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Hot Bisexual Trent Diesel Gets His Cherry Popped

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When Trent Diesel’s submission hit my in-box I knew immediately that I had to book him – a great hairy chest, nice arms, abs, piercing green eyes, and an extremely fuckable ass! Plus, he’s a submissive bottom who loves having his butt worked over and abused. He’s a perfect fit for the site.

He has done some straight porn in the past, and this is his foray into the gay market.
If you’re looking for someone you can have your way with, even forcibly, Trent’s mouth and ass are ready and willing! Have at him.

If ever there were a man who is sexually my type, it would be Trent Diesel! He’s masculine, manly, has an incredible body that is tight and muscular without being overly gymed, blue eyes, bi, married, and LOVES to bottom.

Since I had already done a massage video with him involving toys and anal, I wanted to do something different, and decided that we would do a ‘real sex’ video.

A week prior to the shoot I panicked, considering that I have never been with a man sexually off camera. Because there is so much stopping and starting while shooting a normal video, it’s been easy to fuck around with the guys on camera. The thought of having real sex caught me off guard.

When Trent entered the room, immediately kissing me, fuck!, what can I say, I became rock hard and felt competely at ease.

There was a raw energy between us, a connection, a trust that allowed us to let go and be in the moment. For a change I didn’t have worry about the camera or directing and could enjoy his mouth wrapped around my cock, deep throating his dick, rimming that incredible ass, and fucking him deep and hard. It was hot! So hot that he took my load, and dumped two of his own!  This is probably the closest you will ever see me having real gay sex. When you see the lust and sexual passion between us, I think you’ll agree that it was a crazy hot encounter.



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