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Pervy Horny Girls Take A Sperm Sample From Beefy Rugby Player Tom

by on Sep.10, 2016, under CFNM

We continue our story about Tom’s crazy adventures with horny girls in school. He still feels painful throbbing sensations in his ass from being penetrated by a huge glass dildo that the girls used. But his predicament is far from over. The girls now want to inflict more damage to the ego of this once stuck-up rugby player. They focus on Tom’s cock and start massaging it. The girls want to make Tom ejaculate his sperm so they can collect a sample.

Little by little, the girls’ hands are irresistible and Tom can’t stop getting hard from their touches. The girls are touching not just his cock but his entire body, which makes him super horny. All this soon leads to the inevitable ending, and Tom shoots his load into a container that the girls provided him with in advance. 


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Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It definitely has "a tongue in cheek" quality to itself, and both the men and women are really hot!


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Pervy & Horny Girls Take Advantage of Dumb Hairy Gardener

by on Mar.01, 2015, under CFNM TV

Smythe is a hot and hairy man who works for rich Lady Victoria. People usually consider him a bit dumb but nobody can deny he’s a good-looking and very masculine lad. Lady Victoria has set her eyes upon the handsome gardener and she’s been lusting over him for quite some time. Today she’s finally going to make this hairy man stroke his big thick uncut cock so she can appreciate his male beauty.

Smythe is ordered to get totally naked and stand there in the kitchen awaiting Lady Victoria’s orders. Smythe knows that them "people upstairs" are powerful and pervy people and that he mustn’t disobey their orders no matter how awkward the whole thing may seem. Lady Victoria tells Smythe he may begin stroking his big thick cock slowly, so she can watch him and enjoy the view. Lady Victoria’s female servants and other staff gather round Smythe and watch him with their eyes popping out. It’s hard for these women to hide their astonishment and awe at the sight of such a handsome and masculine man. The women are pretty strict, though, and don’t ever allow the poor gardener to think that he’s in charge of the situation. The stern horny women give out the orders that are increasingly hard to comply with. All in all, a hilarious episode from CFNM TV with a cool cast and indeed a very hot and hairy "gardener"!


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CFNM TV is a brand new site from the creators of sites such as CFNM, Brutal Tops, Breeder Fuckers, The Casting Room and CMNM. If full-length videos of hung masculine men being dominated by beautiful horny women turns you on, you’re certainly going to enjoy this site. It is actually the video site specific CFNM site that’s made especially for those who prefer videos to photo stories.




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Sexy Dumb Farmer George Gets His Ass Fully Examined By Pervy Country Doctor Latitia

by on Apr.28, 2014, under CFNM

Sexy, masculine farmer George is in his doctor’s office. He wasn’t aware that they’ve got a brand new female doctor in their village – hot and horny doctor Latitia. Latitia is pleasantly surprised by George’s hot, manly body (see the first part here), but she’s trying to hide her excitement and use the situation to her advantage.

Latitia treats George as her captive and orders him to climb onto the exam table and expose his arse so she and her female assistant can take a closer look at it. Latitia thinks this hot but dumb farmer needs to be taught patience and obedience so she first gives him a good spanking, then proceeds to examine his ass. Of course, this is not a part of the regular medical examination but just an excuse to enjoy his hot body.

She is in no hurry and slowly examines his ass cheeks first, then she orders him to straighten up and correct his posture so that the asshole is more readily available for the examination. She pushes one of her fingers into his ass and George has to endure this utterly awkward situation because he’s convinced that this is the standard procedure. Little does he know that Latitia is one pervy and ever horny female doctor who doesn’t shrink from abusing her position as a doctor in order to gain access to a beautiful masculine body like his. See the whole story of The Country Doctor at CFNM!


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Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) is a very hot site for lovers of truly straight guys. It’s a little tongue in cheek but the men are fuckingly hot!

Clothed Females Naked Male

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First Auditions – Big & Dumb Straight Dude Brendan

by on Nov.02, 2011, under TheCastingRoom

We have a new straight guy who wants to be a porn star at First Auditions. Brendan is a dumb dude who came to us because he wants to become a porn star. Actually it was his step-father who suggested that he try it out.

Brendan may look a bit dumb, but he is a fiery stud in bed and can fuck for hours. He likes to brag about his sexual skills, especially about the stuff he did with his buddies who have sex with women in public.

Brendan has a sizeable cock and big balls that are always full of cum. When he reached the orgasm he shot several big squirts of sperm all over our floor.


Short preview video:

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First Auditions is a great and original porn site that features young, cocky straight men who want to earn a lot of money by becoming porn stars. They think they’ll be accepted right away and bang lots of chicks, but what they don’t know is that our casting director is very strict and wants to see them naked and how they jerk off during the audition. Lots of drop-dead sexy men here!


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