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Dereck – Full Body Measurement

by on Aug.31, 2010, under Maskurbate

Dereck came by for a full body measurement: biceps, shoulders, chest, waist and…
his large uncut cock !


Short preview video:


WOW, Dereck can always get me hard as rock in no time. Such perfection in every single part of his body… it is astonishing!

Maskurbate is a great amateur site which offers a huge collection of masculine, mostly straight men who wear masks. These men are very well-built, well-endowed and just fucking too hot to handle.

Click here to watch Dereck jacking off his huge, rock-hard cock on Maskurbate in crystal clear HD!

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Muscle Daddy Darren Fucks Young Stud Billy Roberts

by on Aug.29, 2010, under HardBritLads

While we’re at Hard Brit Lads, I wanna show you a scene with muscle daddy Darren and fit young Billy Roberts. These two dudes have some really hot, passionate and sweaty sex. And they are both so well-built you’re going to drool. The blowjobs they give each other are passionate, they both deepthroat and do their best to get each other even hornier.

Then Billy takes charge and fucks Darren senseless. They both shoot massive streams of hot cum. Great scene!

Preview video:


Click here to watch this entire scene on Hard Brit Lads now!

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HardBritLads Josh Ryan – Straight Muscular Boxer

by on Aug.29, 2010, under HardBritLads

Fit, Welsh straight lad, Josh Ryan, shows off his stunning, beefy, muscular body in this hot solo. After a short interview, his cock is rock solid in his shorts, and when he gets it out, its a real treat. Nice and thick, and uncut. He jerks off slow for us, giving us plenty of great shots of his horny body, before shooting a very nice creamy load. 


Short preview video:

Click here to watch the entire video with Josh Ryan. This young man is one sexy straight fucker!

Hard Brit Lads is a very promising hardcore gay site with exclusive content and hot British lads engaging in seriously aggressive and hot fucking. Check it out.

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New York Straight Men Paco Rapes Ralph’s Throat

by on Aug.28, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Paco had a fight earlier with his girlfriend. He called us Pissed Off and Horny. He was in luck we told him we had a "willing" victim for his big uncut Puerto Rican cock.

He arrived straight from the gym where he was working off some of his anger and tension.  Paco was sweaty, pumped and ready to rumble! He wanted to ride Ralph hard!  Ralph knew the deal, this was NOT going to be a leisurely, relaxing blowjob, Paco was going to rape his throat and it was going to happen now!

Paco eased in at first opening Ralph’s throat with his raging cock. Then the fun began Paco gripped Ralph’s head and held it in a vice grip  while he thrust his hips in Ralph’s face. Ralph is a smart guy, he relaxed his throat and didn’t try to fight. True to form, Paco got rough and slapped Ralph a few times if his mouth didn’t feel right. Both guys knew that the sole purpose of this session was Paco’s pleasure and wasn’t going to end till Paco decided that he was going to blow his load.

When Paco was satisfied, he dumped his angry load which actually made both guys smile!


Click here to watch Paco and Ralph’s entire movie on New York Straight Men!

If you love rugged straight men and like to see them getting a blowjob from a guy, then you should join NewYorkStraightMen – It’s the largest collection of hot, truly straight and very masculine men getting their blowjobs from expert cocksuckers!

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Chaosmen Rory Serviced by Ransom

by on Aug.27, 2010, under Chaosmen

The night before this shoot I told Ransom to save a load for his Serviced scene with Rory. From the vibe I got from Rory, he was going to be more than happy to have a dick to suck while being Serviced. I love it when these videos naturally turn into a suckfest. Ransom does an awesome job handling Rory’s big uncut cock, and then makes his own dick accessible.

Three minutes in, and Rory was sucking dick like a pro. Rory says he is on the Bi side, but from talking to him, I think he is getting more and more interested in dudes. Its kind of hot when these Mid 20’s guys have been playing "undercover straight" and just tend to have the masculine traits as second nature. Being in the Service, I think he tended to butch it up.

Ransom continues to step up his game in wanting to do these blow job videos. Once again, I think he was truly turned on by this military dude. He eagerly eats his ass, and fingers his hole. After that, Ransom was keen on getting his dick sucked properly, and I love seeing Rory’s bubble but flexing while he hungrily sucks Ransom’s cock. I knew Rory was gonna have to really beat his meat hard to nut, so we let him have at it. And after me giving Ransom a hard time about claiming to have actually let one of the models cum in his mouth (I sure couldn’t see it!) he was determined to take a load properly.

Rory comes all over his lips then dumps the rest in his mouth. Ransom holds it there then spits it out and uses it to lubricate his dick. Very VERY hot!

He stands up, cum still dripping off his chin, then unloads all over Rory’s cock and chest.


Short preview video:

If you don’t like the one-sided-ness of a standard Serviced video, this one will please you as both guys eagerly try to get the other off!

Click here to watch this entire hot scene with Rory and Ransom sucking each other off and sharing their cum.

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Young Horny Muscle Fucker Pierce

by on Aug.27, 2010, under Manavenue

Pierce is a tall, fair-skinned muscle guy who is a referral from a friend of our’s.  When we first met him and he dropped his jeans, we weren’t sure whether to film him or suck his dick. Being the professionals that we are, we opted for the former and will let you fantasize about the latter.

This fucker was all about his big arms.  Barely fitting into his t-shirt, we were quite happy when it was removed. Same with the jeans. Fuck that. Just take your clothes off, get your dick hard, smile for the camera, pose, flex, cum. And Pierce does just that.

NOW. It’s time for you to get naked, stroke your dick looking at Pierce and spew a huge load like he does at the end of this vid.


Short preview video:

Click here to watch this horny motherfucker’s entire video on Manavenue!

Manavenue is a gay porn site that features straight men which one might encounter while walking down the street. You know, the usual hot straight men we ogle all the time. However, I’ve found the men on Manavenue to be usually much hotter than the men I see while walking down the street.
Pay them a visit and see for yourself.

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Blowjob For Married New Yorker

by on Aug.26, 2010, under New York Straight Men

Meet Elliot! He is a straight, married Jewish New Yorker. Elliot told us that his wife doesn’t suck cock and he was in need to just be selfish and get a quick blow job.

We told him the deal; you can get a blow job and it can be quick, but its going to be from a guy, not that girl he met on the Upper West Side (she’s our str8 bait). He agreed to it but mentioned that he might be a little nervous as this was all new to him.

When Elliot arrived, he was rock hard and was dying to shoot his load without having to do any work. The past few years he has only cummed by fucking his wife. As soon as Elliott’s pants were pulled down his nervousness went away, his cock sprang to life, hard and ready to be sucked! He really enjoyed getting head, he sat back as his rock hard cock went in and out of Ralph’s warm wet mouth. When the time came, so did Elliot, he sprayed a huge thick load that he had been carrying around in his balls for a couple of days.


Click here to enjoy this whole video with Elliot and Ralph PLUS hundreds of others in the biggest vault of blowjob movies on the Internet which is hosted at Newyorkstraightmen!

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Girth Brooks Ravages Dareian’s Ass

by on Aug.25, 2010, under My Brother's Hot Friend, Suite 703

It’s morning time for Girth Brooks and naturally he has a morning hardon. What better way to start the morning than to unload those heavy balls and center yourself. However, Dareain Blue happens to walk in the room and finds out what Girth is doing, so to speak. Dareaian offers his help and Girth gladly accepts. Taking that monster cock right to the balls wasn’t an easy task but Doreian, being such a cock hungry maniac, managed to swallow Girth’s fuckin’ hge monster. Girth pounded Doreian’s tight asshole and stretched it not only deep but also wide. These guys fuck like wild animals and finally Girth unloads his big load of hot cum all over Dareian’s hairy chest.


Short preview video:


What to say? Once again a breathtaking scene with Girth and his massive, thick hard monster cock. I wish I had a neighbor like Girth to visit him from time to time. ;)

And Doreian is certainly up to task as he can swallow and take it up deep inside his ass like a champ. Great job guys!

Click here to watch this entire movie on My Brother’s Hot Friend!
My Brother’s Hot Friend is is one of the sites in the Suite 703 collection of sites that feature some of the best-known porn stars!

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Straight Uncut English Hunks Experiment With Cock

by on Aug.25, 2010, under English Lads

Today I’m in the mood to show you some really hot British straight boys. These lads are perpetually horny, and really do like to experiment with different possibilites, not just for money’s sake. They will use any opportunity to fuck a tight wet hole with their big uncut dick. Anyway, lets see the first duo: Straight hunk Josh paired with totally adorable hottie Jason.

Str8 Hunk Josh is just back from holiday and his tanned body makes his bright blue eyes look even sparklier than normal! Today “experimental” is his middle name and Josh is standing chatting when Jason comes in and feels up Josh through his jeans! Luckily Josh is good at saying yes today and Jason is soon playing with Josh’s cock; very gentle, just a finger teasingly fiddling with Josh’s uncut cock and before long there is a stirring and Josh’s foreskin comes back, his meat gets a little semi and the next thing Jason is licking and gobbling down on Josh! Josh closes his eyes and thinks of a fantasy and up pops his cock filling Jason’s mouth! From this moment on Josh’s uncut cock doesn’t seem to leave Jason’s mouth and after some more playing Josh pumps it hard and shoots his load in Jason’s mouth! Wow this str8 lad certainly stepped up today.

Short preview video:

Click here to watch this entire video.

Next we have straight stud Bezza who will experiment with our hot gay boy Justin in the hopes to broaden his sexual horizons!

Hairy Str8 hunk Bezza has come a long way since his first solo shoot; today he takes another big step with Justin who starts off by feeling up Bezza’s very large bulge in his jeans, before long Justin has Bezza in his boxers and pulls out just enough of his cock to allow him to suck and play with the foreskin! Though very quickly Justin’s eagerness to play with str8 hunk Bezza sees Bezza’s boxers round his knees and the whole of Bezza’s cock down Justin’s throat! Bezza is as hard as a rock enjoy Justin’s hot mouth and before long Justin slides a rubber down Bezza’s long cock and he sits down on it with real eagerness! In fact he rides Bezza like he is riding his last ever straight lad! He does some great position with Bezza being ridden for the first few before they switch round and Bezza spoons Justin with real speed pumping his long and thick cock deep into Justin’s hole! Justin’s hole is warmed to roasting point and bending over the chest of draws he jisms all over it! Wow a very turned Justin unloaded and Bezza quickly follows squirting his sperm all over Justin’s face! The full version of the video has an extra 12 minute bonus at its end!


Short preview video:

You can enjoy a vast number of hot, manly (and predominantly straight) UK boys if you visit English Lads. Check them out now, they update with fresh straight horny boys every few days!

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Sexy Straight Motherfucker Kain

by on Aug.24, 2010, under BaitBuddies

Like Baseball?

Well then you’ll love Corey, our new Bait guy, who carries around a Louisville Slugger and two big balls…between his legs that is. Wow, we’re not kidding, his package is thick, meaty and succulent! He’s a masculine dude with a nice toned body and an ass that just begs for attention. He joins us for this Guy Quest episode in an effort to have hot sex with another masculine straight guy.

Just as we were interviewing him in the studio lobby, a good looking, young dude could be seen through the front window just roaming around our parking lot. So, we figured it was now or never and we all took off to see what he was up to and if he fit into our straight guy seduction plans. It turns out his name is Kain who works close by and was looking for the dumpster. He was quite surprised by our presence and our camera, so before he could figure things out, we gave him the bum’s rush. We offered him some cash and before you know it we broke his resistance down and our Bait guy, Corey was on his knees sucking the dude off right next to the dumpster he started out looking for. Kain has the face of a cover model with deep hazel eyes that draw you in and mesmerize you. With a beautifully toned body, nice smattering of body hair and several interesting tattoos, this hot straight man is the total package. Speaking of package…he sports a nice 8" of hot man meat! Well, we didn’t want Kain to cum at the dumpster and leave without us getting to push him even further, so we moved the action inside. The rest of this episode is just what we all like to see, a perfectly straight guy who’s used to having sex with his girlfriend, instead kissing, jacking, blowing and fucking our hot Bait boy, Corey!


Make sure to watch this preview video:


Wow! There are some movies which I particularly recommend to my blog readers because the men and/or the action is scorching hot. This is defo one of them. Both of these guys are unbeliveably hot and manly. I already blew two big loads while watching their full video over at Bait Buddies.

Click here to be taken to Bait Buddies where you can watch this whole movie AND many other hot straight dudes tricked into gay sex!

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