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Pike’s Ass Gets Gangbanged & Filled With Our Jizz

by on Apr.05, 2014, under FraternityX

FX082_1 FX082_012

The description we got from "Fratboy":

Just minutes before we were about to start shooting this video, my mate Pike got an email from his girlfriend with some bad news. Well, he was naïve enough to think that we would be a great supportive bunch of mates and that we would really listen to his long pathetic stories about trust and love.

Yeah, right. Not in this frat house, Pike. Here we drink beer and fuck assholes,…

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Hot Bearded Hunk Logan Gets Pounded & Bred By Cute Big-Dicked Guy

by on Mar.29, 2014, under EricVideos

logan_breeding84 logan_breeding146

It was a hot summer day and Logan was on his way back home in his car. The heat had done its work and Logan was horny all day long, aching to release all that accumulated jizz, while being fucked by some hot stud.

Then, suddenly, he spotted a cute bearded guy in the street and followed him for a bit. The cute guy needed less than 2 seconds to make up his mind and come inside Logan’s car because he, too, was aching to release his…

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Muscled, Inked & Very Hung Top James Breeds Gay Boy Josh

by on Mar.24, 2014, under Sketchy Sex

SS004_006 SS004_023

This is the scene description we got from "Roomie":

"I put an ad on craigslist the other day and within hours I got a reply from this amazingly hot, inked dude. He said he could come right away to plunder my little fag ass and fill it up with his cum. So he comes and starts drilling my ass right from the start, no introductions no nothing!

And while he was pounding my boy pussy, there appeared this other guy that

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Rough Fucker Peto Coast Fucks & Breeds Adam Pearce’s Ass

by on Mar.11, 2014, under TimFuck

01 05

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you already know that I love Peto Coast so much that I try to feature as many of his updates here as I can find. Today I realized I haven’t posted this particular update… So, here it is, despite the fact it’s a few years old.

Of course, both of these men are gay but they’re masculine and hot beyond measure, so why not. Besides, I’ve been featuring…

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Dj & Antonio Biaggi Fuck & Breed Ali’s Ass

by on Mar.07, 2014, under EricVideos

228_1 228_3

Dj was in his SUV getting a magnificent blowjob from Ali… when suddenly Antonio Biaggi pulls his car over next to them. At first he just watches what’s going inside the SUV, then he joins forces with Dj and they take care of Ali’s needs together.

But first, Antonio Biaggi prepares the Ali’s ass by rimming it thoroughly, then sticks his huge cock deep inside. Meanwhile, Dj is stuffing Ali’s…

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Extra-Hung Straight Dude Jess Fucks Equally Well-Endowed Peter

by on Mar.06, 2014, under SeanCody

14 20

Well, here we have two most hung guys from SeanCody (the author has officially confirmed the stats) – Peter and Jess.

Peter is a handsome and sexy young lad, he often retells the story when he was showering in the gym, some dude approached him and said, "Thanks for the show!" – obviously referring to his big fuck stick which wasn’t even hard. He’s very much into working out in the gym …

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Troi & Cooper Flip-Flop Fuck & Treat Each Other With Big Messy Cumshots

by on Feb.28, 2014, under Chaosmen

chaosmen_cooper_troi_hires_21 chaosmen_cooper_troi_hires_38

This update is a little older, but I really liked it so here it is. It features Troi (one of my favorites) and Cooper Reed who flip flop fuck in this video. Incidentally, this was the first time Troi bottomed.

As usual, Cooper didn’t mind bottoming, although we warned him that Troi’s cock is not to be underestimated. Cooper assured us that it wouldn’t be his first time to receive another man’s dick…

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Matt’s Ass Gets Filled With Three Loads In A Big Gangbang

by on Feb.06, 2014, under FraternityX

FX074_001 FX074_049

Here’s another big gangbang from the boys at FratertityX. This time round, they found Matt, a guy whom they drugged and fucked senseless several months ago. Lo and behold, Matt appeared on their door unheralded again today. He wanted to know what happened to him that night as he was not able to remember.

Being the nasty horny motherfuckers that they are, the boys roofied him again and fucked his pretty boy ass again.…

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Gangbang With Messy Creampies

by on Jan.29, 2014, under Sketchy Sex

SS002_1 SS002_033

Text we got from one of the roommates:

Again, me and my roommates felt bored and horny, so we cruised the Internet for some fresh male flesh and big cock. And then we stumbled across these two hot hung dudes, one goes by the name Jay, and the other I don’t know his name.

As soon as they came they whipped out their dicks and offered us to suck them off. Well, needless to say, they didn’t have to ask twice. Me and my roommates…

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Ryan’s Ass Gets Gangbanged & Filled With Jizz

by on Jan.28, 2014, under FraternityX

FX081_1 FX081_12

Last time during a mixer Ryan got wasted from too much alcohol and passed out while going upstairs. As we have this unwritten rule to punish everyone for not being able to hold his liquor, we all took turns and emptied our balls into his sorry ass!

Basically we used his ass as a dumpster and fucked him senseless. Somebody videotaped the whole thing and it will remain in our archive. The guys filled his ass with many loads until…

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