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Aggressive Fucker Devin Bangs Micah Hard And Dirty

by on Oct.26, 2010, under Dirty Tony

Devin’s no novice when it comes to plowing some hot little ass on my couch. And Micah is definitely a hot blonde piece. He’s toned, has a nice thick cock and loves sex, whether you’re a chick or a dude. He likes to play dirty, just the way that I like them. Micah and Devin spent a little while talking about chicks and sex. But Devin seemed more interested in pounding the smooth hole that had been presented to him. He’s aggressive, and Micah likes to be slapped around. Devin ripped open Micah’s jeans and slapped the blonde boy’s dick around, getting him good and hard before he started sucking the pink present before him. Not satisfied without getting a taste of Devin’s cock, Micah got Devin onto his feet and pulled out the muscle stud’s rod. He spent a good while working up and down Devin’s sizable cock, swallowing every last inch and begging for more.

Devin just kept slapping his new bitch around, letting him know just how he wanted his dick sucked. Finally Micah couldn’t wait to get Devin’s cock up his ass any longer and he took the initiative to slide right onto his pole. On all fours, with Devin sitting back on the couch, Micah rode up and down Devin’s member, getting it as deep in as he could possibly go, all the while Devin thrusting back against the blonde’s attempts. Like I said, Devin’s aggressive and Micah relished in it, getting his face slapped and being man-handled by the muscled top.

Devin forced Micah’s face down into the carpet and fucked his ass good and hard, holding his hands taught around the boys throat. Devin worked himself up to climax, pounding relentlessly before pulling out, tearing the condom off and spraying stream after stream all over Micah’s pretty little face and mouth. Micah, excited to be covered in cum, unleashed his own load, up his arm and all over his chest. This is some rough, DIRTY sex, just the way I like it.




Short preview video:

Click here to watch the whole video with these two oversexed males fucking each other like there’s no tomorrow at DirtyTony!

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  • So recently, this one random night , I googled “Gay men with big feet in white tube socks” ’cause I have a huge, major fetish for big feet in white socks. This site was listed 3rd on the page, so I clicked it. I didn’t quite get what these pictures were or why I was led to that page. It was just dudes in bare feet sitting on a couch groping, kissing each other, & it wasn’t doing it for me. But then the pictures suddenly gave me major wood & I was getting totally turned on! I could see how aggressive the dom guy was with the way he used his hands & those mean, controlling expressions on his face. I swear I got rocker harder especially during that picture sequence when he grabs btmboy’s head & neck, slams him down onto his lap on his cock, pulls him down further, fucking him deeper, then pushes him to the floor still fucking him face down ass up doggy style, pushing btmboy down hard with his hands, fucking him HARD, then looking at the cam with this hungry, evil look in his eyes!! I mean, I’m a really submissive btm boy & just looking at those pictures made me wish I was serving Devin, or even be his lil slaveboy for a good, long, intense session!! Even starting out like being his Big feet in white tube socks slave by worshiping him on my knees & I kiss & massage them. Then he tell me to get on my back and he starts to molests me with them! Man, I would do anything for that to happen! I got so turned on that I even played that video tease & made a screen shot picture (of when Devin had both hands on Micah’s head, pushing it down while he’s fucking him hard (at 39 seconds, lol)) to put as a my wallpaper on my desktop! Oh man, LoL!! Another thing is that kinda got me was that Devin looks like he has size like around 12 to 13 1/2 feet size (I think, from what I can kinda tell) & that made me even harder! I saw the pic of him stepping on Micah’s face while he’s fucking him on the dirty tony site & oooh, I swear, I’d do anything for Devin to do that to me!

    The website I listed on this reply is my profile on that more fully explains my big feet in white tube socks fetish, not sure how much of my profile or my pictures you can see if you’re not a member though, but if you are a member, I think my passcode to my private pics is 4A59. I also listed my recon profile on here too which describes where I am now as a sub btm boy & where/what I’m trying to attempt on my journey as a submissive btm boy.

    Yeah, I guess that’s where Devin kinda came in. I mean, I know he’s not lifestyle bdsm Master dom dude or anything, I’m not either actually, but been curious about it as a sub btm. For some reason though, seeing Devin in those pics, those tiny clips of the tease vid, & hearing his small bits of verbal even, he just became like this kinda fantasy Master I’d Love to meet & be with, or even have him like train me to be a good slaveboy! But I know that’s a whole bunch of wishful thinking & just hardcore fantasy of me to actually think it would ever happen… lol! But yeah, if it were at all possible *swoon*

    Sorry for maybe being just a ittle TMI, I do Love to deep throat too … lol… I”m sure he would Love that.. if that makes up for it ;n)

  • admin

    Hey Joey,

    Thanks so much for this comment and for the detailed description of your lustful thoughts about Devin Draz lol.

    Perhaps you could get in touch with Devin if he does escorts… but I am not sure about that. I can ask some of the paysite owners for which he modeled. My feeling is that he’s really straight and does all this only for money. I know for a fact that he’s married.

    I’ve uploaded an extended preview video with Devin Draz and Micah, so you might be interested to see it here:

    If you are into aggressive fucking, dominating tops and white socks on big man’s feet, can I suggest that you check out Peto Coast. Type “Peto Coast” into the search form on this blog and check out his videos that he’s done for Machofucker. Or simply choose Machofucker as the category and see all the posts there.

    Also check out Peto Coast’s great performance in the movie “Wild Breed” that was produced by Treasure Island Media. Peto fucks the bottom guy there very passionately and he has white socks in that shoot. He always makes me rock-hard in no time.

    I hope you’ll continue to visit my blog and thanks again for the comment!

  • joey

    lol… wow… Thank U much for your response to my lil crush :) it would be such a dream to be with Devin & to be his lil’ slave boy… but it’s wishful thinking!! Thanks for the extended vid too, that was really yummy to watch :)

    I’ll look up Peto Coast.. thanks for that tip too :)

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