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Young Big-Dicked Stud Serviced

by on Apr.29, 2010, under Chaosmen

Since Parker got Serviced by Grant, I thought Parker would be perfect to experiment on in the Edge chair.

Working a little underwear fetish, cock bondage, and cum play in this one. Used some toys on him to try and wake his ass up. We’ll see if this will get him to bottom in the future.


Awesome cumshot on this one as he shoots straight up in the air. Very powerful and erotic!


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Surprise Blowjob: Joe’s Hard Cock Can’t Wait

by on Apr.28, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Joe stopped by unexpectedly for a Blow Job. He explained that he was working on his bike (motorcycle, that is), took it out for a ride, and while he tooling around on his crotch rocket, feeling his balls vibrate that he realized he had a load and it needed to be worked out.

He figured he needed a sure bet, so he stopped by and his hunch paid off, we had one of our cocksuckers on duty. When Joe arrived, Sergio was in the middle of sucking off JJ (the mailman from a few weeks back). Joe waited patiently in the wings giving the other guy his privacy with the sucker.

Sergio’s lips hadn’t even dried when Joe stepped on the scene, he needed to get sucked off badly. JJ who was surprised himself, just got out of the way put on his underwear and was off. Now Sergio had to focus his energy on Joe and his hairy, hard cock. Joe was grimy and sweaty but made no apologies, he came expecting a bj,  plain and simple.

Sergio the pro that he is, delivered an amazing blow job for Joe. It was just what he needed. When Joe blew his thick load it landed on Sergio’s lips and Joe’s hairy abs. Sergio without missing a beat, ate the load right off of Joe!


Well, Sergio certainly made an effort and proved to be an outstanding cocksucker, bringing the recepient Joe to the very center of ecstasy and beyond for a few seconds. Joe splattered his hot cum all over Sergio’s eager mouth, and the obedient cocksucker licked the load up to the last drop.

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Muscled Stud Ricky Rubs One Out

by on Apr.27, 2010, under Maskurbate

After his morning workout, we followed Ricky to his bathroom as he was checking out his bulging muscles.

One thing led to another as he began to strip and play with his huge 9 inches cock.


Check out Maskurbate, it’s a huge collection of outwordly hot and manly hunks with a tiny mask (some don’t wear it). Mostly jerkoff videos but also some fucking. The selection of men is outstanding.


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Young Hunk Casey Gets Blown By 40-year Old Stud

by on Apr.26, 2010, under Str8boyzseduced

After stripping down to his birthday suit Casey settles in with a porno flick. I suck on his cock as he reclines in the chair then I rub our slippery cocks together. As I continue to stroke him I press my cock against his butt hole and try to penetrate it. Casey seems willing but he’s way too tense to allow anything but the very tip of my huge cock to enter him. After stroking himself for a while longer Casey realizes that he just isn’t going to be able to pop a nut. Better luck next time!?


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Nat’s Helping Hand

by on Apr.26, 2010, under SpunkWorthy

Sexy teen Marine Nat decided to make the leap and come back for his first hand-job from a guy.

Knowing that Nat gets hard at the slightest breeze, I wasn’t too concerned about him keeping it up. Apparently, though, he had "saved up" for a couple days because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to get off with a guy. But he was so horned up that after only 2 minutes into the video he busted a nut! Break out your stopwatches!

We took a quick break and went for round two. And like magic his cock was hard again. This time I was a little more careful, but even so you can see him edging as his cock was getting stroked. I even had to slow down a couple times.

Sure enough, Nat busted a second sticky load all over my hand. This one goes down in the SW record books as the first Helping Hand double cumshot! You don’t want to miss it.



If you love truly amateur straight boys, then SpunkWorthy is a site you should certainly check out!

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Blowing Robert

by on Apr.26, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Meet Robert! He works as a landscaper in Staten Island as well as NJ and Long Island. He’s a Cuban-American guy with that typical "Latin Machismo"…gay guys are for sucking dick.
He tells us he has no problem letting a gay guy suck him as long as, as long as that guy knows his place…on his knees. Robert says he doesn’t like any "funny stuff", just good old fashioned cocksucking.

Ben didn’t mind being Robert’s bitch, he was happy to be on his knees sucking off this hot straight Cuban! Robert fucked Ben’s mouth for a while, then he took a seat and kicked back and let Ben work his magic mouth on that hard cock.

Robert got lost in the blowjob, really enjoying the feeling of Ben’s lips and mouth. Ben was working really hard to please Robert and got rewarded when Robert, without asking popped nut right is Ben’s mouth!


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Young Hung Studs Fuck Raw

by on Apr.25, 2010, under Chaosmen

This video is likely one of the most requested pairings of late.  That and Nash with Taylor. (I think I can make that happen too!)

Hagan remains as stoic as usual, but you can’t fault him for always being hard. I think he is a bit more confident that he isn’t gonna hurt the guy he is working with. He fucks and moves his hips a bit more. Cock sucking..well, we need to send him to camp!

I think Nash took working with Hagan as a personal challenge. Not only trying to fit his massive cock inside him but getting him into the whole scene. Which I think he did.

I think he does an amazing job taking his cock! He rides it reverse cowboy style and wow, you really see how much Hagan is splitting Nash in two!

Lots of great close-ups of the action, with two amazing cumshots. 
Nash never fails to cum while getting fucked, while Hagan delivers a delicious cream pie!



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Hairy Muscle God – Steve Paradi

by on Apr.24, 2010, under Manavenue

Now this is my idea of the perfect man: handsome, hairy, muscular, cocky and the ability to flex and show off with his dick rock hard.

Steve Paradi, this week’s stunner of a man, is sure to get your testosterone flowing along with his own. He shows off in his posing routine, strutting across the room with a boner, showing you (up close and personal) his straight man asshole, and erupting cum all over his solid abs.  As if that weren’t enough, he then stands up, cum dripping down his stomach, and pushes one more pose to show you he is boss.

I think I might have to stay in this weekend and beat my meat to this video again (for the 15th time).



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Thugs In Public – XAVI

by on Apr.23, 2010, under StagHomme

Stag Homme’s newest series, >"Thugs in Public", returns this week with a 26 year old Basque thug with a really fat cock! We meet him at a park in Madrid where he whips out his cock and takes a long piss all over the park bench before Damien and him hop on a cable car for a very thrilling ride!! Xavi’s got Damien so turned on that he busts a fat nut all over this lil thug’s mouth!!!


If you happen to fancy Rough Thugs, you should defo check this out!


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Dark and Handsome Stud Rubs One Out

by on Apr.21, 2010, under RandyBlue

Tall, handsome, and incredibly sexy with a scruffy five day old beard, Andrew Stark describes himself as ‘straight but comfortable’. He’s not new to the adult video world so he brings with him a little bit of experience. His body is lean and mostly smooth with a uniquely trimmed treasure trail that leads down to nice thick meaty cock. There’s also a lightly hairy butt surrounding his inviting hole that you can’t help feel needs to be put to good use. He’s got the college frat vibe and you get the feeling that he’d be up for just about anything if coaxed enough. He says he’d much rather get laid than jerk off but when you watch him use both of his hands to jerk his huge dick you know he’s had practice because he does it so well. And of course you keep wishing he’d let you do it for him. Then he comes and sprays a nice splash of jizz all over his beautiful slim chest. 


Short preview video:

Wow, this boy is a dream cum true as far as I am concerned! Dark, handsome and hot! Add a pretty big and thick cock to that and you get a stud from your dreams. He will make you cum in no time.


Click here to visit Randyblue and watch his entire video, it’s really hot!

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