns the favor and puts Clayton’s dick into his mouth, and even tries to deepthroat it. Cole never stops to admire Clayton’s muscled body.

After some time and blowjob exchange our two jocks begin to shoot their semen and we can see big spurts and puddles of cum all over the ground.



Short preview video:

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Fratmen Sucks is a brand new site from the makers of and it features the same masculine, hunky frat guys in hot blowjob scenes. These dudes are really straight and it takes a lot of time to persuade them to do soft gay stuff – but it’s well worth it!


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Southern Strokes – Beefy Straight Texan Keith Reed Gets His Rocks Off

by on Jun.26, 2012, under Southern Strokes

It’s always a pleasure when a big, beefy, handsome Texan man comes to pay you a visit. Today we had Keith Reed who came to our Ranch and by gods, that has to be one of the beefiest and hottest bodies I’ve seen in a long time.

Keith has just finished his work and came straight from his office (hence his office suit and tie). He told us he is 5’11’’ tall (180 cm) and I must say that the suit and tie suit him perfectly.

Keith is a straight guy, but he has a little fetish that is not so common – he loves to be told what to do. I can almost bet that that is exactly why he agreed to do a porn shoot for us. You see, it’s not always the money that motivates our guys, more often than not there are other things as well.

I showed Keith my office upstairs and told him to sit and talk with me for some time. I couldn’t help noticing how handsome he was, especially in that suit. And I knew there was a beefy body right underneath it. He is proportionally muscled and weighs about 200 lbs (90 kg), mostly in muscles.

So then I told him he can jerk off. He stood up and began to work his nice big cock. Keith Reed’s reed is cut and looks pretty nice, especially when it gets hard. It has a beautiful mushroom head which gets into your face whenever he strokes it.

Keith begins to stroke his cock faster and faster and suddenly he shoots his big load of thick sperm all over my desk. Only his first squirt is captured on the last picture here, there was a lot more to cum afterwards!


Short preview video:

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Southern Strokes is a porn site devoted to the hottest boys from the US South. As the saying goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas” and these boys are the proof. There are solo shoots as well as two or more boys fucking (sometimes bareback). All of the boys are amateurs, not porn actors, so if that’s your cup of tea, you should definitely check them out!


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Brutal Tops – Sweaty Workout in the Gym with Manly Rugby Players

by on Jun.26, 2012, under Brutal Tops

Master Derek and Master Guy are working out together in the gym of a local rugby club. They are lifting weights preparing for a very important grudge game that’s scheduled for next week. They want to pump up their already strong, masculine bodies so that no one will be a match for them.

The two Masters also have a sub guy who willingly allows them to humiliate him and do just about anything with his body if that pleases them. The Masters love to have such a sub slave because that’s the easiest way to release the excess testosterone-driven energy from their body.

They force the sub to smell their sweaty armpits, ass cheeks and they even fuck him because all this fucking around made them horny. They shoved their hard cocks into his mouth and then inside his ass.


Short preview video:

Download this and many other horny new BDSM videos at BrutalTops!

Brutal Tops is a fantastic site for lovers of the most ferocious sexually aggressive doms in the world. These dominant men love to give orders which have to be obeyed!

Where Dominant Men Take Charge

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NYSM – Hung Pizza Man Tony Face-Fucks His Cocksucker

by on Jun.25, 2012, under New York Straight Men

Our old friend Tony – the owner of the big pizzeria in the NYC, and one of the best examples of Italian handsomeness and big nice endowment between the legs – is back and ready to fuck some cocksucker’s face!

Tony was really in a great mood when he arrived at our place. He was still under the impression of a street festival that was held in The Bronx. This time round Tony didn’t want to settle for an ordinary blowjob but wanted to do something more aggressive, such as shoving his huge Italian cock down our cocksucker’s throat.

First our resident cocksucker Tony fell on his knees and began to suck Tony’s dick in the usual way. Then Tony got the idea that the cocksucker could get on the massage table with his head over the edge. That way the cocksucker could receive Tony’s cock and Tony could fuck him as if it was a little pussy.

Trey was exceedingly happy because of this new idea because this way he was able not only to feel Tony’s entire dick in his throat but also to smell Tony’s sweaty bush and hairy balls.

Eventually Tony emptied his balls and shot his was directly onto Trey’s face, giving him a nice facial.

001 (1)
021 (1)

Short preview video:

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New York Straight Men!

New York Straight Men is the world’s biggest collection of straight men getting their blowjobs from gay dudes! These men are usually truly straight but they love getting head from a gay guy because it feels so much better than whatever their girlfriends can do. These men are not the Hollywood type cuties, they are Real Men!


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Rate These Guys – Young Inked Karate Fighter Fulfills Fan’s Wishes

by on Jun.24, 2012, under Rate These Guys

We’ve already seen Darren James (when he was auditioning for another site) and I’m happy to see this masculine stud again. Darren is a 24-year-old inked and well-built karate master. He also loves to wield his swords and watch porn films. Not surprising for a horny straight dude of his age, but Darren excels in everything he does.

Darren also likes to fulfill as many wishes of his fans, so today we will see him sinking his cock into a bowl of ice – as requested by one of his fans!

Be kind to him, he is still a beginner in the world of porn. But I am sure you’ll notice that this guy aims to please. I can almost vouch that he’ll do just about anything sensible to fulfill his fans’ wishes.

By now RateTheseGuys has over 300 exclusive videos of hot straight lads that are willing to do anything that’s asked of them. Lots of epic cumshots and cock wielding across the entire screen. Not to mention their cocky attitude and willingness to show off every asset they’ve got.


Short preview video:

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All these hot straight boys on
RateTheseGuys are desperate to earn high ratings on their videos, and YOU have CONTROL over how much cash they make and what they do in the future. Create CHALLENGES for them, leave explicit comments and interact with your favourites.

Rate These Guys is a brand new porn site for lovers of cocky, hot straight guys. The principles and rules are simple:


The guys make videos.
You comment on their videos, as explicitly as possible.
You offer to give them a high rating.
The more they satisfy you, the higher the rating they get from you!


They shoot themselves on video.
They send the videos in.
They read your comments.
They try hard to please.

…And the guy who receives the highest rating…. WINS!


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