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Young Sexy Masculine Lad Ben Grey Strokes His Stiff Cock

by on Feb.21, 2014, under HardBritLads

Ben Grey is a young, hot bisexual dude. Although he’s only 21 years old, he already looks quite mature and masculine. His voice is both deep but also playfully boyish at the same time. It didn’t surprise me that he wears trackies and enjoys putting on a show, it just goes with his image.

He talks to the casting director for some time, then he gets down to business and first gives us a good view of his big bulge. He plays a bit with it but it’s already rock hard and struggling to get out of his pants. He also loses his sleeveless top to reveal his fit and well-built upper body. Then he removes the undies as well and releases the strikingly stiff hard dick. I absolutely love his very hairy legs, especially when he’s showing off his cock while the legs are spread out and only the soles of his feet are touching each other.

Obviously Ben loves to make his cock harder and harder, edging it slowly and brining it to ever higher states of erection. He also shows us his asshole, and plays with it a bit. His cock never goes down, though, and it seems that the assplay has a strong erection-inducing effect for this lad.

Ben certainly gets off on the thought that people will be watching him and getting aroused, and he’s quite skilled at showing off. He obviously knows which positions are the most interesting and sexiest and he deliberately assumes these positions.

He continues to stroke his rock-hard stiff cock until he starts shooting his load all over his perfect muscled abs. There’s no doubt I like this bad boy, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.


Preview video:

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Hard Brit Lads is a relatively new porn site that features only the most masculine and well-built straight and bisexual guys showing off and fucking the shit out of each other. The videos are well-made and shot in HD. Don’t miss out lots of amazing, manly men!


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Hot Young Sportsman Declan Stripped Down & Inspected By His Sister’s Randy Female Friends

by on Oct.05, 2013, under CFNM

Declan is a hot young sportsman who lives at his home with his mother and sister. His life has been pretty smooth and without major worries. Like all young men Declan is pretty much perpetually horny and his favorite pastime is fantasizing about girls and when he’s all alone he likes to jerk off thinking about all the girls he has seen during the day.

Today it seemed it would be like any other day, nothing out of the ordinary. He got back from a match he had with his buddies, his sports outfit totally drenched in his sweat. And just as he was thinking about the relief he would get from taking a nice cold shower, a group of his sister’s female friends catches him halfway on his way to the shower. The girls are horny as fuck and seeing this hot straight dude has made them even hornier.

The girls didn’t waste their time and quickly got rid of his towel so as to expose his cock, balls and nice firm ass. The girls want a piece of the goodies for themselves and won’t leave him alone until they get what they’re after!


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Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!

Clothed Females Naked Male

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First Auditions – Young Sexy Military Lad Chris

by on Nov.16, 2011, under TheCastingRoom

Chris is a young and cute army guy who recently auditioned for our site First Auditions. I find it a bit funny that this young lad’s biggest fear is to get a cock up his arse, that is just out of the question. However, anything else goes – if the money is right.

It’s also interesting that his very first sexual experience was with a man and a woman. Since then he knows that it’s merrier with both sexes, and that either has something to offer. Chris may look innocent, but make no mistake – this lad is a horny demon and thinks about sex constantly.

It’s an interesting mixture of qualities. Chris is both ambitious and quietly obedient. Could he be also a good sub boy? But he doesn’t like the idea of a cock up his ass…. hmm. We’ll see. Hope he changes his mind about that!

Chris could actually become a porn actor, if he doesn’t lose his adventurous spirit and horniness factor.


Short preview video:

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First Auditions is a great and original porn site that features young, cocky straight men who want to earn a lot of money by becoming porn stars. They think they’ll be accepted right away and bang lots of chicks, but what they don’t know is that our casting director is very strict and wants to see them naked and how they jerk off during the audition. Lots of drop-dead sexy men here!


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CFNM – Girls From Milking Academy Inspect Lee’s Virgin Ass With A Dildo

by on Oct.27, 2011, under CFNM

Boy's Anal Inspection By Pervy Girls

At the Female Milking Service the naughty girls have captured a young, cocky lad named Lee who had been totally spoiled by his rich parents. The girls don’t want to hear any more of his bragging stories and they managed to first silence him, then to strip him naked and pin down to a table so they can explore his manly body by themselves.

The girls shoved a large dildo up his super tight virgin straight asshole, which made him recoil from intense pain. He begs them to stop but the girls are relentless and don’t want to listen to his pleas.


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Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!


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CFNM – Young Handsome Lad Captured & Tortured By Sadistic Women

by on Oct.17, 2011, under CFNM

Besides the cool T-shirt that this young unsuspecting lad is wearing (which everyone old enough will associate with a great video game from 1970s), he had something else cool happen to him today that changed his boring, uneventful life for good.

While he was walking down the street, two gorgeous girls approached him, Rose and Rebekah. As soon as they saw this handsome lad, they knew they had to have him for their sadistic pleasure.

They lured him into their lair and tied him up. He is now shackled and is hanging upside down completely naked and exposed to these nasty bitches. His bare ass is totally exposed and the sadistic ladies think it is an attractive piece of man’s ass that warrants further explorations.

However, the young lad is still resisting, not knowing that the nasty sadistic bitches really do mean business. So the ladies want to make themselves clear and make him realize he’s there only for their pleasure.

First they put nipple clamps on his nipples and tug on him. Then they continue the torture process by whipping his bare chest and cock and nuts. The boy realizes this is for real.

Next, the nasty ladies put big strap-ons and fuck him and suck those artificial dicks until his resistance is no more!


Click here to watch the whole video and see what happened with Alastair at CFNM (Clothed Female/Nude Male)!

Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!


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