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Amateur Muscle Stud Conor Michaels Strokes His Big Cock

by on Feb.10, 2014, under Dirty Tony

Conor Michaels is practically a complete newbie in the porn biz. He has worked as a dancer in a couple of night clubs, but that’s all. He has never jerked off in front of the camera, even. However, he admits he did like it when all those girls were around him together with him on the stage. Sometimes there were even thousands of hot girls. And once a girl he was doing a private show for, offered to blow his cock right there and then.

This boy has an open mind about sexuality, providing of course that someone doesn’t want to force a big fat dildo up his arse, when he’s not prepared for something like that! Even some girls wanted to penetrate him with a strapon, but he wasn’t into it at all. He just wants to fuck women.

First Conor gives us an explanation and a quick tour of his tattoos. Then he starts stroking his big ole prick… and damn it’s a sight to behold. He is all buffed up pretty nicely, his chest is muscular and he has really nice big arms. His chest is hairy. As soon as he grabs his cock it’s already stiff and hard. When he takes it out it kinda springs forward, like a weapon. He strokes it some more, having settled into the couch and made himself comfortable.

He stares at the DVD with some girlie porno playing in the background while he’s rubbing his swollen manhood. He plays with its forehead a little. Then he puts his left arm behind his head to prop it and we can see his biceps from the below. He’s a really hot muscled dude. He looks defo sexy with that ginger-like hair.

He keeps on jerking off and while he’s in the middle of it, a nice drop of precum forms on the tip of his cock, refracting light like a prism. He starts breathing more heavily, and he shoots a nice big load of cum that hits his stomach and then several more goblets of cum drip onto his hand and the bush.


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