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Englishlads – Sexy Muscled Rugby Player Cory Burns Gets A Massage From A Dude

by on Nov.02, 2013, under English Lads

Have you watched the movie "Thor" with Chris Hemsworth? Well, Cory Burns reminds me of Thor (or Chris Hemsworth in  that movie) and now when he grew a nice manly beard things are even better! Our perpetually horny resident cocksucker Dan Broughton couldn’t be a happier bunny when Cory appeared at the door and let Dan examine his hunky body from up close. Actually, Dan wanted to give Cory a nice uplifting massage and we had such a great fun doing that.

Cory is a very handsome dude with deep blue eyes, manly stubble and body to die for. His chest is just about perfect, with broad shoulders and strong pecs… not to mention the six pack abs that just can’t be made any more perfect than they already are. We are told by the guys from Englishlads that Cory has a rather big, stiff, upright cock, but unfortunately, we’re not allowed to show it here. Dan is honored to have such a hot dude in his hands, so to speak, and he takes off Cory’s clothes bit by bit. Then he slowly strokes Cory’s muscles from behind, going over his smooth muscular chest. Cory can’t help it and Dan’s touches make Cory’s cock get hard very quickly in his pants. I guess a sensual touch is a sensual touch, regardless of whether a woman or a man does the touching? Anyway, the point is that Cory gets horny really quickly and when his dick gets hard it’s really a sight to behold – it’s a big, thick uncut cock that points straight to the sky!

I’ve noticed that Cory doesn’t mind when someone plays with his balls, and Dan makes use of this discovery quite a lot. Dan is teasing the big guy by massaging his balls even while they’re in his shorts. Cory’s strong body becomes even more irresistible once it’s covered with a layer of shiny massage oil. Dan gives his best as a massage therapist and he doesn’t skip any part of that rugby player’s body. Dan focuses a bit more on Cory’s butt cheeks and spreads them apart a little for us. Cory’s asshole is slightly hairy and looks very inviting. Cory doesn’t really mind all this as he’s a pretty relaxed lad and obviously enjoys being in the spotlight.

Suddenly, Dan makes a surprise move and removes both his and Cory’s shorts. Two big dicks pop out and Dan strokes them both simultaneously! After some time Cory shoots his load all over his muscled chest and abs. Cory has been in a great mood today and I’d like to invite you to see his entire movie(s) at Englishlads.


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English Lads is a fantastic site with loads of very manly, straight lads from England who love to show off and jerk off for the camera. All movies are in HD quality.

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