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Aggressive Fucker Dylan Hyde Fucks & Breeds Bearded Stud Porter Loutrec

by on Nov.10, 2013, under CockSureMen

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Dylan Hyde is a hot masculine stud who has the honor of fucking bearded handsome Porter Loutrec. The two men begin their day with a cup of hot coffee. Dylan’s cock is still in the "post-morning wood" phase and the sight of his manly friend Porter gives him horny thoughts.

The two guys kiss softly while their cocks are growing hard in their shorts. Porter gets on his knees and sucks Dylan’s huge long…

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Big-Dicked Studs Valentin Petrov & Tate Ryder Fuck Hard

by on Jul.02, 2013, under CockSureMen

1 3

Sometimes I just want to watch two hot masculine men fucking hard, and I don’t care if they’re straight or gay or bisexual. You know, just as long as they’re hot motherfuckers it’s all good.

So, I’m not really sure if Valentin Petrov and Tate Ryder are straight, but they sure seemed to know how to fuck passionately. These two big-dicked studs began their rendezvous with comparing their…

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Topher DiMaggio & Jessy Ares Suck Each Other ‘s Cock

by on Mar.09, 2013, under CockSureMen

1 5

Who says that two bisexual tops cannot have some sexual fun? Topher DiMaggio and Jessy Ares both prefer and only do porn movies as tops, although Jessy said that he had one bottoming experience but that it sucked.

Anyway, I thought it would be cool to pair these two exclusively tops and see how the blowjob video would turn out to be.

The two men begin by kissing each other and then the action gets hotter and hotter by the minute.…

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CockSureMen – Big, Cocky Stud Devin Draz Pounded By Shay Micheals

by on Mar.21, 2011, under CockSureMen

68 9

Devin Draz reminds me of Roman gladiators. He has broad shoulders, massive arms and chest muscles, goatee and masculine look. His sword is a good 7,5 inches long and works perfectly every time!

Devin has just found a new perfect fuck buddy when he met Shay Michaels, a guy who is equally manly. Shay sports a great looking buzz-cut, goatee and a ripped torso.

Sucking on Devin’s hard cock isn’t an easy job to do, but Shay …

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Brandon Bangs Pummels Parker’s Asshole – Viking Pounding

by on Jul.14, 2010, under CockSureMen

1 15

Über hottie Paker London gets his beautiful ass pummeled by freckled-fucker Brandon Bangs in this sizzling and sensual scene. Both guys are hot, and hot for each other. They each suck cock like it’s the last their going to see. Their tongues work their way deep into each others ass, sending guttural moans of passion throughout the studio. Parker takes Brandon’s uncut pipe into his hungry, hairy hole all…

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Two Big Hunks Banging Hard

by on Jul.04, 2010, under CockSureMen

Dakota_Rivers_and_Steven_Daigle2 Dakota_Rivers_and_Steven_Daigle9

Steven Daigle is best-known as the bucking bronco-riding rodeo cowboy who found fame on TV’s "Big Brother," but today he’s riding the big dick of Dakota Rivers. The two tall and toned men are hard and ready to go before the pants come off. Steven keeps flashing his bedroom eyes at Dakota while blowing him, making it harder and harder to resist pillaging his sweet ass. Dakota manages to control himself…

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Two Big Hunks Fucking

by on May.11, 2010, under CockSureMen


It’s a hot summer day and Parker London and Cameron Adams are recapping the crazy party they both went to. Immediately after sitting down this light conversation turns into some heavy petting and making out, getting each other ready for a hot pounding. Parker’s dick slides in and out of Cameron’s hole like they were made for each other. Both guys moan and pant throughout the scene, kissing and letting…

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Chad Manning

by on Feb.28, 2010, under CockSureMen

3 13

Chad Manning has been on our site a number of times before (as Brad), always to our members delight. He’s back and looking better than ever. Sporting a beard and mohawk, Chad is in the best shape of his career. His tone and tanned body glistens with sweat has he works his huge cock. As a bonus, he also works his tight hole with a monster green dildo. Pumping his ass with one hand, and pumping his cock with the other, Chad convulses…

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Marco Rivera Shoots Streams of Hot Cum

by on Dec.01, 2009, under CockSureMen

6 32

Making a very successful jump from reality show star to Cocksure Men star, latino hunk Marco Rivera shows us all what MTV couldn’t. His chiseled abs, his round and firm butt and his beautiful uncut dick are all on display for you but it’s that GUSHER of a cum shot that will make you think you might need a rain coat. Seriously, this stud is a one-man Bukakae movie.


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