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The Hazing Of Hot Masculine Rugby Player Austin

by on Oct.23, 2018, under CMNM

Austin is a hot, masculine rugby player who joined the Crown Castle Rugby Club with full confidence that he would be able to instruct and teach the other players about the techniques of Utmost Fitness. He was sure that he could persuade them that these techniques are superior to any other workout program.

Unfortunately, his video demonstration has gone terribly wrong, and only proved what a dirty little pervert he is. Just half an hour ago he participated in the hazing of his teammate Leo, and now the same fate has befallen himself! His teammates are eager to find out if he is a genuine or a fake, and they challenge Austin to demonstrate his “techniques” right there in front of them all.

Meanwhile, Leo is still completely naked and somewhat relieved because he can now watch with a smug grin on his face how Austin gets hazed in the same way he was only a few minutes ago. Austin thoroughly enjoyed taunting Leo and Leo is now enjoying the cheap thrills of instant karma that has come to bite Austin in his ass so quickly! Meanwhile, Austin can only rewind the “tape” in his head and remember what he and other teammates did to Leo not so long ago. Austin’s cock is totally hopeless and can’t help but grow to its full erection when he is confronted with Leo’s masculine muscular body. Alas, men are such hopelessly horny creatures…

Hazing of Leo only half an hour ago…

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