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Chad Manning

by on Feb.28, 2010, under CockSureMen

Chad Manning has been on our site a number of times before (as Brad), always to our members delight. He’s back and looking better than ever. Sporting a beard and mohawk, Chad is in the best shape of his career. His tone and tanned body glistens with sweat has he works his huge cock. As a bonus, he also works his tight hole with a monster green dildo. Pumping his ass with one hand, and pumping his cock with the other, Chad convulses wildly in an intense orgasm. Chad, you’re welcome back anytime!

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Rocko’s Helping Hand

by on Feb.27, 2010, under SpunkWorthy

Rocko said he might be up for doing a Helping Hand video, but wanted to wait until after he got out of the military. So, fresh out of the Marines he gave me a call. He’s got one big dick I knew was going to be fun to jerk off.

There was a cute nervousness about him during the shoot. Like most of the straight guys, he was a little surprised at not only how quick his dick got hard, but at one point he had to stop me because he was going to bust too soon. I could tell something was up by the look on his face so I asked if he was alright.

"Yeah. I already feel like I’m gonna go. I don’t know why."

I tried to keep him on the edge for as long as I could before putting him down on his back for the grand finale. He ended up blowing a sticky load of cum all over my hand and his furry stomach, with a little "Oh fuck" gasp of disbelief at what just happened.


Wow! What a great JO video! This young furry stud is a pleasure to behold for sure!

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Hot Straight Cop Jimmy Gets Blow Job

by on Feb.26, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Meet Jimmy! He is a 30 year old guy originally from Wyoming’s big sky country. Out there he was an equestrian rider and trainer and after moving to NYC almost 10 years ago he still does that. He got a job with NYPD training their horses which is what initially brought him to the big city. These days you can find him either working in Central Park or riding upstate or out in NJ.

We have been in contact with Jimmy for months trying to get him to appear on camera. He was never been filmed naked before much less having sex in front of a camera, until now…hmmm

We will confess, that he is a really, really HOT guy and he did amazingly well for his first time! He was a little nervous during the interview portion, he was afraid to reveal too much personal info, but we got out all the important stuff.

Unlike some first timers, Jimmy was hard from the get-go…..Sergio loved his big cock and Jimmy loved Sergio’s skilled mouth, which resulted in an explosion of straight-guy baby batter!



WOW, Jimmy is certainly one super hot straight dude!

You can watch his entire movie if you visit New York Straight Mena site devoted to hot straight men taken directly from the streets of NYC! 

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Rough & Handsome Straight Stud Works His Huge Tool

by on Feb.24, 2010, under RandyBlue

Brenden Butler is our newest model. He’s got a handsome face with the sexiest cleft chin and eyes so green you feel like you’re looking into a wild rainforest when you gaze deep into them. He takes off his shirt to reveal a lean body, naturally smooth save for a well manicured treasure trail, aptly named for the massive treasure it leads you to. Lets just say when he’s wearing little more than a pair of designer briefs there is nothing left to the imagination. And when he’s hard, that little bit of fabric can hold it no better than a hankie can hold a python. He points it right at you and you don’t know whether to lunge or duck. And when he runs his hands up and down the shaft the look of stern concentration and pure pleasure that crosses his face is enough to make you lick your lips. I love the way his ass cheeks tense with every stroke and the way his mouth hangs open just enough to make you feel like he could kiss you at any s! econd. He works that huge tool with such skill, moving his body to the motion of his rising heat, until he can’t contain himself and shoots a huge load of warm sticky jizz all over that smooth chest of his.


What else can I say? Brenden is your typical straight hottie that enjoys attention from both men and women in the neighbourhood. He’s almost perfect in every sense and is aware of the impact  he has on people. In other words,

Thoroughly cum-inducing.

Click here to watch Brenden’s entire movie, it’s steaming hot!

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Army Stud Rocco

by on Feb.24, 2010, under English Lads

Former army stud Rocco strips off his t shirt, turns and faces the wall and looks like he has been slammed against the wall and is about to be searched by the police! Instead he turns back round and shows off an offensive bulge, drops his jeans and pulls down his little briefs revealing the evidence is not even semi! The great thing with Rocco is he has this big dangly cock when soft and large balls that push it up and on show! Once on show he cant resist tugging on his foreskin and starting as he means to go on he bends over and shows off in all his glory his perfectly hairless hole. Not shy today Rocco shows it off in many a position even pulling his cheeks apart for even better access! After a little more playing Rocco stands up and as he tenses up he squirts a nice big load on the kitchen stool and on the floor. Another happy recruit with drained balls!


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Casey MIA

by on Feb.23, 2010, under Str8boyzseduced

When Casey arrives this time he’s determined to deliver that M.I.A. nut. After stripping down to his socks he lubes up and begins jerking on his big cock. I expose my own hardened piece and scoot up next to him on the sofa. While he strokes himself I chew on his fuzzy balls and soon he’s spilling his load as I lick it off the head of his cock. That’s much better!

Slam! Bam! Thank You, Man!

STR8BOYZSEDUCED is a great amateur site that features real straight guys taken from the streets!

For a small fee they agree to have their cock professionally sucked by hot stud Vinnie Russo.

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Crazy College Boys in Hazing Action

by on Feb.21, 2010, under Uncategorized

More antics from these drunken crazy straight college boys! Enjoy!

Visit HazeHim to watch real straight college boys doing all kinds of debauchery and crazy things! The initiates have to go through ordeals, many of which include hard gay sex!

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Tasty Morning Blowjob

by on Feb.20, 2010, under New York Straight Men

We decided that Ben needed a Valentine that you just can’t get from a box of chocolates or in a card store. We asked our friend Joe if he wouldn’t mind being Ben’s “special” Valentine.

Joe just returned back to the city after spending many months traveling around the country on his motorcycle, or as he says ‘ riding my hog”. We told him a little bit about Ben, and he said he wouldn’t mind making Ben his hog for the day.

Joe who is an open minded straight guy is not shy about another guy sucking his cock, especially if the cocksucker is a bit submissive and can take some rough manhandling.

Ben was the perfect candidate for Joe! He slapped Ben around, which made Ben even hotter for Joe’s cock!  Joe was impressed with Ben’s mouth which caused him to blow nice load all over!


Joe’s hard dick really came as thirst quencher for Ben, who has been aching to suck some good stick in a while!

You can watch this entire vide here, and there you will find tons of other strictly straight guys getting their cocks sucked off!

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Hot Straight Military Dude

by on Feb.19, 2010, under Chaosmen

Surprise! I thought I toss you guys a new bone on Friday!

Well you can’t deny Spencer has “Military” written all over him.  I don’t get too many military dudes in my neck of the woods, so I thought fans of the jarhead look would like a change of pace.

Despite several long letters and phone calls, Spencer really didn’t have a clear idea of what he was doing. I think he was taken aback all the equipment and the general setup.  He basically thought he would just sit down and rub one off, take his check and be done in 5 minutes.

So it was a little challenging to get a bit of theater out of him, but he does fine once he hits his groove.



Wow, nice cumshot on this one!

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