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CJ Madison is Huge

by on Jan.31, 2010, under Manavenue

As you may recall, a while back, Girth had been watching CJ through the window, busted in on him and ending up fucking the shit out of him. What you see in this episode is CJ posing, flexing and fucking himself with a rather large dildo.

Guess you know now why Girth busted in on him. I would have too if I had seen CJ with his legs in the air abusing his hole.

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You can watch the entire episode with CJ Madison at Manavenue.

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Horny Coach Fucks Team’s Best Wide Receiver

by on Jan.30, 2010, under Hot Jocks Nice Cocks, Suite 703

Coach Stevens enters the locker room after the victorious football season has come to a close. He praises, Tristan, the team’s best wide receiver, and Drew, the star quarterback, for a job well done. He takes Bobby, one of the seniors aside for a private meeting, and leaves Drew and Tristan in the hands of the assistant coach, Ari, who has a reward for their performance. Coach Stevens takes Bobby into the shower room, where he gets his own reward for a job well done.

04_large 07_large


Ok, not sure if either of these two studs are straight, but who cares? The sex is hot, and it could have happened in a real life situation ;-)

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Pervy Guys Are About to Bully and Fuck Innocent Straight Lad

by on Jan.29, 2010, under TheCastingRoom

At FirstAuditions, straight Carl is a good-mannered young man unprepared for how intense it is to be mauled by three pervy guys. He knew this was going to happen for him, but he didn’t realize the businessmen would tease and provoke him throughout his special audition. The dominant men act like a group of bullies who can strip and fuck with him just because they outnumber him. They bend him over, stretch open his asshole, fuck him with a dildo and then hold him down while jerking him off.


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His Girlfriends Never Sucked Him Off Like This

by on Jan.29, 2010, under Str8boyzseduced

My favorite “Italian Stallion” is back for some new sessions and this time I introduce Tony to “Mr. Bill”. Remember Tony is 19 years old, 6′, 170 lbs., and when he’s not in jail for bar brawling he’s a laborer. In the first scene Tony is a vision in his “wife-beater” and boxer briefs and after a little “stroke-n-blow” I decide to unzip my pants and take out my cock as I’m kneeling in front of him. Watch his expressions as he sees it for the first time and licks his lips! When I stand up Tony grabs my cock and stroked it then goes right down on it! While Tony’s sucking my cock he says “Is that good? I never did this before…” He’s completely into it now as I deep throat him and dive between his legs and in no time he’s having his most intense orgasm ever! After the last spurt though you can tell he’s over it and can’t wait to leave. Will Tony deal with what happened and return for more? Duh!

STR8BOYZSEDUCED is a great amateur site that features real straight guys taken from the streets!

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After Football BJ

by on Jan.29, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Tony heard about a  cocksucker that he hadn’t tried out before and wanted to test out the cocksucking skills.

Ben had seen Tony on the site and had been dying to blow this hairy, Italian, straight guy. Tony arrived after playing football with his buddies on a bitterly cold NYC Sunday afternoon. Even though it was well below freezing outside, Tony was sweaty and ripe. Ben really wanted to blow Tony just like that, but Tony insisted on taking a shower, besides being sweaty from the game, he confessed that he hadn’t had a chance to shower since Friday night. Hearing that made Ben even hotter for Tony, but as we had learned…we do things Tony’s way.  So we filmed Tony in the shower, washing off all the grime…that was foreplay in itself!

When Tony was done, Ben got right down to business. He understood, full well that Tony was here to bust that nut which had been brewing in his balls all weekend. Ben worked really hard to please Tony and give him the blow job that he wanted. Ben unhinged his jaw to swallow Tony’s massive cock right down the hatch. He slurped and sucked Tony until that load was about to be dumped. Tony pulled his cock out of Ben’s mouth and jacked it, when Tony blew his load he aimed it right towards Ben’s open mouth, the load shot through the air causing a deposit of his sperm to land directly on Ben’s waiting tongue and then another rope shot out splattering all over Ben’s cocksucking lips!


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Hot Young & Horny Marine Cums Back: Scott Part 3

by on Jan.15, 2010, under SpunkWorthy

Scott made his porn debut right here at the Spunk Worthy studio a couple years ago. After numerous requests to see more of him, I was finally able to track him down and get him naked again.

Since last time, he’s been working out a lot and it definitely shows. Although still only 23, he’s grown into a beefier body and is filling out into quite a studly young man.

Scott is still the modest guy we all know and love. I paid him a couple compliments and he visibly blushed. He’s one hot package with a down-to-earth personality that makes him all the hotter.

Scott’s a horny dude who knows how to put on a helluva show, too. He gets himself really worked up, covered in sweat and breathing heavily. His favorite position when jerking off is up on his knees. So after showing off all his assets, he hops up and thrusts his hips, busting a sticky load all over his hand.



Watch the whole movie with Scott and enjoy the show this hot young marine motherfucker is putting on.

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Burning Love

by on Jan.15, 2010, under STR8cam

Check out Jeff’s new video. 
He really likes to show his entire muscular body and his beautiful ever hard cock!


Click here to check out his personal site and enjoy the full videos!

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Ricky and His Huge Tool

by on Jan.13, 2010, under Maskurbate

Ricky is finally unmasked! This gorgeous jock finally agreed to show it all… even his face ! His great personality and, of course, his huge 9 inches cock, made that clip one of our favorite !


Watch more of this gorgeous jock AND many other rough straight men showing off only at Maskurbate!

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Young Marine Gene

by on Jan.10, 2010, under SpunkWorthy

Gene is a 23y/o straight Marine I met online. The military brought him out to California from the Midwest and since then he’s been soaking up the local flavor. One of his favorite things is hitting up the swinger’s club with his buddies.

He’s a bit on the quiet side, so it was a surprise to hear that he had told all the guys he works with about coming over to jerk off on camera. He even tried to talk some of them into coming along with him!

Gene said he’s always wanted to get into porn and he was definitely was turned on by the whole process. During his photoshoot his dick was hard before his pants even came off, with a little leak of pre-cum on the tip. He was almost a little too turned on, and I have my suspicions that Gene might be a little curious about getting it on with a guy.

He must have been on the edge of busting during the whole shoot. When I gave him the go-ahead to cum, it was only a few seconds before he dumped a load all over his pubes and a couple big shots up his chest.



Yum yum. I’d defo like to have this marine boy in my bed!

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Hot Young Marine Gets Head

by on Jan.09, 2010, under Str8boyzseduced

CJ is back and he’s looking better every time I see him. My boy is becoming a man! This time I let CJ watch some girlie porn – he gets very absorbed into it as you can see. While he’s watching porno I suck his big slab of manmeat. It gets stiff very quickly and I can tell CJ thoroughly enjoys my wet warm mouth. Eventually he cums copiously and I lick every drop of his precious liquid.

STR8BOYZSEDUCED is a great amateur site that features real straight guys taken from the streets!

For a small fee they agree to have their cock professionally sucked by Vinnie Russo, a hot stud in his own right!

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