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Two Handsome Muscular Sportsmen Show Off Their Ripped Bodies & Stroke Their Big Uncut Cocks

by on Sep.24, 2017, under English Lads

Today we are going to feature two new hot straight hunks. The first one is Tom Lawson. He is very keen on sports and has played rugby for years. Also, Tom likes to spend a lot of his spare time in the gym, trying to perfect his body. And dang, what a fantastic piece of art that body is – his arms and chest are properly muscular (and quite hairy too!)

But Tom’s muscles aren’t the only big thing that this cheeky sportsman has… wait till he drops his boxers, and his massive and thick uncut cock pops up straight into your face! There’s no denying this handsome rugby player is very well-endowed indeed. His cock easily gets hard and rises up in front of your eyes, so after a few seconds it’s just like a rocket on the launchpad!

Tom likes to play with his dick (don’t we all?) and caresses his body while getting hornier by the minute. After some time he settles comfortably on the floor and continues to stroke his manhood until he shoots his load all over his hairy six pack abs! That was great, Tom, and we sure hope to see you again soon.


The second hunk is a hot Parkour expert (parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training) called Paolo Borda. He is also very much into sports and has trained not only by working out in the gym, but also athletics and parkour. His body is lean but quite muscular and his face will warm you with a genuine, warm smile. He is a handsome and open-minded lad, always smiling and without any inhibitions or hangups when it comes to showing off his hot body.

He removes his clothes and his cock quickly gets fully hard – and what a cock that is… big and uncut. Paolo does a handstand while his balls are dangling down! Then he settles comfortably and proceeds to stroke his cock until he brings himself to the point of no return and seconds later he shoots a nice thick load all over his six pack abs!

Tom Lawson

Paolo Borda

Preview video:

Click here to download their entire video in perfect HD quality at EnglishLads!

English Lads is a fantastic site with loads of very manly, straight lads from England who love to show off and jerk off for the camera.  The guys that appear here are usually not found on any other site, so the content is quite exclusive. All movies are in HD quality.

englishlads1 englishlads2
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Hot Ripped Dude Marti Trifon Shows Off His Powerful Muscles & Strokes His Big Fat Cock

by on Aug.15, 2017, under Bentley Race

Here we have a hot bad boy from Germany who goes by the name of Marti Trifon. Ben from Bentleyrace says that he was hooked and determined to see this muscle boy as soon as he saw Marti’s photo which he sent him by email.

Marti is actually from Eastern Europe, but he moved to Berlin a couple years ago. Marti trains bodybuilding professionally and he takes part in championships. He says that at the moment he is not in his best shape because he takes a break from his bodybuilding training in Winter.

When Ben saw Marti’s first pics where Marti looked quite buff and mean, he expected that Marti would have that typical macho attitude so characteristic of bodybuilders. But he was wrong – Marti turned out to be one of the nicest and kindest guys he met during his travels through Europe. And the two guys enjoyed talking to each other so much that Ben apparently almost forgot that he needed to take Marti’s pics!

Understandably, Marti is pretty proud of his muscular physique and healthy life, and he is not shy to show it all off. On top of it all, his cock is big, thick and stiff – just what the doctor ordered!

Marti said this was his very first time to be photographed by another guy, and he liked the experience. His jerkoff session was sizzling hot and he shot a huge load all over his stomach!

Click here to watch his entire video in HD quality at Bentley Race!

Bentley Race is a very cool site from a cool guy from Down Under. He manages to find some really interesting and hot amateur men that often cannot be seen anywhere else. These guys are real amateurs and rarely become high profile porn stars. They’re all natural and many of them are truly straight. Do check out BentleyRace!


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Tall Muscled Dude Mark Gets Fucked Hard At His First Porn Audition

by on Aug.12, 2017, under TheCastingRoom

Here we have a young strapping hunk who wants to try his luck in porn. Mark looks pretty rough around the edges, he is tall, muscular and has an insatiable sex drive: all good points for the aspiring male porn actor.

His attitude is also quite appropriate, and reminds us of that of a blue collar guy or of a soldier. However, Mark has to be tested first, so that the producers can be sure he can pull off everything that the scene requires.

Although Mark already has some experience dominating other men online (through webcams), his real life experience is quite limited. Casting director Dave takes matter into his capable hands and starts teaching Mark some important skills when it comes to being a porn actor, such as: how to deepthroat a large cock, and how to take a hard cock up your ass without making a big deal out of it.

Mark’s ass is totally tight and it took Dave some time to open it fully. The first time Dave penetrated Mark’s ass, Mark leaped as if he was struck by lightning. However, he took it like a man, and then returned the favor to Dave by fucking his ass with great gusto.


Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at The Casting Room!

The Casting Room (formerly known as First Auditions) is a great, original porn site that showcases young, cocky straight men who would like to become porn stars and make loads of cash. They think that they’ll be accepted right away and be able to fuck lots of girls, but they don’t know that our casting director is very strict and wants to fully inspect them during the audition. He orders them to get fully naked, show their ass, and jerk off so that we can clearly see the cumshot. Plus, we get to hear all their fetishes and what turns them on.


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Hot Ripped Site Fan Shawn Hardy Shows Off & Strokes His Nice Big Cock

by on May.28, 2017, under Maskurbate

Shawn is a big fan of porn website Maskurbate and he even says that it was the very first gay site he opened in his browser! Even though he used to date girls while he was in the high school, when he started working in a local gym he met some interesting guys there and tried gay sex as well. He says he hasn’t looked back since then.

One of the things that turn him on the most is when men wear masks, and one of his fantasies is to make a video while wearing one of those… So he wrote an email to Maskurbate’s owner and the two guys agreed on a schedule. He was very polite, and at the same time excited to participate in the making of his favorite porn site. He strokes his nice big dick for the camera and shows off his muscular body, chest and big arms. He’s a very handsome dude as well, and actually reminds me a little of straight porn actor Mike Angelo.

Preview video:

Click here to watch and download his entire video in HD quality at Maskurbate!

Maskurbate features a huge collection of very masculine and mostly straight men that are very well-built, well-endowed and just fucking too hot to handle. The cumshots are usually very well shot and you can enjoy the sperm flying through the air as these studs empty their big nuts.


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In The Shower With Ripped Straight Bulgarian Stud David Ivan

by on May.23, 2017, under Bentley Race

It’s something that most professional photographers already know, but it’s not always easy to admit it: sometimes the best shoots are made without much preparation in advance and the motto “less is more” is particularly applicable. That’s what happened with this amazing shoot with muscular Bulgarian stud David Ivan (whom we’ve already seen once, check him out here). Ben from Bentleyrace was on a trip to Germany and when he was in Berlin he met up with David Ivan who now lives there.

And although the bathroom was very small and the space didn’t seem to be quite good for a photoshoot, David was so enthusiastic and horny that all those things didn’t really matter! As soon as he walked into the hotel room booked by Ben, he wanted to try the speedos which Ben bought him. If you didn’t already quite realize how muscular and ripped this guy is, take a better look at these new pics… the man is built like a tank!

He is now 21 years old, originally from Bulgaria and now lives in Berlin with a bunch of his mates who kept him company while he was on these photoshoot sessions. They encouraged him to make these photos and videos, and let me tell ya, they didn’t have to tell him twice – the dude is very fond of showing off and his great fat cock gets hard very quickly indeed! On top of it all, David’s personality is great and Ben says it was a real pleasure to work with him, and that they both enjoyed the time they spent together in Berlin. We sure hope to see much more of this hottie from Bulgaria in the months to cum!

Click here to watch his entire video in HD quality at Bentley Race!

Bentley Race is a very cool site from a cool guy from Down Under. He manages to find some really interesting and hot amateur men that often cannot be seen anywhere else. These guys are real amateurs and rarely become high profile porn stars. They’re all natural and many of them are truly straight. Do check out BentleyRace!


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Ripped Masculine Dude Joey Doves Gets His Cherry Popped By Sexy Newcummer Alex

by on May.10, 2017, under BaitBuddies

Hot masculine dude Joey Doves makes a comeback to try bottoming for the first time in his life. This handsome, ripped and always horny man works out a lot to maintain his good shape and stay strong. I think you’ll agree that it’s definitely paid off!

Alex is a newcummer at Baitbuddies, and he’s also a hot and handsome specimen! He’s not as tall as Joey but his ass is guaranteed to attract looks from all directions. He’s only 20 years old, single at the moment and it’s not hard to conclude that, being at that age, he’s pretty much perpetually horny as well.

After the usual interview with both guys, the promised female talent mysteriously doesn’t show up (as usual), and the guys are left with two possibilities: to leave the studio without having earned any money, or to earn double the amount of money if they agree to fuck each other. Alex’s boner quickly goes down after the talk of gay sex, but Joey was more persistent and managed to persuade his new buddy to try something new. Alex eventually agrees and takes good care of Joey’s ass!

Preview video:

Click here to watch their complete video in HD quality at Bait Buddies!

Bait Buddies is a pretty hot straight guy site with plenty of updates and some very hot guys indeed. There is always a “bait” dude who is bi or gay, and a straight (or sometimes “straight”) dude who needs to be seduced into gay sex.


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Tall, Handsome & Beefy Straight Dude Aiden Tripp Strokes His Huge Fat Cock

by on May.05, 2017, under Straight Fraternity

We’ve already seen this hot athletic dude on several occasions earlier (check out his video here). Here’s another hot video of Aiden Tripp (aka Kip) jerking off his huge, fat cock for our viewing pleasure. He is a straight dude, but he doesn’t mind showing off his body and jerking off for the gay guys. Actually, he finds the idea of other people getting turned on by him quite appealing. Not to mention that, as many other straight guys, he discovered that shooting porn is a great way to make some easy cash, and we know how college guys are always short on cash.

So let’s enjoy watching this tall (6’3” or 190 cm), muscular, beefy and very hung dick warrior!

Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in perfect HD quality at Straight Fraternity!

Straight Fraternity is a great site that features hot and horny straight amateur guys. The guys here are funny, cool, and entertaining… and of course hot as hell… I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching their antics! The site authors really love to show cumshots and if you’re a cum lover, you will like this site.

SF-250x250c SF-250x250d
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Sexy Hairy Personal Trainer Patrick Strokes His Cock

by on Mar.14, 2017, under Southern Strokes

Meet Patrick! He’s a 31-year old dude who hails from Los Angeles, but is currently in the South. He works as a personal trainer, his body is muscular, firm and hairy. His head is bald and he’s got a bit of an attitude so typical straight men that are a bit overly protective of their sexuality.  While the interview with Patrick was at the stage where we ask about his sexual preferences and pushing the limits in that area, when he was asked whether he would agree to get fucked, that didn’t go over that well so we suggested that he “do his thing”, i.e. just to jerk off.

He agreed, grabbed his nice hard cock and proceeded to stroke it in the manner he usually does. His nice mushroom head was nicely caught on the camera in great detail. Patrick likes to be detailed and thorough when it comes to stroking his cock, so he took his time, and eventually he spread his legs open and shot a nice wad of hot creamy jizz.

Preview video:

Click here to watch his entire video in HD quality at SouthernStrokes!

Southern Strokes is a porn site devoted to the hottest boys from the US South. As the saying goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas” and these boys are the proof. There are solo shoots as well as two or more boys fucking (sometimes bareback). All of the boys are amateurs, not porn actors, so if that’s your cup of tea, you should definitely check them out!


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Hairy Sexy Straight Dude Ian Is Back For More Professional Cock Servicing

by on Mar.06, 2017, under Like-Em-Straight

Our old buddy Ian is back once again to get his huge fat cock professionally serviced by cock-insatiable cocksucker Brendon! We’ve already seen Ian in various editions (such as his amazing 70s edition here, or his previous 80s edition here). Well, this time round he wears sunglasses and short beard, hoping that that would help in him staying anonymous and unrecognizable as porn actor in his real life – which is kinda ridiculous, but whatever floats your boat, Ian!

As you can clearly see, Brendon is very fond of blonde guys. Having the iconic mischievous “rock star” look, Ian pushes all of Brendon’s buttons, and it seems that Brendon’s hungry mouth and hands also pushed all of Ian’s buttons because that huge thick dick jumped up and remained hard throughout the entire video. Ian brought again his tiny whiskey flask to help him dull his nervousness, but we think it was unnecessary because his cock obviously wasn’t nervous at all!

When Brendon got Ian’s load in his mouth, you could tell that Ian was happy as well, by the smile on his face. We have a feeling we will see Ian again in Brendon’s studio.

Preview video:

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Like-Em-Straight!

Like-Em-Straight is a porn site that features real straight guys that come to jerk off for some cash. The farthest these men will go with another man is to let him suck his cock or get a handjob, but most guys just want to jerk off. The site is made by the same authors as Bait Buddies so you can be sure there’s some quality jerkoff material inside. Most of the men I’ve seen inside are really hot and manly, and I’d venture to say that most of them are really straight.



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Sexy Beefy Straight Dude James Nowak Shows Off & Strokes His Big Uncut Dick

by on Feb.23, 2017, under Bentley Race

We’ve been missing James Nowak! This hot, beefy straight dude had hurt himself in the gym last year and he had to take a break from both working out and modeling. He expressed his concerns that he might not be fit enough for the next shoot because of the long break he had taken, but we can only say: such nonsense! Bentley assured him that he looked as good as ever, if not better!

So Bentley invited James to his place and gave him some light free weights to work out with them so we can better notice and appreciate his sexy bulging muscles. James has put on his trademark smile again, and we can only say he’s such a hearwarming, genuine and sweet guy and it’s a real pleasure to work with him. Although he had done some solo and even sex scenes with other guys, he is still quite shy when it comes to posing nude. He’s definitely one of those straight dudes who is not entirely aware of the fact how good-looking he is. His ever increasing fans and followers certainly look forward to seeing much more of James Nowak in the upcoming months.

Click here to watch their entire video in HD quality at Bentley Race!

Bentley Race is a very cool site from a cool guy from Down Under. He manages to find some really interesting and hot amateur men that often cannot be seen anywhere else. These guys are real amateurs and rarely become high profile porn stars. They’re all natural and many of them are truly straight. Do check out BentleyRace!



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