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Handsome Axl & Strong Sawyer Flip-Flop Fucking

by on Jan.30, 2013, under ActiveDuty

Axl is one of the most handsome soldiers on Active Duty, no doubt about it. He has been away for several months and I am more than happy to announce his come back!

In this video we put him together with handsome and horny Sawyer, who shines with his perfect abs and equally perfect golden-brown skin.

These two guys are by no means newbies, so they get to the point right away. First kissing, sucking, and then they fuck each other flip-flop style.

I was particularly attracted to Axl’s rather huge fuck stick penetrating Sawyer’s tight asshole surrounded by bubble ass cheeks.

They switch and Sawyer fucks Axl, and after some time Axl can’t take it anymore and shoots his load while Sawyer is still fucking him. Sawyer follows suit and shoots his load. But, Axl had one more trick up his sleeve because he had to shoot one more load!


Preview video:

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Active Duty is a great porn site that specializes in younger military men and uniformed studs in general. These men are usually real amateurs and you will see them only here. Ripped, muscled studs in the army and their insatiable sexual hunger will leave you stunned!

Active Duty is one of the oldest gay porn sites – but it has been recently updated and overhauled and now it looks brand new! Also all the videos are from now on in 2000 bit HD quality – so you can watch them even on your big TV screen!

Active Duty

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Young Martin Stripped Down In Front Of Entire Female Class

by on Jan.28, 2013, under CFNM

Today at St Dunstan’s school they have their regular Physical which is held once a year. The girls in Biology class were exhilarated to hear that today they will actually have a live male specimen to learn about the male body during Miss Marchmont’s anatomy lesson.

The girls are eager to strip down young and hot Martin Simpson and look at his great body. So much more fun than watching boring diagrams in old textbooks!

Young Martin had no idea what was about to happen to him, they just told him he had to do a physical exam at the school’s doctor. Well, this is the price one has to pay for being a handsome guy in a predominantly female school.


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Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!

Clothed Females Naked Male

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Vander Nails Ace Bareback & Fills His Ass With Cum

by on Jan.27, 2013, under Chaosmen

Ace and Vander have been chatting over the internet for quite some time. They live on the opposite end of the country, but they got so much infatuated with each other that I knew they would fuck like little rabbits today. Actually today was the first day that these two horny hung men met. I kinda suspected that there will be lots of sparks flying between them, but I must admit I hadn’t expected this kind of fire!

Actually they started to help each other out without me telling them anything in particular. Ace was more than eager to finally get that huge Vander’s cock inside his mouth, and boy oh boy, did he do it properly! I always look with incredulity when I see guys swallowing Vander’s huge monster cock as if it were a regular cock. I mean, how do they do it? Damn.

I follow them with the camera, hoping that they will finally notice me and realize this is being recorded. It seems they got into the love making game so deep that they kinda forgot about the real world around them.

Not much time has passed, and now Vander grabs Ace, lifts him up off the bathroom tile and basically carries him with the strength of his muscles, and fucks him hard. He nails that tight hole pushing Ace against the shower wall. I think there was a famous movie a long time ago with a similar scene (although heterosexual), and perhaps they got the idea from there, but nevertheless it’s hot as hell.

For a moment I got worried that it might get slippery for them and they could crash, but luckily that didn’t happen. Soon enough, they went to the bedroom.

Ace lies on the bed and exposes his ass fully for Vander. Vander inserts his cock again into Ace’s hole, and from that moment it was really so hot that it makes no sense to describe it in words. You just gotta see it.

They flip-flop and change positions often, and it looked as if their cocks got ever harder after being pumped by the other guy. First Ace’s cock got rock hard after Vander fucked him, then the same happened with Vander, as if his cock became even more engorged with blood from all that pounding by Ace’s cock.

Ace had to warn Vander to stop from time to time because he wanted to cum. I told Vander to assume a position from which I would be able to shoot the cumshot better. Even with that, Ace began to shoot his load early so I couldn’t catch him squirting his jizz quite well in the closeup shot. However, other cameras managed to catch Ace’s epic cumshot!

Vander eats Ace’s cum, then fucks Ace a little more. Soon enough Vander shoots his load onto Ace’s hole, and shoves it inside with his cock. Vander then eats that creampie (his own cum on Ace’s ass) and the two men kiss each other with Vander’s cum in his mouth and on his lips.


Preview video:

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Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.


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Muscular Hung Soldier James Walks Around The House Naked & Jerks Off

by on Jan.26, 2013, under My Straight Buddy

James is a young, hot, muscled marine with broad shoulders and big cock. This very manly dude likes to go about the house completely naked, even in the presence of his best buddy Joe, who also doesn’t seem to mind that one little bit.

James is almost always horny, that burning sensation of irresistible passion is always present in his crotch. Unsurprisingly, he often jerks off, as soon as he notices there’s a need to release his seed.

Today we were playing quarters to pass the time, and James remembered that he had some dirty clothes to collect and put in the washing machine. He also packed some military uniforms and other stuff that he needed for a drill tomorrow.

After having done that, and not particularly in the mood to put on the clothes (it was pretty hot outside that day), he asks Joe if he has some good porn. Since all men have porn, Joe goes to the player and puts on some hetero porn.

James’ cock is really big and thick. When totally hard, it looks so damn hot and imposing on his tight, muscular military body. James’ buddy Ted just sits on the couch paying no attention to his buddy’s jerking off. But I can bet he did ogle at him at least sometimes, at least to check out how he compares with his mate.

James certainly likes to show off, and with his hot body that was trained and perfectly shaped by the strict military exercises, it’s no wonder why. I really like the atmosphere among these straight guys, they are so cool about each other walking naked around the house and even jerking off that I find the situation sexually charged despite the fact that these are all really straight guys.


Preview video:

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My Straight Buddy is a brand new site that features genuine straight men fooling around among themselves. There are many porn sites out there with bisexual or gay men posing as "straight", but this site is different – the guys herein are truly straight and they don’t fuck each other. We get to see how they spend time together and how they fool around. There are occasional blowjobs but not much more than that. There are many antics and the guys are usually pretty funny, hot and masculine.


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Hot Frat Boys Cole & Jonah Have Some Fun In Bed After Playing Frisbee

by on Jan.25, 2013, under Fratmen Sucks

Cole and Jonah were chilling out together playing Frisbee at the park. After getting a bit sweaty from the physical action, they went to bed together to experiment with each other’s body a little. Some sensual massage and sucking your buddy’s cock is in order.


Preview video:

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Fratmen Sucks is a brand new site from the makers of and it features the same masculine, hunky frat guys in hot blowjob scenes. These dudes are really straight and it takes a lot of time to persuade them to do soft gay stuff – but it’s well worth it!


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Lean Manly Hunk Fernando Torreta Shows Off

by on Jan.25, 2013, under Manavenue

Fernando Torreta is a tall and lean stud. As soon as he enters the room you have a feeling of being in the presence of a real man. He lays back on the couch and starts touching himself down there.

Fernando is turned on by touching his fuzzy chest, and admiring his strong six pack abs. He squeezes the nipples and his cock springs into action right away.

He takes off all his clothes and gives us a good view of his entire body. He flexes his biceps, back and legs – all to please us.

He kicks back on the couch and raises his big, muscular legs in the air, then fingers his beautiful hairy ass.

After playing with his ass for a while, he proceeds to jerk off until he shoots a nice big load of jizz.


Preview video:

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Manavenue is an exceptionally good porn website that features masculine, cocky, muscled, powerful straight men, the type of guys that grab your attention while you’re secretly ogling them in the street or in a supermarket. These tough motherfuckers are aware of their sexual appeal and want to show you everything they’ve got.

Banner 500 X 250 copy

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Pervy Schoolboys Logan And Vincent Stripped & Inspected

by on Jan.24, 2013, under CMNM

Logan and Vincent are two schoolboys that act like really nasty perverts. They continuously nag and harass Mr Marchmont during his biology lectures.

The Heardmaster of the school, Mr. Swallow is now fed up with the naughty jokes that these two lads always make, and he knows just the right method how to bring these miscreants to their senses.

Headmaster Swallow is now in complete charge and orders the boys to strip down for a physical examination. Logan Palmer feels completely humiliated while his school uniform is forcibly removed and he is left naked with his cock that spontaneously gets harder and harder by the minute despite him not wanting to get excited. The air current in the room is enough to cause his sensitive penis to grow and nothing can stop it now. Palmer’s humiliating is now at its height, because he stands with a full erection like an idiot in front of the School Headmaster and his school friend!


Preview video:

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Clothed Male / Naked Male (CMNM) is a superhot porn site where Nervous straight guys get stripped naked, groped and violated by fully clothed men.

There’s nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit! When they are in such a submissive position, one would be crazy not to use the opportunity and jerk them off!


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Hot Soldier Nick In Military Uniform Gets Serviced By His Cute Buddy Marty

by on Jan.23, 2013, under ActiveDuty

Hot, soldier Nick was sitting on this bed in his military uniform, and just when you thought he’d have to do a solo jerkoff session, things got a whole lot more exciting. Cute Marty enters the room and starts working on Nick’s thick shaft and cockhead.

I promised Nick that he’d have an enjoyable session where he wouldn’t have to do much, and this is it. Nick kicks back and closes his eyes while Marty slobbers on his hard fat dick.

When Nick shot his load, Marty proves to be a cum-hungry slut and swallows every drop of Nick’s semen.


Preview video:

Click here to download their entire video in perfect HD quality at Active Duty!

Active Duty is a great porn site that specializes in younger military men and uniformed studs in general. These men are usually real amateurs and you will see them only here. Ripped, muscled studs in the army and their insatiable sexual hunger will leave you stunned!

Active Duty is one of the oldest gay porn sites – but it has been recently updated and overhauled and now it looks brand new! Also all the videos are from now on in 2000 bit HD quality – so you can watch them even on your big TV screen!

Active Duty

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Tough Police Officer Samuel O’Toole Fucks Young Offender Lucas Knight

by on Jan.22, 2013, under Uncategorized

Here we follow Officer Samuel O’Toole during one of his night shifts. Officer Samuel is strict but fair. He won’t make a fuss over some small violation, but he never lets bigger offences go unnoticed.

He apprehended Lucas Knight over a minor violation, but as soon as some details are cleared up, it turns out that Lucas is only a friendly witness, not an offender. Samuel takes it upon himself to investigate the matter further and soon enough the two men are in Officer Samuel’s room.

Hoping he would increase his chances of being released quickly, Lucas takes out Samuel’ cock and starts kissing it. Samuel has already decided to set Lucas free, but the young punk needs to be taught a lesson or two, and that’s best achieved with that power tool between Samuel’s legs!

Samuel starts fucking that tight ass and inspects Lucas’ anal orifice as deep as his ole tool reaches – which is a considerable length. After not finding any incriminating evidence, Samuel is happy to shower Lucas with his plentiful jizz.


Preview video:

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Samuel O’Toole is a hot hippy porn star, he certainly looks like a guy next door. He is a very cool dude and I always love to watch his videos. This manly man will blow your mind once he gets real horny and pounds some ass with his huge, thick cock!

Samuel started off as a straight porn star but since gay pays much better, here he is. I heard he recently retired from performing in porn, though, but there are a lot of hot videos already on his site.


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3-Way Orgy With Jack King, Marcus Ruhl & Duncan Black

by on Jan.22, 2013, under Drill My Hole, Men Dot Com

It’s always interesting and awkward when you suddenly meet your ex when you least expect it. The sexual attraction is still there, undiminished, and your cock seems to have his own brain.

Marcus Ruhl gets a hardon as soon as his ex boyfriend Jack King enters the gym. Marcus didn’t even notice Jack’s new partner Duncan Black.

Unoffended, Duncan proceeds to service Marcus’ hot body along with Jack King. Soon enough the three men are engaged in a hot three-way orgy and it’s probably the hottest one I’ve ever seen on so far.

By the way, Jack King is so yummy here, his chest is just awesome – not too muscular and not too flabby either. I share Marcus’ tendency to get an instant hardon when I look at Jack King, and this appearance Jack is irresistibly hot.

TheExBoyfriendDMH (1)
TheExBoyfriendDMH (2)
TheExBoyfriendDMH (3)
TheExBoyfriendDMH (4)
TheExBoyfriendDMH (5)
TheExBoyfriendDMH (6)
TheExBoyfriendDMH (7)
TheExBoyfriendDMH (8)
TheExBoyfriendDMH (9)
TheExBoyfriendDMH (10)
TheExBoyfriendDMH (11)
TheExBoyfriendDMH (12)
TheExBoyfriendDMH (13)

Preview video:

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Drill My Hole is a brand new porn site from the owners of MEN.COM and it features rough men who like to fuck their bottoms hard and very aggressively. These usually straight bad ass dudes can really drill holes in a virgin man ass. Lots of high quality HD videos inside!


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