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Straight Boy Tony Belize Fucks Gay Boy Andrew Collins & Plasters His Face With A Huge Cumshot

by on Jun.29, 2014, under BaitBuddies

We’ve already seen cute gay boy Andrew Collins in some of the previous updates, but now he wants to be with a specific straight guy, for his own reasons. The reasons being, he just loves how Tony Belize cums! Namely Tony is well-known for his ability to shoot lots and lots of jizz when he cums, and apparently Andrew is very much fond of copious cumshots. Andrew said he was watching the video of Tony in some of his earlier appearances and was very turned on first by Tony’s straight attitude, then by his huge cumhsot! Andrew says that he loves when he has not yet cummed and a guy splatters a lot of cum onto his face. When he can, Andrew likes to swallow most of the cum and leave the partner’s cock squeaky clean.

All this sounded nice, but we had one big problem – how to talk Tony into appearing on our site again? This hot beefy straight boy now has a girlfriend and so we thought that all future deals with him are out of the question. Luckily, Tony’s girlfriend birthday arrived and Tony wanted to buy her something special, but he didn’t have enough money. Enter our offer for quick and easy cash and our straight shooter Tony was hooked.

The casting director asked Tony whether he would like to try getting his ass fucked for the first time. Namely, when Tony told his girlfriend about his little sojourns to our little studio to make gay sex movies she wasn’t shocked at all but instead gave him her full blessings and said she was enthusiastic about his boyfriend trying new things in sex. That whole gay thing gave her an idea – why not try having some butt play with her boyfriend, the stuff that gay guys usually like? Will he respond well to her finger or dildo up his ass? First she tried with her fingers. Well, it turned out that Tony really likes smaller things shoved up his arse!  After several shots of hard liquor Tony’s asshole wasn’t so tight anymore and she could insert some bigger things such as a vibrator. She was astounded that he actually kinda liked the sensations produced by that vibrator in his ass. So Tony was also willing to give bottoming a try, providing that it doesn’t constitute the main part of the video shoot. Fine, as far as we’re concerned!

After Tony’s presence was secured, the casting director called Andrew by phone and told him to prepare for his ultimate sex phantasy – getting fucked by a straight guy and receiving a huge splatter of cum on his face.

So now we see both boys sitting on the sofa and having some informal chit-chat, until the director starts asking the questions. We learn about Tony’s girlfriend’s experiments and her attempts to put his asshole to use! The boys then start exchanging blowjobs. Tony’s cocksucking skills have gotten a long way and we can safely say that this straight boy now knows how to suck a man’s cock! Andrew wants to show Tony how it feels like to have your ass penetrated by a man’s cock, so he sits on the couch with his cock fully erect and waits for Tony to impale his ass on it. There was a lot of groaning and heavy breathing, but Andrew’s cock finally disappeared in the depths of Tony’s ass. Tony’s once virgin ass is virgin no more! Tony is not yet used to the sensations of getting his ass plowed so there was a lot of pain mixed with pleasure. We hope thins will be much better some other time.

Anyway, the main part of today’s fuck scene is, of course, when Tony starts fucking Andrew. The tables are turned and Tony starts shoving his cock deep into Andrew’s willing ass. Out of all the things in sex, Tony’s favorite activity is when he gets a chance to fuck somebody. Here he really shines. It’s obvious this straight boy will never be a true bottom in gay sex, he’s just too good a top for that to happen.

Tony fucks Andrew’s ass doggy style, as if Andrew’s ass was some girl’s pussy. Tony then tells Andrew to turn around and fucks him some more in the missionary position. Andrew is soon brought to the point of cumming and he shoots his load straight onto his stomach. Tony than kicks back on the couch and tells Andrew to have some fun with his balls while he strokes his cock. Apparently Tony needed some straight sex porn to cum so we left some straight porn flick to play on the DVD. This lasted for about 3 minutes but he defo didn’t disappoint with his magnificent copious cumshot. Squirt after squirt of hot jizz shoots from his cockhead and hits Andrew straight into the face. This was certainly one of the biggest cumshots we’ve ever shot on camera. Andrew’s fantasy about a huge facial cumshot has now finally come (cum?) true.


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