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Island Studs – Sexy & Charming Hawaiian Ukulele Musician Keoki

by on Oct.19, 2012, under Island Studs

Keoki is a 24-year old hairy stud from Hawaii and he’s got a lot to offer. He is a fully certified Martial Arts master and professional ukulele performer. This dude is not too tall standing at only 5’5” (170 cm) and weighing 145 lbs (65 kg), but he looks absolutely great and keeps his body in top shape all the time.

Keoki is also a skin diver (aquanaut) and he works out like a true bodybuilder. He comes from a family of Hawaiian musicians, so it’s no surprise that he became interested in ukulele as well. Keoki is of mixed descent and has Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian, Maori, Cherokee, Chinese, Irish, German and Scottish blood in his veins! Quite a mixture I would say!

Keoki likes to have long hair and he keeps his body in perfect shape all the time. His abs are perfect (genuine 6 pack – check it out), strong biceps and triceps, perfect wide chest with well-defined muscles. Damn, I got a hard-on just from enumerating his qualities, I keep his picture in my mind’s eye all the time and this stud surely pushes all the right buttons for me!

Keoki is definitely not shy – he shows off his body without any trace of timidity and loves to flex those strong muscles while being totally naked. Keoki says that he "was worried about his dick". Not sure why because his dick is absolutely gorgeous piece of thick, rock-hard man meat! Just check out that perfect mushroom head, it really gets hard as rock. I’d love to suck that dick for sure.

Keoki has a reputation of a tough Hawaiian guy among the local women on the basis of his looks, but deep down he’s such a gentle and sensitive dude. His smile is priceless and when he plays his ukulele, he can thaw just about anyone’s hardened and frozen heart.

He played a very nice Hawaiian song for us while his dick was stiff as a stick! I asked him whether he would play a serenade to a nice lady after making love to her, and he replies "No, the music comes before that, the music is how we get into bed!"

He also performed some of the nunchucks martial arts routines, while being completely naked and with his boner pointing into the sky. Gotta love those Hawaiian boys!

His cock remained hard and lays against the instrument while he stroked its strings. After making us horny with this erotic musical improvisation he puts away his ukulele and begins to stroke his own instrument.

Then he goes to do some work in our garden, namely to scrub and clean our lawn chairs. Of course he’s still naked. He didn’t mind one bit working stark naked in our tropical garden saying "well, it’s so HOT I don’t want to wear clothes." He continues to stroke his erect dick with soapy water.

Keoki is a pretty hairy man – there is hair everywhere you look – legs, chest, belly, balls and even on his feet. He says that he has never shaved his strong black hairs from his pubic area. Why would he, when it suits him so well?

Keoki loves to jerk off slowly and methodically. He plays with his balls and his dick first. He takes his cock and continues to wank it hard. After some time Keoki begins to shoot his load and sprays his jizz all around himself. It was a real fountain of cum, check it out. That load was so damn big! Geez, these jungle boys are real stallions.


Preview video:

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Island Studs is a great, new, and refreshing porn site that features hot guys from Hawaii. These bad boys have no problem with showing off their beautiful, toned body and hard cock. Watch them as they do their usual chores against the stunning backdrop of Hawaiian nature!

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SUCKoffGUYS – Young Handsome Evan Parks Serviced In Mountain Cabin

by on Mar.18, 2012, under SUCKoffGUYS

Evan Parks is a 24-year-old dude from Southern USA. He is handsome and always horny. He loves to have fun and have a nice time with his mates. He loves to hike, snowboard and drink too.

Aaron and Seth decided one day to take Evan on a trip to their mountain resort. While they were climbing up the mountain on a bumpy road Evan gives us a short summary of the things he likes to do and what’s his idea of fun. He’s a typical 20-something year old dude, judging by his likes and dislikes.

Aaron and Seth had a great time with Evan, and I think they all had a great time at the top of that mountain.

As soon as they reached the mountain top, Aaron and Evan devoted their attention to cocksucking. Aaron took off Evan’s pants and started to eat his cock. Evan’s dick is pretty BIG, in fact it is definitely above average. Evan is one horny motherfucker and he got it up before you could count to 5.

Evan said he really liked getting blowjob from Aaron, and I can tell he was extremely excited and horny while Aaron munched on his cock. Evan’s cock was throbbing and pulsating like mad while Aaron licked it and sucked it.

Evan doesn’t shave his balls, he is pretty bushy down there, and Aaron and Seth really liked this masculine look.

Towards the end, Evan was really turned on by Aaron’s licking and it brought him to ecstasy. Aaron continued to suck and lick Evan’s cock and soon enough Evan was ready to blow his load. Aaron took his dick firmly into his mouth and took all the cum directly into his throat. Some cum ended up on Aaron’s beard!


Short preview video:

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SUCKOffGUYS is a very interesting and hot gay porn site that focuses on blowjobs, cum eating, cumshots, cum play and all things cum! The site owners are obviously total cum pigs and it shows. Be sure to check them out if you’re into beautiful hard cocks, blowing stiff rods and sperm in all varieties.


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FirstAuditions Alban – Young, Manly & Tough Straight Stud

by on Dec.14, 2010, under TheCastingRoom

Alban is a 19 year-old candidate who applied for our new male porn stars audition. He’s never been naked in front of camera. He is a completely straight man and has an innately aggressive behaviour and very high sex drive.

So, as you may imagine, the casting director had quite an interesting challenge of asking him sometimes uncomfortable or unpleasant questions regarding his sexual practices and inspecting his perfectly built, young, masculine body.

I have a strong feeling that if we ogled at Alban in the gym’s changing rooms, he’d probably punch our lights out. However, the director is up to the task and manages Alban’s nervousness about showing his naked body pretty well.

Despite this nervousness, he brought himself quite easily to the orgasm and shot an impressively big load of cum!

Alban is your quintessential straight guy. When he thinks of sex, he thinks of hot chicks. And he’s mostly unaware of how hot, masculine and sexy he is.


Short preview video:


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Amateur Boy Kyle Rubs One Off

by on Apr.08, 2010, under SpunkWorthy

Kyle is a sexy 21 y/o from a small town in the Pacific Northwest. Standing at 6’2" he’s a guy who definitely turns heads when he walks in the room. He has quite the package: blonde hair, blue eyes, great furry body, and a smile could just about melt the icecaps.

We got to talking before his shoot and it turned out that he’s a little broader in his sexuality than I had thought. I asked him if he prefers girls or guys.

"Both. It kinda depends on my mood, I guess." he said with a mischievious glint in his eye.

Kyle seems like the kind of guy who was born to be in front of the camera. He put on one of the hottest shows I’ve seen in a while. He really got into it, letting out little moans while stroking his uncut cock and playing with his ass.

Kyle had saved up for a few days and, man, did it pay off! He blew a fantastic load all over his chest and stomach. And he’s a loud one when he cums. Just the way we like ’em.


If you love truly amateur straight boys, then SpunkWorthy is a site you should certainly check out!

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