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Ripped Straight Stud Randy Fucks Young Jock Lane With His Thick Monster Cock

by on May.21, 2015, under SeanCody

Randy is one of my all-time favorite studs. He’s pretty much a full package and you can’t go wrong with him. Most guys immediately notice his huge thick monster cock, which is understandable of course, but I certainly dig his entire body. Add to the mixture his nice personality and pleasant smile and he’s simply an irresistible top.

This time round Randy was paired with young twink-just-turned-jock Lane, who had heard tales and stories about Randy’s epic huge dick. Lane wanted to check out Randy’s tool by himself and see if it’s really that good. Well, duh! Randy pretty much ravaged Lane’s tight ass and fucked him in several interesting positions. Randy’s dick shines throughout this shoot with plenty of great angles. I’m pretty sure Lane will be back for more!

Sean Cody-106
Sean Cody-121
Sean Cody-124
Sean Cody-136
Sean Cody-138
Sean Cody-144
Sean Cody-148
Sean Cody-150
Sean Cody-160
Sean Cody-171
Sean Cody-184
Sean Cody-198

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Sean Cody!

Sean Cody is probably the most well-known gay porn site on the planet. They have impeccable taste in hot college men – check them out! All their guys are perfectly built, very masculine, and straight for the most part. However they will fuck a dude for some cash yay!


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Hot Arrogant Tennis Ace Marcus Andrews Inspected By Curious Female Sponsors

by on May.16, 2015, under CFNM

We’ve already seen Marcus Andrews in his solo appearance for Englishlads a few weeks ago (check him out here under the stage name Paul). This time round, though, he plays a mouthy tennis ace who has a habit of bursting into anger in front of his most generous sponsors – a big no no for any self-respecting sportsman. Needless to say, the sponsors were not amused!

His only task is not so demanding after all – he is simply supposed to show off the names of the brands that these sponsors want to promote. He is supposed to wear the t-shirts and other clothing items which contain those brands but in a fit of anger he couldn’t be arsed to put them on.

The angry female sponsors now demand that Marcus get rid of all his clothes because they want to make sure he realizes the fact that it is them who own his body now – at least for the time period specified in the contract! The female sponsors touch his body from head to toes, and his buddy quickly grows to its full size, despite his resistance. The pervy females are instinctively drawn to it and start playing with his big cock. This uppity bad boy would really like to be left alone so he could enjoy the thoughts of his own overblown grandeur, but the female sponsors are relentless to find out if all the details about his body are indeed true…


Click here to watch their whole video in HD quality at CFNM (Clothed Female/Nude Male)!

Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!

Clothed Females Naked Male

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Beefy Cuddly Straight Stud Nash Gets His First Gay Happy Ending Massage

by on May.01, 2015, under SpunkWorthy

We’ve already seen hot, cute and cuddly straight man Nash in one of the recent posts. Although Nash is by no means a newbie when it comes to happy-ending massages (he had been a customer of steam-and-cream-ladies’ many times before this shoot), this was still something totally new for him because it was his first time to get a massage from a guy.

Nash says matter-of-factly that he often pays just $17 to get a happy-ending massage when he goes overseas. There was still a bit of a surprise factor because, well, it was to be a guy on guy situation this time. Nash was totally cool with it and just said, "Ready for a massage!"

Well, it turns out he wasn’t lying at all and as soon as that towel was removed his cock signaled that it was getting ready for action pretty fast. A few more of masseur’s moves along Nash’s legs and bubble butt and Nash’s cock was fully erect. While the masseur worked on Nash’s cock, Nash’s balls tightened up and it was a clear sign that our cuddly beefy stud was close to the point of no return. There’s a little surprise just towards the end, when the masseur squeezes Nash’s nipple which was just what was needed to push Nash over the border. Nash’s body tightened up, and he started shooting his hot jizz all over the place.


Preview video:

Click here to watch and download his entire video in HD quality at SpunkWorthy!

SpunkWorthy is a great porn site that features younger straight amateur dudes. Lots of truly straight military guys doing gay for pay only once or a few times! This site is usually the first and only place where you’ll see these bad boys, so don’t miss out!


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Hot Masculine Straight Man Drew Shows Off His Ripped Hairy Body & Strokes His Cock

by on Apr.30, 2015, under SeanCody

Drew is a hot, masculine straight dude who wanted to make some easy cash by making videos for porn sites. He joined the Sean Cody team and I’m really glad he did because he’s just the type of guy I like to feature on this blog. Drew says his interests and dispositions towards sex vary from sensual to hardcore, depending on the day. Obviously he can be both – just check out his face expression when he smiles and when he frowns – two very different faces yet both of them very hot!

After a brief interview and some outside shots where we could enjoy Drew’s smile and his hot body, Drew goes inside to take care of his raging hardon. His cock is pretty big, and once it gets hard it stays hard. I especially like his crazy enthusiastic smile, hairy chest and beautiful strong and hairy legs, which all remind me of someone I knew a long time ago… anyway, I hope you enjoy Drew as much as we did (and still do)!

Sean Cody08
Sean Cody14
Sean Cody28 
Sean Cody40
Sean Cody52
Sean Cody64
Sean Cody76
Sean Cody86
Sean Cody92 
Sean Cody110 
Sean Cody124
Sean Cody126
Sean Cody132
Sean Cody141

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Sean Cody!

Sean Cody is probably the most well-known gay porn site on the planet. They have impeccable taste in hot college men – check them out! All their guys are perfectly built, very masculine, and straight for the most part. However they will fuck a dude for some cash yay!


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Hung Beefy Construction Worker Glenn Exchanges Blowjobs With New Straight Dude Steven

by on Apr.23, 2015, under Chaosmen

Steven is a brand new straight guy that we found and asked to do a blowjob scene for us. It seems that Steven is pretty much 100% straight and he’s generally not attracted to guys, especially the muscled masculine types such as Glenn. Steven thinks he might be attracted to twinks but that remains to be seen. On top of it all, Steven was mostly nervous because he was concerned that people who know him might find out that he appeared on this website. Oh well….

Anyway, we paired Steven with Glenn this time. Glenn is one of my all-time favorite dudes – he’s a construction worker, really muscular, beefy and hairy. And on top of it all Glenn has a fantastic thick cock! Even though Steven isn’t attracted to guys such as Glenn, he was definitely not unmoved when he saw Glenn’s huge cock. When Glenn whipped out his dick from the blue shorts, Steven couldn’t get his eyes off that beautiful monster. Ahh guys and their urge to compare their dicks and other body parts…

To start off, Glenn gets on his knees and starts servicing Steven’s soft dick. Gradually Steven’s cock grows hard in Glenn’s mouth, and now both guys are hard and ready. Of course, Steven is a total newbie when it comes to the art of cocksucking – but it’s kinda interesting to watch this total amateur trying to service a really big cock such as Glenn’s. Glenn is a much more skilled cocksucker these days than he used to be in the past… he’s become a real pro! Just take a look how he takes care of Steven’s cock.

The guys alternately suck each other’s cock in several positions, and eventually Steven shoots his load all over Glenn’s face. Steven’s cumshot missed Glenn’s eye within a hairbreadth! It took Steven quite some time to cum so Glenn was edging himself all that time and now when Steven came, Glenn could finally shoot his long pent-up load, too. Glenn’s cumshot was amazing and really impressive! He shot several big squirts of jizz that flew all the way to his chest and made quite a mess! It’s no wonder that Glenn’s cock twitches a lot when he’s breeding a dude’s ass – obviously he can inject a lot of cum.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Chaosmen!

Chaosmen is a great porn site that features hot straight and bi men getting serviced or fucking their mates bareback for some cash. This site is exceptional and very unique because almost every single fucking is bareback and ends with a gorgeous internal cumshot or creampie.


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Beefy Handsome Dude Jason Works His Big Uncut Cock To A Handsfree Cumshot

by on Apr.22, 2015, under TheGuySite

Jason is a young straight stud (21 years old) with a beautiful, masculine body and great face. He didn’t seem nervous at all and gladly showed us everything he’s got. He is a very handsome guy with dreamy eyes and strong manly jaw. His muscles are well-built, strong and beefy. His dick is uncut and pretty big. Needless to say, Jason is a pretty horny dude and he had no issues whatsoever when we asked him to try a handsfree cumshot. You can see one frame of the cumshot here, but the complete cumshot is in the original video. When he shoots his first squirt handsfree, he continues to stroke his dick gently with his hand and several more squirts are shot from his cockhead.

After the jerkoff session, Jason proceeds to the shower where we can enjoy watching this manly hairy dude for some more time. Jason’s legs are deliciously hairy and quite strong. There’s nothing actually that I don’t like about him, and I am defo looking forward to seeing Jason again!

The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes01
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes18
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes21 
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes36
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes42
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes44
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes50
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes56
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes60
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes62
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes64
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes66
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes70
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes72
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes74
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes76
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes78
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes82
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes84
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes94
The Guy Site - Big Blue eyes106

Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in HD quality at The Guy Site!

The Guy Site is a great destination for all lovers of amateur, “next-door” type of guys. These guys are not "pretty-perfect", they look more like your next door neighbor, but just because of that they are more authentic and hence more realistic!

When you go and walk around your neighborhood you’re more likely to  meet one of these hot “next-door” dudes than some perfect bodybuilder. That’s not to say that there are no bodybuilders on The Guy Site, but even they are amateur types. That’s why I really like The Guy Site. Certainly worth checking out.


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Handsome Stud Theo Ford Bangs Jay’s Tight Ass In University Office

by on Apr.21, 2015, under Men of UK

Theo Ford is angry because of the way his boyfriend Jay Roberts is treated at the University, and wants to show everyone what he’s really made of. Theo proposes to Jay to suck his cock and then bends him over the desk so he can fuck his ass hard. Jay is only too eager to comply and lets Theo do to his ass whatever he wants.

The guys start off in the doggy position, then Theo puts his hand around Jay’s cock while ravaging Jay’s ass with his cock. This could end in only one way, of course, with a huge outpouring of warm jizz from both men’s cocks.

Certainly a nice refreshing morning in this university that was perhaps too serious for a long time.

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Men Of UK!

Men of UK is part of the network of sites and will feature fresh new faces from the UK engaged in hot sex scenes. These UK boys are not widely known and will defo get your dick throbbing for quite some time to come!


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Sexy Married Marine Kent Strokes His Military Cock

by on Apr.13, 2015, under ActiveDuty

Kent is just the type of guy I like to feature on this blog the most. He’s handsome, fit and masculine and works for the military. When we mentioned him a jerkoff solo session, he was reluctant at first, mostly because he’s already a married man. You can probably see his wedding band while he’s holding a bottle of beer.

However, the itch to try this type of thing was so great that Kent just had to give it a try. His wife was informed, and amazingly, she was so enthusiastic about it that she wanted to come and watch the whole thing. We even get to listen to some of their dirty talk before the camera starts shooting officially.

Kent has a nice fur on his chest, and he looks so damn sexy while stroking his military cock. He was pretty horny as a result of not jacking off for several days, so he really got into the whole thing quite easily.

There’s something totally natural and appealing about this military boy. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I’m sure you can see it too. Kent had no problems showing us his hairy hole (and it’s quite hairy I must say) as well.

Kent’s wife was instrumental in making of this solo jerkoff video, because she was so supportive. She was sure that Kent would shine in his first jackoff video, which he certainly did. If you’re into younger, masculine and natural-looking men then you should defo check out Kent!


Preview video:

Click here to watch or download his entire video in HD quality at Active Duty!

Active Duty is a great porn site that specializes in younger military men and uniformed studs in general. These men are usually real amateurs and you will see them only here. Ripped, muscled studs in the army and their insatiable sex drive!

Active Duty is one of the oldest gay porn sites – but it has been recently updated and overhauled and now it looks brand new! Also all the videos are from now on in 2000 bit HD quality – so you can watch them even on your big TV screen!


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Straight Muscle Hunk Ryan Winter Ravages His Buddy’s Tight Ass With His Monster Cock

by on Apr.01, 2015, under GayHoopla

We put Ryan Winter and Zane Penn in the same room, and naturally, the boys quickly started to show off and admire each other’s bodies. It seems to be  the winning combination for straight guys – promise them some showoff time and they’re going to get hooked on the adrenaline. All that muscle flexing must have increased their testosterone as well, so their cocks got hard in no time!

This is Ryan’s second time to be paired with a guy and I’d say he’s beginning to like it. Ryan used his huge monster cock to drill Zane’s ass and that’s the main motif that we can enjoy in this hot video. Ryan stretched Zane’s supertight ass far and wide and thoroughly enjoyed in the process. I’d say that Zane liked it too, although Ryan’s cock is certainly not for beginners!


Preview video:

Click here to watch or download their entire video in HD quality at Gayhoopla.

Gayhoopla is a relatively new site and it has an interesting history. Several of the guys from well-known site Fratpad decided to establish their own amateur site, and so USA Cam Guys was born. But the members of this site complained that there was very little concrete action going on. So, the "naughty" and more hardcore sister site was created – Gayhoopla – which contains much more hardcore action among the participants. Despite its name (Gayhoopla) this site actually has more straight guys than some other allegedly straight boy sites out there. It is really reminiscent of Fratmen and Fratpad, so if you’re into hot American straight jocks and amateur guys this website is a must and you should check it out. The site contains over 200 streaming videos, daily scheduled live shows etc, so it definitely stands out when compared to other porn sites.

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Hairy Muscled Stud Nick Capra Drills Tyler’s Tight Ass Raw & Hard

by on Mar.13, 2015, under Dirty Tony

As soon as we put Nick Capra and Tyler Griz together, they came up with an interesting idea – to record their naughty games by themselves. Tyler is irresistibly drawn to Nick Capra’s big masculine feet and starts licking them with his tongue. Meanwhile, Nick is recording everything with his camcorder while his cock rapidly grows to full erection inside his jeans. Tyler is extremely pleased that his worshipping of Nick’s feet is having such a great effect. Tyler is attracted to Nick’s crotch area and releases the beast from the constraints of Nick’s jeans. Nick’s crotch is all hairy and beautifully masculine… even Nick thinks it looks awesome and is still recording everything that Tyler is doing to him.

Next, Tyler swallows Nick’s hard dick and starts sucking it as if it was his first dick ever. Nick’s cock is pretty big and thick, so Tyler has to stretch his mouth and throat quite a bit in order to accommodate that magnificent tool. Nick really face-fucks Tyler by shoving his dick into Tyler’s throat in not so gentle manner! Nick liked the servicing of his feet so much that he wants to return the favor, so he devotes due attention to Tyler’s feet as well. Slowly, Nick’s tongue goes from Tyler’s feet towards Tyler’s armpits… meanwhile Nick’s cock is throbbing hard and he places it near Tyler’s ass crack, giving Tyler the chance to feel its pulsations. Tyler must have loved this a lot because you can easily notice his toes curling – a sure sign that Nick is doing the right thing!

Nick now wants to fuck Tyler’s ass, but first he has to relax it properly. He uses his tongue to lube the hole and sticks it deeper inside. Now that Tyler’s hole is opened and primed, Nick shoves his pulsating dick deep into that ass and starts drilling it slowly at first. Nick always shoves his entire dick, balls deep, and since the camera catches every single details you can see all the veins on Nick’s cock sliding inside that hole. Nick is not terribly gentle and his every thrust bangs against Tyler’s prostate, pushing all the right buttons!

Next, Tyler straddles Nick and starts riding that cock while Nick is increasing the force and bangs Tyler like a madman. Nick wants to make sure that his buddy’s ass is properly taken care of, so he grabs Tyler’s ass cheeks with his powerful manly hands and makes sure that Tyler gets impaled on his cock balls deep every single time.

After some great hard fucking action, Tyler leans a bit over the edge and shoots his big load that splatters all over Nick’s hairy chest. Tyler gets off of Nick’s dick and in that moment Nick starts spewing his load in large, copious squirts of hot cum. Now the guys are sweaty, spent and covered with lots of warm jizz.


Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in perfect HD quality at Dirty Tony!

Dirty Tony is a great site for lovers of aggressive hardcore fucking and hot, masculine men. These men are often new, prospective porn actors. They’re mostly really straight, and they haven’t been seen on other sites. Lots of really strong, rough dudes here.


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