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Mason Lear & Vander Bareback And Breed Each Other’s Ass

by on Jul.18, 2018, under Chaosmen

Well, well, well… these two guys definitely had a BLAST – and quite literally as well – Vander shot his load three times, and Mason Lear once, but all of the cumshots were quite memorable. Both guys breed each other’s ass, too… dang, how’s that for a change?

While Mason Lear might have been slightly nervous in the beginning as a newbie, Vander made up for it and quickly brought Mason “in the zone”, so that both could enjoy this spectacular fuck-and-cum fest.

There’s hardly anything these guys haven’t tried: From Ass-to-Mouth and Rimming and Breeding each other’s asses to cumming multiple times and deepthroating each other’s cock. There’s no doubt this video will be remembered as one of the very best of 2018!

Preview video:

Check out their entire video in HD quality at Chaosmen.

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.


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Straight & Massively Hung Lads Tom Lawson & Rich Wills Enjoy A Mutual Wank

by on Jul.16, 2018, under English Lads

For this video two well-known muscular hunks were paired – Tom Lawson and Rich Wills. They are both fans favorites, and they enjoyed showing off their ripped bodies. Tom seemed to be especially keen on showing off his hairy abs and powerful arms – both for Rich to feel them, and for the camera.

And as you might have already guessed, all that bragging, showing off and comparing each other’s muscles made these boys very horny in no time, so they lent a helping hand and wanked each other’s huge uncut cock! Yes, both of these boys are massively hung, and it’s a real joy to watch their big stiff cocks next to each other. They even rub their cocks against each other, and then spread their legs to give us a good view of their assholes.

Rich caused Tom to be the first to cum all over his deliciously hairy abs, then Tom returns the favor and makes Rich shoot his load as well. Nothing like a double happy ending!

Preview video:

Click here to download their entire video in perfect HD quality at EnglishLads!

English Lads is a fantastic site with loads of very manly, straight lads from England who love to show off and jerk off for the camera.  The guys that appear here are usually not found on any other site, so the content is quite exclusive. All movies are in HD quality.

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Hairy & Beefy Navy Officer Luke Gets A Helping Hand For His 7-Inch Rock-Hard Dick

by on Jul.09, 2018, under Straight Off Base

Luke is 22-year old stud sailor from Kansas who is currently in the Navy and holds the rank of Navy Petty Officer second class. He’s about 5’6” tall and weighs about 150 lbs.

Luke had heard about the Major Wood’s website, and he was eager to give it an honest try. So he drops by Major’s headquarters to shoot his load, while Major’s camera records everything. “Earning some easy cash has never been easier”, must have been the prevailing thought in Luke’s mind.

Now, Luke has been out at sea for no less than two months, and you can imagine how horny he must be by now. When he was in high school, he was a wrestler and he played football. His body is well-built, muscular and pretty hairy. Luke has a very nice, 7-inch rock-hard dick, and he had no problem with letting Major Woods take care of that magnificent erection with his hands!

The Grand Finale is rewarding as well, and comes in the form of thick white cum which lands all over his hairy thighs and stomach!


Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Straight Off Base.

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Sexy, Hairy & Muscled Daddy Hans Berlin Strokes His Beautiful Uncut Cock

by on Jul.03, 2018, under HardBritLads

Hans Berlin is a very sexy muscular daddy. He’s a really manly stud, complete with blue eyes, hairy beefy chest, big biceps, beautiful large uncut cock and amazing strong and hairy legs.

He arrived dressed in his sports kit, and as soon as he started to remove his clothes piece by piece, his cock started to throb and make a big bulge in his shiny sports shorts. Soon enough, Hans takes off his shorts to reveal his powerful legs in all their glory. He slowly strokes his cock, and we can see it clearly how throbs and oozes precum. He takes the precum and rubs it in and uses it as lube. He also flexes his muscles and plays with his nipples, while at the same time not forgetting his cock, which stands at full attention!

Hans goes to the sofa, where he continues to stroke his dick slowly, getting even more precum out of it. Now he’s quite close to the point of no return, and he keeps on edging his dick gently, keeping himself at the very edge of cumming for quite some time. The cameraman was quite busy during this time taking some great solo shoots.

When he feels it’s time to dump his load, Hans starts building up the pressure and, when she finally shoots his load, it is really explosive, with hot jizz squirting all over up his shoulders! Nothing quite like a hot mature manly daddy!

Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Hard Brit Lads!

Hard Brit Lads is a relatively new porn site that features only the most masculine and well-built straight and bisexual guys showing off and fucking the shit out of each other. The videos are well-made and shot in HD. Don’t miss out lots of amazing, manly men!


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Hot Daddies Michael Shores & Peter Marcus Suck Each Other Off

by on Jul.01, 2018, under Chaosmen

While watching newbies getting and receiving blowjobs can be refreshing and interesting, nothing beats the sheer intensity of two Pros sucking each other off. So after several newbies that we could watch on Chaosmen, today we get to enjoy Michael Shores and Peter Marcus, who both know very well what they are doing when it comes to blowjobs!

Besides that, both of these guys are a little more mature and can definitely pass as daddy types, which is a nice change after several younger dudes.

Both of these guys are skilled cocksuckers, and they like to take their time while pleasuring each other. Peter also likes to rim ass, and Michael’s shaved ass proved to be a great treat for him. Speaking of which, Michael’s ass literally begs to be fucked and we are eager to know who is going to get it first.

Both guys are eager to swallow each other’s warm jizz – there was definitely no shyness there!

First Michael shoots his load into Peters mouth, and pretty much has to lie down completely exhausted. Right after that, Peter quickly shoots his load into Michael’s wide open mouth and feeds him his cum.

Preview video:

Check out their entire video in HD quality at Chaosmen.

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.


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Hot Manly Private Sam Gets Interrogated & Examined By Dominant Uniformed Female Officers

by on Jun.30, 2018, under CFNM TV

Private Sam didn’t dream that he would get into situations like this when he signed up for the Army. While being outside during an extensive military drill, he was caught by a strange group of uniformed women who are determined to extract a certain information from him.

Squaddie Sam finds himself in an empty room surrounded by these female officers, and they quickly make their intentions clear to him: They want to strip him naked and have his ass fully probed and examined. These dominant women are not queasy when it comes to using force, pain and humiliation to get what they want.

In the beginning, private Sam thought he could withstand whatever these female officers could do to him, and that he was lucky that he wasn’t caught by male officers instead. He’s confident that he will never talk despite their pressure. However, these pervy women have a different point of view and intend to get the information they want.

Click here to watch their entire adventure in HD quality at CFNM TV!

CFNM TV is a brand new site from the creators of sites such as CFNM, Brutal Tops, Breeder Fuckers, The Casting Room and CMNM. If full-length videos of hung masculine men being dominated by beautiful horny women turns you on, you’re certainly going to enjoy this site. It is actually the video site specific CFNM site that’s made especially for those who prefer videos to photo stories.



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Sexy Muscled Peeping Boy Liam Gets Fully Inspected By Inquisitive Girls

by on Jun.22, 2018, under CFNM

Liam has been caught peeping on girls and now he has been brought before Ms Langdon, who has some pretty unorthodox methods for punishment. Instead of being given detention or a written warning, he has been ordered to get completely naked and let the girls use his body as a teaching tool in their biology class.

Overcome with shame, Liam thinks he will never be respected as he once was, his good reputation tarnished forever! Of course, these girls don’t care so much about whether his so-called punishment was justified or not – all they care about is to get their hands on his hot muscular and hairy body – and any excuse will do! It seems that these pervy girls get turned on whilst humiliating young sexy guys like Liam, so they make him worship their shoes! Now, Ms Langdon has got another strange idea – Liam is ordered to kneel naked on the desk so the girls can be taught a lesson in taking a man’s ass!

Ms Langdon is very much pleased with how this whole situation has been turned in her favour. Liam won’t be peeping at the girls anymore, and the girls have a chance to learn about male anatomy on a live model. Ms Langdon is also personally pleased because Liam is the hottest guy in school, and she gets to inspect him personally.

As much as Liam doesn’t like what’s happening to him, his cock quickly gets hard and responds very well to these girls’ groping hands. And in no time the girls manage to milk his cock!

Click here to watch their whole video in HD quality at CFNM (Clothed Female/Nude Male)!

Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It definitely has “a tongue in cheek” quality to itself, and both the men and women are really hot!


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Ripped Masculine Men Hugo Stark & Felipe Ferro Fucking Hard & Raw

by on Jun.18, 2018, under Kristen Bjorn

In this hot video from Kristen Bjorn we catch Felipe Ferro who has headed to his boyfriend’s place, Hugo Stark. Felipe is exhilarated that he’s going to spend the first weekend together with his boyfriend.

Of course, Hugo is more than happy to see Felipe on his doorstep and quickly ushers him inside, and then gets rid of his clothes. The two men start kissing passionately, and then Felipe drops to his knees and starts sucking on Hugo’s dick. Hugo’s cock is already fully hard and Felipe can feel the strength of Hugo’s manliness pulsating on his cockhead in his mouth.

Now Hugo wants to return the favor and swallows Felipe’s dick. Felipe face-fucks Hugo in the mouth, while at the same time playing with his own nipples. Without much of a warning, he turns around and sits with his hairy hole onto Hugo’s face. Hugo rims his ass crack, getting it ready for his own eager throbbing cock.

Felipe was very eager to sit onto Hugo’s stiff rod. Hugo fucks him fast and passionately, and it seems like both men are surprised at how passionate their first fuck session is turning out to be. As much as they’d like to increase the pleasure by going even faster, they know that they have to slow down a bit to prolong and maximize their pleasure.

Now they lay down on the sofa, and Hugo now takes Felipe’s ass from behind and shoves his hard cock deep inside. Hugo definitely knows how to fuck, and it seems he’s hitting every angle that needs to be hit. Now Felipe is on all fours and Hugo continues to fuck him. You can tell that Felipe is close to the point of no return, but Hugo flips him again and spreads his legs wide apart and then delivers one final onslaught of hard fucking to push Felipe over the edge. Felipe shoots his thick creamy load all over his hairy stomach, and Hugo pulls out and shoots his huge load all over Felipe, adding his load to Felipe’s and making a huge cummy mess!

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Kristen Bjorn!



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Beefy Straight Male Stripper Rob Burry Fucks Ari Lopez Nice & Hard

by on Jun.14, 2018, under HotGuysFuck

We’ve already met hunky straight male stripper Rob Burry some time ago (check out his first appearance here). Rob is a great and funny guy and he’s always a pleasure to work with. When he said in his first interview that he’s pretty much always horny and ready to fuck, he wasn’t joking.

He had already made quite a few fuck videos with various girls for Hotguysfuck, but we think this latest fuck-flick of his is probably the best so far, so let’s start with that. Rob takes his partner, the tiny gym girl called Ari Lopez, for a wild ride and fucks her nice and hard in several positions.

Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in full HD quality at Hot Guys Fuck!

HotGuysFUCK is a brand-new adult site where hot amateur guys fucking girls is the focus of the videos. HotGuysFUCK focuses on the guys’ muscles, ass, dick, and face. Whether it’s a quick hookup or a great fuck after a night out, you can count on watching some really amazing masculine men in each video.


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“Postcards From America Pt. 2” – Ettore Tosi Fucks Casey Everett

by on Jun.13, 2018, under LucasKazan

The guys at LucasKazan are celebrating their 20th anniversary these days, and so they sent Ettore Tosi to the USA to have some fun with Dante Colle and Casey Everett in the great new series called “Postcards from America”.

Today we are going to take a closer look at the second installment with Ettore and Casey. Ettore says that the real chemistry on the set is rather rare, but that it was very real in this case. He adds “When it happens, the sex looks and feels authentic. simply because… it is.”

Preview video:

Click here to watch & download their whole videos in HD quality!

Lukaskazan is a hot porn site that brings you some very special Italian studs that you won’t find anywhere else! These men are masculine and hung, and built like a mountain!


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