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Handsome Young Missionary Elder Jordan Passes Bishop’s Jerkoff Test

by on Oct.05, 2014, under MormonBoyz

Elder Jordan started out as a tough, strictly straight missionary and his brethren didn’t think he could be initiated so fast. But, Elder Hardt secretly watched Elder Jordan while he was jerking off in the bathroom. A bit later Elder Hardt managed to engage him in some hot sexy game of wrestling which ended with him shooting a big load all over Elder Jordan (check the preview out here).

Bishop Angus has been plotting how to properly initiate Elder Jordan into their priesthood, but he’s had his doubts because he thought it would be really hard to willingly engage Elder Jordan in any man-to-man sexual activity. As always, Bishop Angus decides to pray and fast so he can figure this problem out more easily. He realizes that a decisive step forward has to be taken, despite the possible setbacks and dangers.

Elder Jordan is brought into Bishop’s office and is awaiting for the bishop to arrive. He can sense that something important is about to happen and that makes him feel uneasy. Elder Jordan had already asked Elder Hardt about the main nature of this religious order, but Elder Hardt wouldn’t tell him anything. Bishop asks Jordan how he feels like, and he admits that he’s feeling nervous. Bishop assures him that there’s no reason to feel nervous and that the most important thing a missionary can do is to fulfill all his duties and listen to his superiors.

Bishop Angus tells Elder Jordan that he should take off all his clothes when he goes through the temple. While Elder Jordan is removing his shirt and pants he notices that Bishop Angus is rubbing his dick through his pants. Elder Jordan now stands naked and wonders what this is all about, and then suddenly he realizes he might get a spontaneous erection just from standing there naked in front of another horned-up guy.

Elder Jordan tries to come up with a reason why they’re doing all this and the only thing that comes to mind is that the bishop gets off on seeing other missionaries naked. He suddenly realizes that the other missionaries might have had to go through this same thing, to get naked for the bishop. Bishop instructs him to sit on the main desk and tells him that it’s totally OK to get a raging boner. Little by little, Elder Jordan’s cock grows to its full size and Bishop Angus also plays with his dick, then whips it out when it’s totally hard. Like any other guy Elder Jordan starts thinking how hung the other missionaries are and where his cock’s size falls in that chart.

Bishop Angus likes very much what he sees, Elder Jordan’s cock is nice, big and stiff, just like he imagined it to be. Bishop Angus can’t resist taking care of his own big hardon, so he removes his pants and his erect dick is now in full view of both men. Now both missionaries are jacking off their cocks.

Elder Jordan still feels anxious and doesn’t want Bishop Angus to notice that he finds the whole situation sexually arousing, so he tries to look elsewhere. However, when two guys are stroking their dicks together, the sexual energy is just so strong that it can’t be denied so easily. Bishop Angus still feels that the young missionary is nervous and encourages him by telling him what a great job he’s doing, and tells him that it is OK to ejaculate as well.

Elder Jordan strokes his dick now at a much faster pace, while bishop strokes his dick much slower. Bishop is eager to see the boy’s cumshot before he busts his nut. The bishop touches the young missionary’s body while Jordan is busy working his dick. Elder Jordan inexorably approaches the point of no return and soon enough he shoots his load all over his six pack abs. This means that the young Elder Jordan has passed the test and Bishop Angus wants to reward him by shooting his own load over him. He approaches Elder Jordan and shoots a huge load all over Elder’s chest. The Bishop takes a bit of their mixed jizz into his hand and annoints Elder Jordan’s forehead.


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Hot Young Missionaries Elder Hardt & Elder Jordan Wrestle Naked

by on Sep.12, 2014, under MormonBoyz

Elder Hardt and Elder Jordan are two young missionaries who got an assignment to study the Book of Enos together today. Enos was a prophet in The Book of Mormon who went on rambling on and on about his struggle with his lower self while he was forcing himself to be accepted by God and that his sins may be forgiven. This internal struggle is described as a sort of wrestling with himself during his soul’s purgatory and torment.

However, this imagery quickly brings another type of wrestling in Elder Jordan’s mind – the images of real wrestling with his sexy missionary colleague. Similarities and synchronicities soon appear obvious when Jordan realizes that even Joseph Smith, who was the main founder of the Mormon Church, also used to wrestle in his ordinary life and beat many opponents. This memory from his history lessons quickly assuage his worries regarding whether his thoughts about wrestling with his friend would be acceptable. Considering the fact that a prophet was a wrestler in its physical sense in ordinary life, then his followers are free to choose to practice that sport themselves, too.

So Elder Jordan asks his companion, "Do you ever horse around?" and Elder Hardt seemed to have understood exactly what Elder Jordan meant by that – some nasty, kinky wrestling. The guys take off their missionary shoes and prepare for wrestling. Elder Hardt already suspects that this is going to end up with some kind of sexual thing, but he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise and doesn’t expect anything in particular.

So Elder Hardt puts his companion into a doggy position and mounts onto him, saying victoriously "You’re in the bottom position, and I’m on top." He grabs his companion at the belly and arm and holds him very fast and hard. Both guys are pretty strong physically and I’d say they were quite evenly matched. Elder Hardt thinks that despite the strength of his opponent, he’ll prevail and get on the top in the end. Elder Jordan is now confronted with two things – his ass is high up in the air and his dick suddenly wakes up and irresistibly starts growing in his underwear. He doesn’t want to be the first one to be obviously sexually aroused and knows that if his dick becomes rock hard it’s going to be a clear giveaway sign.

Elder Jordan thinks that they should both remove their official clothes so that they don’t damage them. Left in just their underwear the guys look even sexier and we can clearly see their muscular bodies. The guys engage in a fight again and now Elder Jordan is obviously sporting the first sight of the boner while Elder Hardt can clearly feel his opponent’s cock near his ass. The guys realize that they’re both getting hard, and they’re unable to stop it now (nor do they wish to) .

The next round proved to be much dirtier and more aggressive than the first one. Elder Jordan wants to win at every cost and end up triumphant on top of his colleague, but Elder Hardt is not one of those who gives up so easily. A few more moves and now Elder Jordan’s face is practically shoved into Elder Hardt’s ass. As Elder Hardt is getting himself free from this grip his huge dick slips out of the underwear’s fly!

Elder Jordan finally triumphs over his opponent by sitting on his chest and pushing his legs high up in the air. Elder Hardt finds this defeat funny and bursts into a wild laughter. "I think you got me," says Elder Hardt and Elder Jordan releases him from the grip. Both guys are panting and breathing heavily.

Elder Jordan suggests that the boys have another round of wrestling, but since their underwear is so prone to getting smelly from their sweat, they decide to get rid of the underwear, too. So, now the boys are wrestling totally naked, the ancient Greek style. Their thick cocks are dangling in all directions while the boys are fighting each other. Elder Hardt manages to get behind his opponent for the third time today, grabbing his sweaty back with one hand and his sweaty arm with the other. Elder Hardt’s cock is now touching his opponent’s ass. These boys really mean business and they’re not gentle with each other. There’s a lot of rough clutches and moves, and the boys are exploring each other’s naked body this way too. Eventually, Elder Jordan pushes Elder Hardt to the floor and immobilizes him there. But Elder Hardt has another strategy this time – he climbs on top and spreads Elder Jordan’s butt cheeks and examines his hole from up close. This was a big blow for Elder Jordan’s sense of superiority because in such a position a man feels that his ass is potentially compromised.

Elder Hardt’s cock shamelessly grows to its full size. The physical proximity and rough physical play of his manly companion has made him excited. Elder Jordan is now hard as well, and both boys don’t mind if their boners become obvious to each other. Elder Hardt manages to put his legs around Elder Jordan’s neck and so his opponent has been immobilized. Elder Hardt is now the winner and as a sign of his dominant position he puts his hard cock right in the middle of his opponent stomach… and pushes it closer to his face. Elder Hardt takes his dick in his hand and jacks it off. At that moment Elder Jordan says "Are you going to do a victory dance all over me?" and instead of the answer Elder Hardt shoots his load all over his opponent’s chest.

Well, one thing is for sure – now the boys have a bit better understanding of prophet Enos and what his wrestling was all about.


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