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FraternityX – Dayton’s Nasty Aggressive Ass-Stretching With Sebastian

by on Nov.09, 2011, under FraternityX

I was chilling with my mates in the house when I suddenly heard grunting noises coming from the kitchen. I went there and saw Dayton fucking the shit out of this new hot guy with a beard. They fucked on the floor and it seemed as if they were having great time, so me and my other mates grabbed the video cameras and started to record them.

Dayton is an aggressive fucker and with his huge monster cock it’s not easy to be on the receiving side. I’ve seen many a guy take that cock and few of them could take it all the way without problems. But this bearded dude, Sebastian, looks like a total pro – and he can take it all the way to Dayton’s bush and balls. He seemed to be enjoying Dayton’s aggressive thrusts and it looked as if he was looking forward to seeing his asshole stretched to a whole new level.

Actually Dayton already screwed this hot boy a couple of weeks ago but this was wilder than anything they’ve done so far. Dayton pushes his fingers into Sebastian’s ass but it seems that four fingers at the same time were a bit too much even for him.

This was a long and extremely hard fuck session and butt stretching gets a whole new definition thanks to Dayton’s wild fuck technique and his huge cock. Both guys eventually came and splattered their cum all over Sebastian’s belly.


Long preview video:

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