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Pervy Patriarch Smith Delivers Corporal Punishment On Elder Roberts’ Bare Ass

by on Feb.20, 2015, under MormonBoyz

Elder Roberts has been in the Mormons for quite some time now. He was transferred to a separate branch about a year ago, and was proclaimed as the president of the branch. Since it’s not a busy branch there are not too many people around and things finally got a little more laid-back and easygoing for him. Needless to say, Elder Roberts has had a lot of spare time to devote to his favorite pastime – building friendly relations with his brethren. As it usually happens with young men of his age, many of these relationships evolved into something more than mere religious study. Although still pretty young (19), Elder Roberts already looks like a man. He’s got a fit body, square jaw and a nice big dick that is very easy to wake up and make hard. Like all boys of his age the main things in his life revolve around the insatiable urge to have lots of sex and fool around with his mates. It’s easy to understand why his behavior soon attracted attention of his superior religious leaders.

Patriarch Smith thinks that Elder Roberts needs some guidance. The sexual urges must be checked and directed towards spiritual growth, but even Patriarch Smith finds it a bit too hard not to enjoy meting out the punishment for this naughty boy.

Patriarch Smith solemnly says to Elder Roberts that he was called into his office because of "a disciplinary action". Elder Roberts says "I know", and indeed he knows what’s about to happen. And indeed Elder Roberts knows that he’s broken the vow of chastity and as time goes by he becomes embarrassed of his former actions. However, the sexy mature patriarch excites him and the whole situation with the corporal punishment makes him exceedingly horny. Things get even hotter when the patriarch orders the boy to take off his shirt and removes the sacred underwear, thereby exposing the boy’s buttocks. Patriarch plays a bit with the boy’s nipples, then starts spanking his bare ass. Contrary to what the intended effects of the punishment, Elder Roberts can’t help but getting sexually aroused by the kinkiness of the situation. Things become even harder to control when the patriarch grabs the boy’s half-erect cock and plays with it through the boy’s garments. Various thoughts quickly rush through the boy’s head, such as "Does he patriarch like his big erect dick? Is the patriarch turned on by his fit shredded body?"

However, the patriarch remains wisely silent, but you can tell that the mature fucker enjoys this as much as we suspect. The patriarch’s cock quickly gets fully hard and is fighting for space in his pants. The pervy patriarch bends over the boy over his knees and starts exploring the boy’s ass. The mature man explores the boy’s erect dick, his hairy balls, and then probes his asshole, too. The patriarch spanks the boy’s ass cheeks from time to time, but not using great force. Whenever the patriarch delivers a blow onto that firm ass, he watches the boy’s reactions. Elder Roberts makes funny faces and doesn’t want to cry or show any kind of weakness. However, the patriarch now strikes him much harder and every next blow hurts much more than the previous. After a round of smacks, the patriarch explores the boy’s hole again, trying to see if it got relaxed somewhat more. The only thing that is now running through Elder Roberts’ head is the image of the patriarch’s cock plowing his tight ass…


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Elder Kensington Gets His Ass Ritually Deflowered By Hung Bishop Angus

by on May.30, 2014, under MormonBoyz

Elder Kensington is about to go through a special initiatory ritual which only those who are both physically and spiritually ready are allowed access to. Like many of the boys before him, he lies on his back on Bishop Angus’ desk, whose main function is exactly this initiation. Older brothers and Bishop have examined Elder Kensington, carefully scrutinizing both his physical and spiritual preparedness for this occasion, and he’s gotten top marks for both. Before Bishop Angus can put his stamp of approval on the young elder, the young elder’s ass will have to be penetrated and deflowered by Bishop’s rather large, fat cock. However, accepting such a big penis in one’s ass is anything but easy, so the elders have tried to prepare Elder Kensington’s hole with various dildos and by fingering, kissing and manipulating his ass in various ways… and the unanimous conclusion is that his ass is ready for Bishop’s raw fuck stick now.

Bishop Angus mounts the boy by climbing on the top of the special desk, and forces the boy’s legs back so that he can have easy access to his virgin hole. Bishop gently jerks the boy’s tie, which is the only piece of garment that the boy is allowed to wear during this process. Slowly, the Bishop’s cock penetrates the boy’s ass, and the Bishop really tries to be gentle in the beginning. All throughout this initiation ritual the Bishop looks the boy straight into his eye and carefully observes every facial expression that the boy makes. Receiving such a big cock isn’t a small feat, and Elder Kensington experiences a mixture of pleasure and pain. It gets especially painful when Bishop Angus pushes his cock balls deep. Meanwhile, Patriarch Smith rubs Elder Kensington’s nipples and reassures him by means of physical touch that everything will go well, although the Bishop’s penis is admittedly large.

Bishop Angus fucks the boy slowly at first. Elder Kensington has all kinds of thoughts while he’s being fucked for the first time, mostly those that we would call silly or ridiculous, such as, "if Bishop knew I had masturbated when I was alone, would he be angry with me?".

The Bishop wants to see how the boy takes his cock from various positions, so he now enters his hole from a different angle that enables him even deeper penetration. The boy groans and moans while the Bishop’s huge cock works its way into the boy’s ass and permanently does away with any remnants of the boy’s virginity. To let the boy know that this is not only a physical but also spiritual experience, the Bishop kisses the boy directly on the mouth. Then he tells him to get on all fours so he can fuck him doggy style. The young elder doesn’t know what that means and the Bishop explains that he just needs to push his head a bit lower and stick his ass up in the air.

By this time the boy’s ass has already been deflowered, but the Bishop now wants to really give it to him and starts fucking him much harder. The poor boy is in for a surprise when the Bishop begins to pound his ass so hard. The young elder never knew or even presumed such things were possible. The boy’s cock is fully erect and he’s not sure if he can hold it for much longer. The patriarch gently pushes Elder Kensington’s head a bit more down and keeps it in that position while the Bishop keeps on fucking the boy’s ass harder and harder.

This aggressive fucking goes on for several more minutes, and then the Bishop pulls out and shoots several streams of hot jizz straight onto the boy’s ass crack. He pushes his cock back again into the boy’s ass and breeds him with his sperm. Patriarch Smith is also happy to see that things have gone so well, and he pats the boy on his back to let him know everything is in good order.

After the Bishop has seeded the boy’s hole, both the Bishop and the patriarch withdraw from the initiatory room and leave the boy alone. Elder Kensington feels great and is very proud to have passed this examination. The feeling of the Bishop’s large cock in his ass is still fresh and he can feel as if it is still there. This sensation makes his cock very hard and he can’t help but masturbate until he cums, too. He strokes his cock remembering how his ass was pounded by Bishop’s massive fuck stick and soon enough that was enough to make him bust his nut. He shoots his load all over the bishop’s desk, and leaves the cum there because he knows that the bishop will probably want to see that as one more proof of his passing the examination.


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Click here to watch their entire video in full HD quality at MormonBoyz!

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