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Chaosmen – Ransom And Taylor Fuck Each Other Hard & Raw

by on Nov.29, 2010, under Chaosmen

Taylor is a straight dude but when paired with a guy he’s really most comfortable as an aggressive top. He bottomed for Nash, but really struggled to find pleasure in it.

Being always a top is not too much fun, so we thought that somebody really should fuck Taylor properly… and Ransom comes to mind as the most logical and perfect solution. Ransome is very masculine and has the perfect dick for plowing tight ass. I remembered how Taylor had his way with Bastian – tied him up and did what he pleased… but now it’s time to switch the roles. Ransom loosely binds Taylor’s hands and proceeds to manhandle his face, fucking him in the mouth and throat. There’s even some POV cam recording there – so hot to see Taylor bound up and forced to eat a big, hard, swelling cock.

To make the “submissiveness” part even more complete, I told Ransom to put a butt plug into Taylor’s ass so that his asshole would be prepared and loosened up for the upcoming hard ass drilling. This did the trick very nicely because when Ransom finally stuck his dick into Taylor’s ass, there was no pain at all!

Ransom fucks him good, and I think Taylor is no longer afraid to bottom. Though he still likely going to be top dog most of the time..he is just too dominant. The dominant side come out a third of the way into the movie. Taylor gets up on the bed and makes Ransom finally suck his cock.  We get some fun POV cam on that too.

And at last, Taylor is back in his element, teasing and playing with Ransome’s hole using his stiff, fat dick. There’s also some POV cam here and you can see that Taylor has a bit of an evil side to him as he pushes and forces his cock on Ransom.

Ransom is exquisitely sensitive to butt fucking and he’s almost always concerned that he’ll cum too early just due to being fucked in the ass. So I timed this shoot in such a way that Ransom will cum just from being fucked by Taylor. No hands nothing like that. Ransom unloads his sperm while Taylor is squeezing the last drop of cum out of him.

Taylor waits a bit to make his cock rock-hard and, as ever, delivers a perfect load of cum all over Ransom’s asshole, then crams the cum into the hole, while his cum is dripping from the top and bottom of Ransom’s bred hole. In the end Taylor fingers the cum, putting as much as he can back into Ransom’s ass.




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