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Pervy Men Inspect Virile Footballer Miguel & Finger His Arse

by on Jan.24, 2014, under CMNM

We continue our story of hot virile footballer Miguel and his unannounced physical exam. His team managers do not like to take their chances with this stud and risk losing lots of money to buy him for their team if he’s not adequate for their needs. Therefore, he has to be tested and properly measured in advance.

Although the doctor himself would be quite sufficient to perform this test, the team managers want to have a hands-on approach and really touch and feel their prospective footballer. Needless to say, the anal exam is of paramount importance for these pervy football managers and they can’t wait to insert their pervy fingers deep inside Miguel’s arse. The managers don’t care if the exam is unpleasant for Miguel, they are only interested in making sure that they’re going to get a prime male specimen and they want be certain that everything is at its proper place.

This hot and well-built athlete knows that there is nothing he can do to prevent this physical examination, and that, for the sake of his career, he will have to endure it like a man. He can’t hide his being ashamed and in complete state of awkwardness, so he grits his teeth and tries not to make it obvious to the managers what he really thinks about all this. Meanwhile, the managers continue to inspect his body and cock which is soft at the moment, but if they continue to touch it there’s no doubt it will start growing.


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