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Hot Pervy Brother Clark Puts Elder Stewart & Angel Through Special Horny Ordeal

by on Jan.17, 2015, under MormonBoyz

While Bishop Angus is away on a mission to meet with several other prospective missionary inductees, his colleague Brother Clark is in charge of the Ministry and works in Bishop Angus’ office. Brother Clark is has an equally horny and dirty mind like Bishop, and he has already spotted several hot missionaries, which, in his opinion, require further inspection.

For instance, Elder Stewart is a young hot missionary who caught Brother Clark’s eye some time ago. Brother Clark enters his office and finds both Elder Stewart and Angel there. This sends chills down Elder Stewart’s spine as he suddenly remembered all the hot sex that they have had so far and got concerned whether the word got out about it among the brethren.

Brother Clark ends the unpleasant silence by asking Angel the most direct question one can imagine, "How many times did you have sex with Elder Stewart?" Angel takes some time to think about it, then spurts out, "More times than I can count on my two hands." Brother Clark’s face is still serious as he turns to Elder Stewart and asks him whether he’s aware of the real reason he’s been called to his office. Elder Stewart looks down and murmurs through his teeth, "Am I being sent home from my mission?"

Brother Clark likes this bashful boy’s directness and timidity, it makes him so damn horny that his dick starts getting hard in no time. Brother Clark wants to reassure the boy that everything is fine and tells him that he will get another opportunity to be ordained in the "true order of the higher priesthood". Now this was definitely confusing for Elder Stewart but he’s still satisfied that his parents won’t be chiding him for blowing his career in the Mormons. Elder Stewart is delighted that Brother Clark seems to have a lot of understanding for his horny activities and thoughts.

Next, brother Clark gives out the order "Begin by removing your clothes!" Elder Stewart just got reassured that everything would be fine when suddenly this weird order from Brother Clark reaches his ears in complete disbelief. Elder Stewart has been secretly in love (and lust) with Brother Clark because Clark is so amazingly handsome and masculine. Brother Clark’s hands are big and his voice deep and reassuring, so Elder Stewart has no other option but to fulfill Brother Clark’s wishes. Suddenly, all kinds of horny thoughts start rushing into Elder Stewart’s mind, such as: How big Brother Clark’s cock is? Is Brother Clark ever going to fuck his ass? Will he get a chance to swallow and worship Brother Clark’s cock? Questions, questions… Elder Stewart stands up and starts removing his missionary clothes. Brother Clark’s mind is now a whirlpool of wild, lustful thoughts that are running through his head. Brother Clark rises his hand and puts it onto Elder Stewart’s hot naked body. The boy looks much more mature than his age (18) and this fact makes Brother Clark mad with desire. He reaches with his hand for his hardened cock into his pants and whips out a sizeable man tool.

By now Elder Stewart is wearing only his underwear. For Brother Clark this sight of a young missionary in his prime is so stimulating that he finds it hard to control himself. Brother Clark’s cock is big, thick and stiff and it is pulsating like mad. Brother Clark reaches for the boy’s chest and six pack. He takes some consecrated oil and rubs it into the boy’s perfectly smooth skin. Soon enough Elder Stewart’s underwear is gone and we can see his gorgeous, semi-hard cock being released from the prison of the underwear. Brother Clark watches Elder Stewart with horny eyes and encourages him to stroke his man meat. Elder Stewart is eager to get an approval from Brother Clark and does everything he’s told to do. Now, Brother Clark grabs his own cock with one hand and Elder Stewart’s cock with the other and strokes them both. Elder Stewart is still somewhat shy and avoids direct eye-to-eye contact with horny Brother Clark. Elder Stewart has jerked off so many times in his life that he doesn’t find it hard to imagine that it is he who is stroking his cock, although he knows it’s actually Brother Clark’s hand. Elder Stewart looks now at Angel who has also whipped out his cock and is stroking it. Now all three men have their cocks out and are slowly stroking them.

Elder Stewart focuses on Angel’s cock and the wild thoughts of it fucking his ass run through his head at immense speed. He received Angel’s cock so many times but now he can watch being slowly stroked and played with. Meanwhile Brother Clark is satisfied with the boys and he continues to stroke his own cock slowly but resolutely. Brother Clark knows that Elder Stewart is near the point of no return and that soon enough he would be shooting his load. The boy’s cockiness and unabashed sexuality are a definite turn on for Brother Clark. The boy’s cock is huge and his balls are no less impressive. Suddenly an ingenious idea appears in Brother Clark’s mind – Elder Stewart would be the perfect candidate for the secret order of the priesthood. Namely, the members of this secret order have existed since the inception of the church and are considered to be its finest members.

Elder Stewart sits on the chair, still ogling at the other two men’s hard cocks. He imagines how amazing it would be if both Brother Clark and Angel decided to fuck his tight ass. Both men are really hung and he loves the feeling of a huge cock drilling his insides. Of course, the best way would be to have them both take turns while fucking his ass. Elder Stewart’s balls twitch and jump just from Stewart’s thinking about these things. The torrent of jizz inside his balls is now boiling and it’s only a matter of seconds when it will be released. He rises and goes near the desk in the center of the office. His balls retract into the scrotum and within seconds he starts shooting his load all over the desk. Several warm squirts of jizz are shot and splatter all over that desk. Angel is close to cumming as well, and pretty soon he starts shooting his load too. The thought of shoving that dick into Elder Stewart’s ass, just like he had done so many times, was enough to push him over the edge.

Brother Clark doesn’t want to let the boys watch him cumming. Not yet, at least. He wants to keep that for a more important occasion. He takes some of Elder Stewart’s jizz on his fingers and anoints Elder Stewart’s forehead with it. Next, he takes some of Angel’s cum and anoints Elder Stewart’s nose and lips.


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