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Trystan Bull – Justin Gets Nailed By His Buddies Trystan & Tyler

by on Jun.01, 2012, under Trystan Bull

Three hot studs, Trystan Bull, Tyler Torro and Justin Beal are hanging out together and fucking around. Justin pulls the shortest lot and consequently he has to offer his ass to the other two men.

Tyler and Trystan draw their swords and begin to have a sword match in front of Justin’s hungry mouth. Justin manages to put them both into his mouth while their cockheads rub against each other and inside his mouth. Trystan was particularly rough and began to fuck Justin’s face with his beautiful dick. But this was just an overture for the main dish of the day, i.e. fucking. Justin offers his ass to the two studs and I think he was actually looking forward to do it.

Trystan and Tyler switch and fuck Justin in the ass. There were some pretty nifty acrobatics. Trystan lowers his ass onto Justin’s face and lets him eat his ass. At the same time Tyler fucks Justin in the ass.

Trystan and Tyler shoot their loads directly onto Justin leaving him completely covered in their messy cum.


Preview video:

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Trystan Bull is one of the hottest Canadian studs. He is handsome and his body is gorgeous. He looks now better than ever after pumping his muscles in the gym for the past several years. Trystan is bisexual and likes both dudes and girls.

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Trystan Bull – Two Hung & Muscled Buddies On A Hot Summer Day

by on Jul.12, 2011, under Trystan Bull

The big, buffed-up stud Trystan Bull has a cool little garden in a secluded place. He likes to come here once in a while because it’s so serene and beautiful. He also likes it because he can score here a lot. Young girls, handsome guys, it doesn’t matter for him because he’s bi. He can get the best from the both worlds.

Today it was a beautiful sunny morning and Trystan is showing off his garden to his good friend Brandon. Brandon says he’s shy and asks Trystan how he manages to get so much action. Trystan thinks it’s because he’s not as shy as Brandon and soon enough both men undress to see what assets they have and if anyone of them should be ashamed of anything.

It turns out that the both men are real studs, with huge muscles and big cocks that are stiff-hard. They certainly have nothing to be ashamed of.

Brandon sucks Trystan’s big hard cock and they have a sword fight. It’s beautiful to watch these two masculine, muscled studs comparing with each other.

Brandon does a fine job as a cocksucker and manages to get Trystan off quite well. Both studs are sweaty and shooting cum towards the end.


Preview video:

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Secret Agent Trystan Bull Forces His Captor to Surrender His Ass

by on Jan.09, 2011, under Trystan Bull

An elite unit of the government spies have sent one of their top secret agents, Trystan Bull, to investigate the misdeeds of an infamous and insane genius, Patrick Rouge.

Another spy revealed Trystan’s path so Dr. Rouge had time to prepare. He captured Trystan and tied him, probably intending to torture him so that Trystan reveals his secrets. Unfortunately for the evil genius, the chains which were used for tying up Trystan weren’t fastened enough so Trystan soon busts loose!

Now he’ll make the crazy bastard Dr. Rouge his humble bitch that obeys all and any of his commands. Trystan makes his captor pay dearly by forcing him to lick his asshole and then fucks him hard.

Don’t ever underestimate a highly trained secret agent, especially if he’s a horndog like Trystan.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch their whole video at Trystan Bull’s site!

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Hot & Ever Horny Trystan Bull With Jonny Torque in "Pool Sticks and Dicks"

by on Nov.28, 2010, under Trystan Bull

I’ve known about Trystan Bull for quite some time. Being straight, he first appeared on Next Door Hookups where he was the hunk of choice for many chicks who wanted to fuck him more than anything, and needless to say, gay dudes just couldn’t get enough of him. For instance, this post was enormously popular last year on the Straightfuckingforgaymen blog.

This year Trystan decides it’s high time he did some explorations into his bisexual side et voila! – we have his very own site where he’ll be showing off himself and do some kinky things with other guys!

In this particular shoot, the two guys – Trystan Bull and Jonny Torque – are playing pool. The game gets a bit boring and they are both horny as hell. Trystan tries to show Jonny how to hit the ball, and the two men suddenly become aware of each other’s horniness. So one things follows another and in no time they whip out their very big hard dicks and start jacking off.

Trystan wants to show who’s the boss and waves his dick in front of Jonny’s face. Jonny doesn’t mind blowing his buddy’s cock at all, and so he takes Trystan’s large stick and services it like a pro!

In the end they both shoot big loads of their hot studly cum.


Short preview video:


Click here to watch and beat off to their whole video on Trystan Bull’s personal site in HD quality!

Trystan Bull is a big, muscular, handsome bisexual stud who loves to show off his big uncut cock and share his sexual encounters with his fans.

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