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StagHomme – Seducing Straight Buddy (Trophy Boy)

by on Oct.31, 2011, under StagHomme

You can never really know what’s gonna happen if you try to seduce your straight buddy who doesn’t know how you look at him. But Manuel Lopez is an old expert at this game and he knows he can take his chances with his very sexy and manly buddy Adrian.

Adrian’s attic needs some cleaning from old junk and porn magazines. Adrian collected a lot of football trophies since his childhood, as well as the unavoidable porn magazines (the staple of every guy’s inventory) and they are all in the attic now. Manuel has been eyeing Adrian’s perfect ass for quite some time and would like to add it to the “straight boys whose ass I’ve tapped”.

However, the things don’t go that well at first. Watch the whole movie to find out what exactly happened.

This movie has hot and macho men, and very intense fuck session – as we’ve been accustomed to expect from Stag Homme!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their whole video in perfect HD quality at StagHomme!

Consider joining Staghomme, it’s a beautiful gay porn site with fresh and imaginative hardcore porn and hot, very masculine European men which you won’t find anywhere else.


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Hard Brit Lads – Nasty Gangbang With Double Penetration & Chain Fucking

by on Oct.30, 2011, under HardBritLads

These guys may not be straight (most of them are bisexual as I was told) but I couldn’t forego this update because the fucking action is so raw and nasty and hot and the guys are masculine. If you are a lover of huge, upright dicks and extreme fucking action you’re gonna love this movie.

It has Spit-Roasting, Chain Fucking and Double Penetration and ends in an amazing cum facial when all of the guys unload the contents of their nuts onto Luke’s face and directly into his mouth, leaving him completely drenched and covered with cum.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at
Hard Brit Lads!

Hard Brit Lads is a relatively new porn site that features only the most masculine and well-built straight and bisexual guys showing off and fucking the shit out of each other. The videos are well-made and shot in HD. Don’t miss out lots of amazing, manly men!

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Str8 To Gay – Gay Buddy Can Do It Better

by on Oct.29, 2011, under Men Dot Com, Str8 to Gay

Christian is a married dude and has a high sex drive. Besides, he is an ass man, he really likes to fuck ass. His girlfriend is hot but she doesn’t understand his needs quite well. He wakes up every morning with a raging hardon thinking how he fucks her ass, but when he brings up his needs to her she says it’s all so gross, that it would hurt her and that nothing will come near her ass.

This morning Christian is hornier than ever, his cock already hard and throbbing against her body. Most women would give everything for such a great boyfriend and fucker but this sad bitch doesn’t appreciate it and, after a short fight with him, leaves the room indignantly.

Christian is mad and flabbergasted now. He realizes he’d have to satisfy himself with his hand again. So he begins to stroke his cock slowly imagining he’s fucking his wife’s ass. At that moment Jessie his roommate knocks on the door and walks into the room to ask Christian if he wants to join him in the gym. Of course, the sight of Christian stroking his monster cock doesn’t escape him even if Christian manages to put it under the sheets relatively quickly. Jessie apologized for the intrusion, but Christian doesn’t really mind.

Jessie quickly realizes what is wrong with Christian and tells him he can fuck his ass anytime and anyway he wants.

If we put aside the usual atrocious acting, this episode was quite enjoyable and the men are hot. The fucking action itself was steamy and hot, so this gets a recommendation from us!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Str8 to Gay!

Str8 to gay is a brand new site – a part of MEN.COM family of sites – that explores the situations when a straight guy is dissatisfied with his girl or wife. Would his gay buddy do a better job where his wife has failed? Of course he would!


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Bareback Place – Mountain Bareback Fuck

by on Oct.29, 2011, under Bareback Place

Wow, this movie is absolutely superb! Hot, masculine dudes in a mountain forest getting down and dirty! Ethan has a huge, delicious cock that just about every guy wants to suck. Here we see Aaron and Ethan taking turns. It’s so hot seeing three hot guys making out in the great outdoors. Ethan was standing over Seth. Seth was slurping Ethan’s enormous cock as if it was the last thing in his life. Seth’s cock was throbbing so hard! Every suck on Ethan’s dick made Seth’s dick pulsate. Aaron then takes over for some sucking to give Seth’s mouth a break. 
The next move surprised both guys. Ethan said we should have a circle jerk. So we did! Ethan got so turned on by stroking two cocks; you see his monster dick becoming really and we mean really, engorged with blood.

Aaron was then ready to have Ethan start the fucking.

Ethan inserts his monster dick into Aaron’s tight, eager asshole and bangs him without mercy. At the same time Aaron sucks on Seth’s ever hard cock expecting the usual serving of Seth’s big load of cum!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch and beat off to their whole video on BareBackPlace!

Barebackplace features only amateur men getting fucked bareback, hard and raw, with lots of internal cumshots, creampies and cumeating. If you decide to join them, you will also get free subscription to SuckOffGuys – a site devoted to amateur blowjobs and cumeating!

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Manavenue – Muscle God Tomm Shows Off & Plays With A Dildo

by on Oct.28, 2011, under Manavenue

The muscle uber god Tomm has always been one of the favorites of mine and my readers. His muscles truly look god-like and impressive and he is such a great guy to work with.

We have received a lot of your emails since the last time Tomm was here. In the meantime he went to his vacation at the beach but now he is back and ready for more naughty things!

We were really eager to see him naked again. I mean who wouldn’t – all those muscles now sun tanned and bursting with testosterone. First he took a shower and then he kicks back on the bed. He’s totally naked by now, mind you, and he starts to play with his cock.

Tomm has a knack for showing off. He enjoys giving us the best possible positions of his muscles, flexed or not, so we can capture the essence of his muscular physique. He’s got an attitude as well, quite a cocky but cute stud.

He is playing with his ass cheeks and asshole, then spreads his legs, and probes his ass crack with a finger. Then he inserts two fingers, then three and four. Finally he remembers we have a dildo here in a drawer and he gets one.

First Tomm sucks on the dildo, and makes it all wet and slippery for his ass. Then he massages his ass crack to make it pliable for the insertion of the phallus-shaped toy. He raises his legs in the air and fucks himself with the dildo. Then he changes the position and goes doggy style.

After some time Tomm just can’t take it anymore and he begins to stroke his cock with vengeance, and soon enough his cum is flying in all directions across his perfect stomach.

I think this was another great shoot with this beautiful and manly muscle man!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Manavenue!

Manavenue is an exceptionally good porn website that features masculine, cocky, muscled, powerful straight men, the type of guys that grab your attention while you’re secretly ogling them in the street or in a supermarket. These tough motherfuckers are aware of their sexual appeal and want to show you everything they’ve got.

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Broke Straight Boys – Jimmy Fucks The Shit Out Of Darren

by on Oct.28, 2011, under Broke Straight Boys

Today I’ve got two hot scenes from Broke Straight Boys to show ya. The first one is a straight boy called Ricky. He looks like a typical straight dude, probably somewhere from a small village in rural USA. Ricky’s got a HUGE cock, he says it’s 9 inches long the last time he measured it.

Ricky showed off his body and cock and then jerked off, which was pretty damn hot.

The next scene is a hot fuck session between Jimmy and Darren. The boys crack jokes in the beginning, making fun of how enthusiastic they are because they are about to fuck.

However, the fucking session was HOT and Jimmy pounded Darren with full force. As expected, it was pretty damn painful for Darren until he got a hang of it and actually started to enjoy being sodomized so brutally.

Long preview videos:

Click here to watch their entire videos in perfect HD quality at
Broke Straight Boys!

Broke Straight Boys is one of the classic straight boy sites that features hot straight and bisexual guys who are ready to sacrifice their hetero reputation and straight virgin ass and engage in some hot and nasty hardcore fucking. New movies have totally new guys which look awesome!


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Next Door Hookups – Masculine Dude Ty Roderick Bangs Lucky Girl

by on Oct.27, 2011, under Next Door Hookups

Ty Roderick is one hot and very masculine straight hunk – as you can clearly see on the pics and video here. He’s married but likes to bang a new chick from time to time and do a porno. Lucky for us, because we can admire his beautiful dick, handsome face and hot body!
Darcy Tyler likes to play games.

She has this game with blindfolding their boyfriends and letting them explore her body that way. Darcy slobbers and sucks on his big, fat cock while Ty gets horniner by the minute. It’s obvious that she wants to be banged – and by gods, Ty is going to give it to her!

The blindfold comes off and Ty starts fucking the shit out of this imaginative hot slut. Darcy didn’t know that Ty is one nasty motherfucker: He likes a rough game –  wants to dominate in sex and fuck chicks like a wild animal.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at
Next Door Hookups!

Next Door Hookups is a site that features truly straight guys who like to fuck their girlfriends hard and raw. These motherfuckers are really manly and the action is hot!

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CFNM – Girls From Milking Academy Inspect Lee’s Virgin Ass With A Dildo

by on Oct.27, 2011, under CFNM

Boy's Anal Inspection By Pervy Girls

At the Female Milking Service the naughty girls have captured a young, cocky lad named Lee who had been totally spoiled by his rich parents. The girls don’t want to hear any more of his bragging stories and they managed to first silence him, then to strip him naked and pin down to a table so they can explore his manly body by themselves.

The girls shoved a large dildo up his super tight virgin straight asshole, which made him recoil from intense pain. He begs them to stop but the girls are relentless and don’t want to listen to his pleas.


Click here to watch the whole video and see what happened with Alastair at CFNM (Clothed Female/Nude Male)!

Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!


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Chaosmen – Vander’s Enormous Cock Splits Oliver’s Ass In Two

by on Oct.26, 2011, under Chaosmen

This is the week of the monster cock at Chaosmen and I could bet that Vander would be one of the “monster cock” guys. Vander loves to be the top, he totally gets off on being the dominant fucker who aggressively fucks his bottom boys. He doesn’t like when he has to be careful or slow (such as with a new straight guy), but rather fuck guys with abandon like a wild animal.

I asked Oliver whether he could handle Vander’s huge cock if Vander doesn’t hold back and fucks him at full force and he said “No problem!”.

One thing I shouldn’t forget to say about Oliver is that he likes to suck cock more than anything else. He can even get off by watching other guys do it. So, with that in mind, I gave him the freedom to do with Vander’s breathtakingly beautiful dick whatever he wants with his mouth – and you can bet Oliver was in cocksucker’s Heaven!

Oliver didn’t disappoint about receiving Vander’s cock in his ass either. There were a few screams but he took that aggressive pounding like a champ. Vander was pretty physical during this fucking, and I’d say he had his way with this bottom boy. Hard Fucking all the way.

Oliver said he nutted while Vander fucked him in the last position but that couldn’t be seen well on the video.

However, Vander’s cumshot is more than obvious and he totally drenches Oliver’s asshole both from the inside and outside, making another great “Vander creampie”.

Don’t miss out and watch this episode to see why we code-named it “Splitting a boy in two”!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie!


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NYSM – Troy Busts A Nut Spraying Trey’s Entire Shoulders And Back

by on Oct.26, 2011, under New York Straight Men

Troy is our old friend who is perpetually in the need of a good blowjob. His girlfiends suck at sucking cock so he has to find the release with guys. Troy is a Greek man and recently he’s been into the “Rock ‘n Roll” phase – he’s got some new tattoos and earings. And he also bought a new Harley motorbike!

Troy was horned up from the get go and just wanted to nut. So Trey began to suck him off as soon as he entered the room. Trey did his job so masterfully that after some time Troy shot a massive load all over Trey’s shoulders and back – totally drenching our cocksucker in his hot sperm!


Short preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at
New York Straight Men!

New York Straight Men is the world’s largest and best collection of hot and horny straight men getting their blowjobs from gay dudes. Most of these men are truly straight, some are even married and have kids, but the allure of getting head from a dude and getting paid for that is just too much for them to pass by! Now the site updates every 5 days with a hot new straight dude, and all new videos are shot in HD!


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