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Young Handsome British Straight Lad Gareth Hayes Shows Off His Huge 8+ Inch Cock

by on May.27, 2014, under Picturethis-studios

While we were shooting these pictures of hot, young straight lad Gareth Hayes, our cameraman said he couldn’t help feeling envious towards all those hordes of girls that are constantly following Gareth as if he’s some kind of girl-magnet! No wonder, because there’s a rumor that this handsome straight lad has a really BIG one, and judging by the pics we made today the rumors turned out to bee 100% true!

It’s been said by many that if a guy has a huge pecker, he may have deficiencies in some other departments (dumb, ugly, poor etc.) and the girls will still flock to him, and we tend to agree with that. But Gareth has everything going for him – he’s really handsome, smart young man with lots of self-confidence and that typical aura of a cocksure straight mate that he emanates naturally.

Our cameraman’s jaw dropped even while Gareth’s schlong was soft, but when it got hard it was just a pure joy to make photos of that big, erect beauty from all the possible angles. I’m sorry we’re not allowed to show you more of his hardcore pics in this preview post on our blog, but let me assure you, once you see his dick fully erect, you’re gonna get your own stiffy pretty soon. He gives it a good stroking session, making full use of his plentiful foreskin and lets the cock just pulsate like that without touching it. Damn, just gotta love these young straight British lads.


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