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Hot Sporty Straight Guys Jan & Seb Suck Each Other Off In The Shower

by on Feb.27, 2019, under Keumgay

Jan works as a real estate agent. The Keumgay director met Jan in a gym in the center of Paris. The two men talked about Jan’s previous softcore duo he made with two straight guys. We’re talking about two or more straight friends wanking together, without getting into anything more serious. Jan said he wanted to make more such videos.

The Keumgay director suggested his hot neighbor Seb, who had already made some videos for them. Seb was called and asked if he would like to do a softcore mutual wanking scene with Jan, and he said yes. In the beginning, the Keumgay director starts playing with Seb’s big stiff cock, and Jan got excited while watching that. Jan asks if he can caress the beautiful handsome neighbor of mine, which of course he gets the green light to do.

And then, what followed is something that the director hadn’t anticipated: Seb seized Jan’s cock and started to suck it passionately. Jan was very turned on by the fact that this hot sportsman was playing with his cock. Jan returns the favor and sucks Seb’s dick. So, instead of a mutual jerkoff video, we got a mutual blowjob video, quite unexpectedly!

The two guys really got into each other, showing a lot of sensuality and care for each other. Eventually, they made each other get off. You can see the preview of that video here, because we already featured it on this blog.

However, even after they both came obviously the passion was still going strong, because when they got into the shower they just continued what they were doing on the bed! Seb couldn’t contain his excitement after having jerked off Jan’s cock. Seb was determined to suck this hot sporty dude Jan until he gets his reward in his mouth… and Jan was happy to deliver that reward!

Preview video:

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Two Hung Masculine Straight Guys Exchange Hot Blowjobs

by on Jan.27, 2019, under Keumgay

David is the guy in the wedding suit, and he was invited to see the video which had been made some time ago with him and another guy. However, things started to unfold in an unplanned direction when Seb dropped by!

The director wanted David to jerk off his own cock and Seb was supposed to just watch the video on the TV while the director wanted to wank both David and Seb. However, David took charge and wanked Seb’s big thick cock. A little later Seb also gets a blowjob by the sexy guy in the wedding suit (David).

It seems that David totally enjoyed playing with Seb’s huge and powerful cock, he took his time to appreciate that strong piece of manhood and to check it out from all angles. Seb was also turned on very much by David, and couldn’t help but returning the favor and sucking David’s cock as well.

Preview video:

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Handsome Ripped Military Guy Romain Strokes His Big, Thick & Powerful Cock

by on Jan.16, 2019, under Keumgay

Romain is a very hot, muscular and straight military guy. He is French, currently single and lives in Lille. At the moment he works as a painter in a building, which is part of his main activity as a policeman on 92 (in Montrouge). He basically works on a construction site which is at the edge of his barracks. The guys from the website Keumgay approached him one day while he was alone and taking a break from work. He was shirtless and looked very hot and sexy.

So the producer from Keumgay offered Romain a big pile of cash if he would agree to make a solo jerkoff scene for them. He was very suspicious at first, but eventually agreed to make a video. He came the following day (on Saturday, when he could get a break from work), and he made some photos before he was offered a professional massage. He agreed to it right away.

Romain loves to play soccer and he’s very passionate about it. That’s probably part of the reason why his whole body looks so fantastic and muscular. The massage went pretty well and, little by little, the director persuaded him to take off his underwear so we could see his cock. At first, he was very reluctant to let another guy wank him, it was actually the very first time any other man touched him in that way. However, the Keumgay guys were cool about it and persistent in their requests, and finally Romain gave in and let himself go with the flow.

As you can see for yourself, Romain has a really big and thick cock! The Keumgay guys enjoyed stroking it for quite a long time, and Romain was getting extremely horny as the time went by. About one year after that first massage video, Romain was back to Paris and he was approached again by the Keumgay director who offered him to make another video for them, but it didn’t turn out as planned. Namely, one of Keumgay assistants, Diesel93, was very insistent and managed to suck Romain’s cock. That was the very first time Romain got a blowjob from a dude, and it was not easy for him because he’s not attracted to guys sexually. The video was made anyway, and is currently in the Keumgay archives.

On the third shoot with Romain, he was offered to do a solo jerkoff video again during one of his lunch breaks. He said he would agree, under one condition: that no other guys be present in the video, otherwise he would leave. He really didn’t appreciate when Diesel93 sucked his cock the previous time. However, he didn’t protest when the director offered a helping hand towards the end of this latest video. The director also managed to touch his powerful athletic butt cheeks and Romain didn’t protest about it either. Romain’s cumshot was great and this whole video is just superb. One can’t find any fault with Romain’s impeccable body – handsome face, big, tall, muscular, manly and a really big, thick and powerful cock!

Preview video:

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Two Hot Gym Buddies Experiment With Each Other’s Cock

by on Jan.10, 2019, under Keumgay

The main director from Keumgay met these two guys (Seb and Jan) in a gym in the center of Paris. They talked about the latest videos posted on Keumgay and Seb asked if if it was possible to do another video, but with another guy. Since Jan was around, the Keumgay director asked him if he would be interested and Jan said yes. The director thought that it would be a wankoff video where both guys would get a wankoff from him (the director), but things went into different and unplanned directions!

Both guys came on the same day to do the video, and the director started to wank each guy separately. However, it seems that this made both guys a bit too horny and they wanted to play with each other.

Jan said he was turned on by the fact that the director was touching Seb’s body and asked for the permission to touch Seb’s body himself. Of course, the director gave him the permission to do that. The director just loves it when two straight guys want to experiment with each other without anyone interfering or giving them instructions.

So Seb takes Jan’s cock into his hand, and then, suddenly, Seb takes Jan’s cock into his mouth and starts giving Jan a blowjob, sucking on that nice big fat cock very greedily! This was not what the director had planned for the video, but he loved it anyway.

Seb proved to be a great cocksucker with considerable skills, and he made Jan cum pretty easily. Seb’s cumshot was great and was caught well on the video. It was a totally unplanned video, but it turned out very well – and hot!

Preview video:

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Strong Muscular Fireman Kevin Strokes His Big Fat Cock In Bathroom

by on Dec.08, 2018, under Keumgay

Meet Kevin! He is a 32-year old straight guy who works as a fireman in Paris. He is honest, intelligent and a very masculine dude. Most definitely a boyfriend material to be counted upon!

He dropped by the headquarters of Keumgey producers and said he would like to try his luck as a porn star. The producers were more than happy to accommodate to Kevin’s desires and recorded the entire video while Kevin stroked his huge fat dick in a bathtub.┬áNow, who wouldn’t want to have this hot fireman as an emergency option to call upon if anything goes wrong?

Preview video:

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Masculine Straight Soccer Player Nicholas Gets His Very First Gay Blowjob

by on Nov.30, 2018, under Keumgay

Nicholas is a real straight guy who had never had any sexual contact with other guys prior to making of this video. The resident cocksucker Brice was asked to assist Nicholas in his wanking session, which Nicholas didn’t quite expect. As you can clearly see, he was pretty nervous, especially when Brice started to caress his lean, muscular body. No other guy had ever touched him that way, and he felt strange!

When Brice removed Nicholas’ pants and underwear and wanted to start sucking his dick, Nicholas at first said he didn’t want to go any further, but then the director reassured him that everything would be fine, and Brice was allowed to proceed with the blowjob. Brice was all too happy to have an opportunity to suck this proud soccer player’s hard dick, that’s pretty evident!

And as Brice delved deeper into the blowjob and showed his complete set of cocksucking skills, Nicholas gradually melted as well and started to enjoy the blowjob. It’s often claimed that guys can suck other guy better than a chick, and it seems Nicholas just learned that that was actually true. Eventually, Brice brought Nicholas’ big, fat and stiff footballer’s cock right to the edge of cumming, and after a few strokes Nicholas shot his fine load all over his chest and stomach.

Preview video:

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