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Drunken Horny Frat Boys Fuck & Breed Alex’s Eager Ass

by on Mar.04, 2016, under FraternityX

Text description we got from Frat Boy Alex:

"It was one of those lazy Sunday afternoons when me and the boys gather in the frat house and smoke pot or drink beer. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, when my brothers decided to make a bitch out of me and my ass because they felt too horny. Of course, I had to suck their cocks first and then they took turns on my ass and fucked me like wild horny forest bunnies. As soon as some guy would want to cum, he would aim his cock at my ass or face and shoot his load, then stick it in to breed my both holes. Damn, it’s always fun to do that"

Ben’s commentary:

Let’s see who participated in this nice and customarily nasty frat orgy. First we have Tyler who is 23, sexual orientation – bisexual, preferred role – bottom, dick – 7 inches uncut; then we have Alex who is 22, sexual orientation – doesn’t like labels, preferred role – top, dick – 8 inches cut; Tom Faulk who is 22, dick – 7 inches cut, preferred role – versatile, sexual orientation – doesn’t like labels; Orlando who is 24, dick – 7 inches cut, preferred role – versatile, sexual orientation – bisexual; and Memnanstone who is 29, dick – 7,5 inches uncut, sexual orientation – straight, preferred role – top.

The guys made a great orgy with lots of bareback fucking and breeding. One more classic from FratX, for sure.


Preview video:

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Eric Deman – Drunken Straight Guys Finger Each Other’s Assholes

by on Oct.30, 2013, under Eric Deman

Well, this was nasty and hilarious but also hot in a weird kind of way. These straight dudes got drunk as fuck and someone got the idea that it would be hilarious to finger each other’s assholes while wearing a condom on their finger.

We have here one courageous boy who volunteered to have his ass fingered, so he bends over and lets his buddy do the deed. Needless to say, this was more funny than anything else so only a few moments after his buddy’s finger got deep inside his ass he fell on the ground laughing like crazy.

After this the "fingering dude" pushes the finger into his buddy’s face.


Preview video:

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Eric Deman is an interesting site that features hidden camera shots of hot blue-collar men caught while taking a piss, or wanking in a public place. Truck drivers, soldiers, famous sportsmen, miners, prisoners, rugby and football players etc!


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