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Sexy Horny Muscled Football Player Parker Strokes His 9-Inch Cock

by on Aug.16, 2018, under Island Studs

Parker is a young (21-year old) and modest Football Player who hails from Florida State and has a complete All-American Jock look. He has short blond hair, blue eyes, cute face with a happy smile, naturally muscular body, strong muscular thighs and a great 9-inch long cock. His balls are pretty big, too, and he likes to show them off in and outside of his sexy underwear.

We spend a day outside with Parker while he’s fooling around with the cameraman and does his antics. He flexes his muscles, stretches while totally nude and works out with a fully erect cock!

Parker is 5’11” tall, weighs in at 185 lbs and comes across as a pretty big and strong guy. However, he’s pretty much always smiling and has a totally friendly attitude. He is modest about himself and doesn’t give himself airs. His cock is 9 inches long and has a nice curve that makes it look almost like a snake as it hangs in the locker room showers on campus.

Parker says that Oregon is way too rainy for his taste and that he misses the Florida beaches. He came to Oregon in his Junior year on a Footbal scholarship. And although he’s shy and reserved, he’s very horny and his cock sprang to action pretty much the same second when he got nude! Parker’s cumshot is explosive and he cums a lot – check that out!

Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire movie in HD quality at Island Studs!

Island Studs is a great, new, and refreshing porn site that features hot guys from Hawaii. These bad boys have no problem with showing off their beautiful, toned body and hard cock. Watch them as they do their usual chores against the stunning backdrop of Hawaiian nature!


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Horny Handsome Straight Lad Caught Wanking In The Office (Part 2)

by on Aug.15, 2018, under CMNM

We continue our little story about this young hetero man who got caught while wanking at work by his colleagues (you can check out the first part here). He would like other people to think of him as a chaste and pure hetero lad, but his colleagues knew better: they hazed him and played a bit with his virgin asshole.

The young man’s penis is rock hard and doesn’t care at all that his owner might be embarrassed. His colleagues also get their hard-ons in their trousers and all the three men are now sexually aroused! All that the young office lad wants now is to finally cum and be done with it!

Check out these pervy men’s wanton adventures in their whole videos in HD quality at CMNM.

Clothed Male / Naked Male (CMNM) is a hot porn site where Nervous straight guys get stripped naked, groped and violated by fully clothed men.

There’s nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit! When they are in such a submissive position, one would be crazy not to use the opportunity and jerk them off.


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Hot Straight Men Frankie & Josh Exchange Passionate Blowjobs – Revisited

by on Aug.14, 2018, under New York Straight Men

Here’s another one of those classic blowjob videos from Newyorkstraightmen that deserves to be revisited.

This was a tricky situation at first: two horny straight guys awaiting for the cocksucker to arrive, but unfortunately that cocksucker was stuck in the subway and it started to look like he would never come. Since these two guys (Frankie and Josh the Ginger Giant) were so horny, after some time they decided to take the matter into their own hands – and mouths, too!

The initial plan was that the cocksucker would suck both Frankie and Josh separately, but alas, he remained stuck in the subway. When he called from the platform and said he didn’t know when he would be able to get there, the two straight men decided that the wait was over and started to worship each oher’s hot body.

Josh took off Frankie’s shirt and began to kiss and fondle his muscular hairy chest and nipples. Once they were in full swing, one couldn’t do anything else but let them continue!

The guys exchanged kisses, sucked each other’s cocks, rimmed each other’s ass a bit, and of course they both cummed – especially Frankie’s load was big, even Frankie was somewhat surprised by its copiousness!

Make sure to check out the EXTENDED PREVIEW VIDEO in this post because we’ve taken care to include quite a bit of this great exchange of blowjobs between Frankie who is dressed up in full office suit and Josh the tall Ginger Giant Jock.


Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at New York Straight Men!

New York Straight Men is the world’s biggest collection of straight men getting their blowjobs from gay dudes! These men are usually truly straight but they love getting head from a gay guy because it feels so much better than whatever their girlfriends can do. These men are not the Hollywood type cuties, they are Real Men!


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Two Very Hot Muscular Straight Guys – Hudson Scott & Harry Mallinder

by on Aug.12, 2018, under English Lads

Today we will feature two handsome masculine straight guys: Hudson Scott and Harry Mallinder. Hudson Scott is a muscular and hairy guy who first appeared on Fityoungmen (a sister site to Englishlads) and he quickly won the attention of the fans there. He is handsome and loves to show off his hot ripped body for the camera. There is a fuzz of hair pretty much all over his entire body: from legs to chest to his sexy beard as well.

Hudson wasn’t nervous or shy when he was asked to show his ass as well, which is also somewhat hairy. Eventually he kicks back on the sofa and strokes his cock until he shoots a nice load of warm jizz all over the bed and his abs and chest! Dang, would be great to see you again soon, Hudson!


The second guy is Harry Mallinder. He’s played many sports in his career, and currently works as a personal trainer. Harry says that he was about 18 when he first went into the gym and he started to grow fast, all with natural diet and just regular exercise. He liked this, and in combination with playing different sports his body grew to its present shape.

He is about 6’2” tall, so he’s quite big and tall. He’s also proud of his big uncut cock which perfectly matches his height and broad shoulders! Harry’s cock is upright and when it gets hard it stays hard! He got hard quite easily and he obviously loves playing with his dick. He didn’t mind showing us his arsehole either, and then he proceeded to wank off until he shot a great impressive load!

Hudson Scott

Harry Mallinder

Click here to download their entire videos in perfect HD quality at EnglishLads!

English Lads is a fantastic site with loads of very manly, straight lads from England who love to show off and jerk off for the camera.  The guys that appear here are usually not found on any other site, so the content is quite exclusive. All movies are in HD quality.

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Hairy Bearded British Dude Lachlan Wolf Strokes His Huge Cock

by on Aug.11, 2018, under Bentley Race

Lachlan Wolf is a 27-year old dude with a sexy beard, fit body and huge stiff cock. He hails from Britain, but he moved to Australia a few months ago. Luckily, he quickly found his way to Ben’s headquarters in Melbourne and that’s how this photoshoot was made.

Lachlan has the typical English accent which makes him even more sexy, not to mention his hairy body and big cock. Now that cock is seriously quite big – check that out. It’s not an average dick for sure.

Lachlan strokes his cock slowly and allows Ben to take pictures of him in various positions. He was a great fun to work with and he likes telling jokes, even while wanking! We’re pretty sure we’re going to see him again soon.

Click here to watch his entire video in HD quality at Bentley Race!

Bentley Race is a very cool site from a cool guy from Down Under. He manages to find some really interesting and hot amateur men that often cannot be seen anywhere else. These guys are real amateurs and rarely become high profile porn stars. They’re all natural and many of them are truly straight. Do check out BentleyRace!


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Cute Hairy Guy Chad Blue In His First Solo Shoot

by on Aug.10, 2018, under GayHoopla

Chad Blue is a cute hairy guy and a total newcummer at Gayhoopla. He’s got a great personality and comes across as a really nice guy with a heart of gold. Check out that amazing smile that never seems to leave his face expression!

In this video we can watch his solo debut where he jacks off and shows off his nice slender hairy body for the camera. His nice. hairy bubble butt and hairy chest and legs will probably appeal to the fans of younger hairy otters.

Chad Blue admits he’s a bit of a size queen and he likes them cocks big and thick – and preferably in his ass!

Preview video:

Click here to watch or download their entire video in HD quality at Gayhoopla.

Gayhoopla is a relatively new site and it has an interesting history. Several of the guys from well-known site Fratpad decided to establish their own amateur site, and so USA Cam Guys was born. But the members of this site complained that there was very little concrete action going on. So, the “naughty” and more hardcore sister site was created – Gayhoopla – which contains much more hardcore action among the participants. Despite its name (Gayhoopla) this site actually has more straight guys than some other allegedly straight boy sites out there. It is really reminiscent of Fratmen and Fratpad, so if you’re into hot American straight jocks and amateur guys this website is a must and you should check it out. The site contains over 200 streaming videos, daily scheduled live shows etc, so it definitely stands out when compared to other porn sites.




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Hot Muscled Military Guy Shaun Strokes His Stiff Cock

by on Aug.08, 2018, under Guys In Sweatpants

Meet Shaun! He is currently in the military and that takes up the largest portion of his time at the moment. However, Shaun also likes to hike or any other activity that can be done outside. He’s also a self-professed gym rat!

“Working out is one of my passions so I try to eat pretty healthy too. There isn’t much sense in lifting a lot if you don’t eat healthy!”, Shaun says. As for the sex activities, Shaun likes it more on the rough side. He likes it when his partner wants him to be a bit rougher and do all the throwing around.

Shaun had never been in front of the camera on a porn site before and this is his debut. We hope you’ll enjoy this muscle pup and his adorable smile, as well as his great stiff cock and that amazing huge cumshot in the end!

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Guys In Sweatpants!

Guys in Sweatpants is a brand new porn site that features hot, sporty guys who wear sweatpants and are perpetually horny. If you’re like me you love watching hot guys in sweatpants, love seeing their bulge and how they occasionally adjust their cock while playing sports. Lots of very hot fucking action in this fresh innovative site!


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“Never Seen” Footage Of Fans’ Favorite Muscle Hunks (Part 2)

by on Aug.07, 2018, under Maskurbate

Last week we featured the first part of the “Never Seen” episode (you can check it out here), and today we will examine the second part of this previously unreleased material from Maskurbate’s video vaults.

Pascal got the idea to find and release this material after his fans pestered him to see more footage of their favorite models. And as it turns out, he found a lot more than he thought he had.

This episode features Brad, Ricky, Zack Lemec and Pascal (the site owner). The guys are relaxed and mostly this is the “behind the camera stuff”, however there are also hot jerkoff scenes. All three models are very hung, muscular, they have a swagger and like to show off. Perfect!

Preview video:

Click here to watch and download their entire video in HD quality at Maskurbate!

Maskurbate features a huge collection of very masculine and mostly straight men that are very well-built, well-endowed and just fucking too hot to handle. The cumshots are usually very well shot and you can enjoy the sperm flying through the air as these studs empty their big nuts.

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Horny & Handsome Straight Lad Caught Wanking At Work By His Colleagues

by on Aug.06, 2018, under CMNM

This handsome young straight lad works in the office and his attention often slips into erotic daydreaming, which comes in handy when the daily office routine becomes too boring to endure. Today he thought that nobody was watching and decided to jerk off in his office while watching some porn on his office computer.

Little did he know that his colleagues were watching him all the time and just waited for the right moment to catch him in the act of jerking off! The big dumb lad is so horny that he can’t control his sexual urges and his colleagues have noticed it quite some time ago. Now it’s their chance to use the opportunity to persuade him to do some favors for them, or else they will tell everybody else in the company about his little jerkoff adventures in the office.

First they make him show them off how he strokes his stiff cock, which has already become sore from too much stroking on a daily basis! And then they check the temperature of his tight asshole, and sure enough – it’s warm from all that sitting all fucking day long at his desk.

Check out these pervy men’s wanton adventures in their whole videos in HD quality at CMNM.

Clothed Male / Naked Male (CMNM) is a hot porn site where Nervous straight guys get stripped naked, groped and violated by fully clothed men.

There’s nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit! When they are in such a submissive position, one would be crazy not to use the opportunity and jerk them off.


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Cute Beefy Straight Guy Buzz Strokes His 8-Inch Hard Cock

by on Aug.05, 2018, under SpunkWorthy

Buzz is a 23-year old straight guy who hails from San Diego itself. He currently attends college and honestsome of his friends and acquaintances told him he should try his luck in porn. When he decided to actually go for it and give it an  try, he told his brother and another friend and they both gave him a big thumbs up.

A lot of newbies feel nervous and confused because of all those cameras, lights and other things that goes on during a shoot, but Buzz seemed to cherish the opportunity to show himself off! You can’t miss his big smile – I wonder if that’s because of his 8-inch dick? In any case, he wasn’t nervous, that’s for sure. At one point he asked the director if he would jack off while watching his video, and when the director said yes he seemed even more enthusiastic, the thought of other guys jacking off to his video definitely pleased him.

For someone who is so happy and proud of his long dick, it feels a bit odd that Buzz had never measured his cock. Nothing that can’t be fixed, and it’s such an exciting task, too! The director took the measuring tape and took the measures. Something tells me we’ll be seeing Buzz more in the upcoming months!

Preview video:

Click here to watch and download his entire video in HD quality at SpunkWorthy!

SpunkWorthy is a great porn site that features younger straight amateur dudes. Lots of truly straight military guys doing gay for pay only once or a few times! This site is usually the first and only place where you’ll see these bad boys, so don’t miss out!


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