Rough Straight Men

  • Ritu

    I have a man who is very muscular as goes to the gym everyday for 6 hours & have very good chest & nipples. We both are well aware that I simply love sucking his tits. When we go off to sleep,we make it a point that his tits r always in my mouth, me teasing & chewing & sucking both of them whole night. Even if either of us wake up at night or in the morning, we make it a point that whoever is awake, is gonna put his nipples in my mouth.Umm.They r real manly.
    Hence, I want pics of bare chested men . Please send so that I become wet once more.I am requesting on my knees just as I request my boyfriend for his erect pennis.

  • admin

    Thanks for your comment Ritu!
    I will try to put more pics of bare chested men on this blog.


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