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Manly Top David Hardy Barebacks Chandler Scott’s Tight Eager Ass

by on Feb.19, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

One can’t imagine a scene with David Hardy and Chandler Scott to be anything other than pure hotness and horny perfection. Unsurprisingly, the boys got along with each other very nicely and there was some real chemistry going on. They start kissing each other, then David checks out the most interesting parts of Chandler’s body. The boys take each other’s clothes and Chandler is quick to swallow David’s cock, giving it a good blowjob action. David then returns the favor, and also strokes it from time to time.

David then tells Chandler to bend over so he can plow his ass, after giving it a little relaxing rimjob. David inserts his hard raw cock into Chandler’s inviting asshole and starts plundering it. David is quite aggressive and mercilessly plows that ass, with each stroke making Chandler that much closer to the inevitable balls draining. After Chandler has shot his load, he lets David shoot his wad into his wide open mouth. Chandler then makes sure that David can taste his own cum as well.


Preview video:

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Chaosmen Rory Serviced by Ransom

by on Aug.27, 2010, under Chaosmen

The night before this shoot I told Ransom to save a load for his Serviced scene with Rory. From the vibe I got from Rory, he was going to be more than happy to have a dick to suck while being Serviced. I love it when these videos naturally turn into a suckfest. Ransom does an awesome job handling Rory’s big uncut cock, and then makes his own dick accessible.

Three minutes in, and Rory was sucking dick like a pro. Rory says he is on the Bi side, but from talking to him, I think he is getting more and more interested in dudes. Its kind of hot when these Mid 20’s guys have been playing "undercover straight" and just tend to have the masculine traits as second nature. Being in the Service, I think he tended to butch it up.

Ransom continues to step up his game in wanting to do these blow job videos. Once again, I think he was truly turned on by this military dude. He eagerly eats his ass, and fingers his hole. After that, Ransom was keen on getting his dick sucked properly, and I love seeing Rory’s bubble but flexing while he hungrily sucks Ransom’s cock. I knew Rory was gonna have to really beat his meat hard to nut, so we let him have at it. And after me giving Ransom a hard time about claiming to have actually let one of the models cum in his mouth (I sure couldn’t see it!) he was determined to take a load properly.

Rory comes all over his lips then dumps the rest in his mouth. Ransom holds it there then spits it out and uses it to lubricate his dick. Very VERY hot!

He stands up, cum still dripping off his chin, then unloads all over Rory’s cock and chest.


Short preview video:

If you don’t like the one-sided-ness of a standard Serviced video, this one will please you as both guys eagerly try to get the other off!

Click here to watch this entire hot scene with Rory and Ransom sucking each other off and sharing their cum.

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Aggressive Straight Dude Splits Antonios Ass

by on Jul.29, 2010, under Chaosmen

They start off kissing and we get a little frottage action as Taylor rubs his cock all over Antonio’s.  Taylor takes the lead giving Antonio head, but soon after climbs on top and basically does push-ups into Antonio’s mouth.

Taylor gets him doggy style and properly fucks Antonio’s face. Very hot and you see just how big Taylor’s cock gets. Then, unfortunately for Antonio, he gets to FEEL how big Taylor’s cock gets! Can you say Ass Rape? I dunno what was going on, but Antonio was running away from Taylor’s stick for the first part of the video.  Is it pleasure or pain? (I say pain!)  The funny thing is, Taylor just keeps at it, not letting him slide away!

Finally we switch to the couch and I let Antonio ride Taylor’s cock so he can monitor the depth. Taylor can’t stay hard with a girl when he is laying down, (he really is pretty dominate!) so I was hoping the sitting position wasn’t too much like laying down. Turned out fine and we really get to see Antonio split in two. Finally, Taylor fucks him doggy-style, showing no mercy. He unloads all over Antonio’s asshole, fucking him with his cum.

A quick cut to Antonio busting his nut.  Taylor instinctively took some of Antonio’s cum and started spreading it around Antonio’s mouth..well..chin. He was not sure if Antonio would go for it, and you can tell because he is a bit tentative about doing it.

Finally realizing Antonio wasn’t gonna put up too much of a fuss, Taylor bends over and they share a cum soaked kiss! Gooey stickiness everywhere! So extra props to Taylor for not only delivering a great cumshot, but for pushing the limits of Antonio’s cumshot!



Short preview video:

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Studly Vander Serviced & Spunked

by on Jul.15, 2010, under Chaosmen

For the first time ever, Ransom got shy with a model, and I think it was ‘cuz he really thought Vander was hot. Ransom is mostly straight, but every now and then a dude attracts him, and Vander was it!

There is just something about Vander anyway. He’s calm, confident, nicely built, big cock, and as I said, just smells great. But something that says raw sex.

Ransom keyed into all of these things the minute he walked into the room that Vander was waiting for him in. I left in some of his nervousness at the beginning of the film.
But once his clothes are off, all bets were off and this seriously turns into a feeding frenzy.

Vander is very verbal, and I don’t think I have ever seen Ransom suck a cock so eagerly…or eat ass! And watch Vander, his eyes never leave Ransom’s body, totally drinking him in and worshiping his body. Though Vander was a bit wobbly at times, we finally got what he needed, a cock in his face, compliments of a very turned on Ransom.

Knowing that Vander likes to fuck ass, Ransom then sits practically right on Vander’s face, toying with him. Vander gets even harder having a hole to play with! As I said, Ransom really went to town rimming Vander, rubbing his scent all over himself.

Vander from the get go said he doesn’t usually cum from blow jobs, and when a gay guy says that, I tend to believe it. So I knew we were gonna skip out on having Ransom try.
We get Ransom to feed  him his cock and that gets him to blow his load easily.  Ransom didn’t take to long to play catch-up and adds his load to Vander’s hairy pecs.


Short preview video:

I gotta say, this is one of the best Serviced videos! Finally some competition! ;-) Maybe I can retire my kneepads?! This video is just plain old-fashioned hot chemistry!

Click here to watch their entire video on Chaosmen now!

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