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Massively Hung Girth Brooks Is Back To Nail Drake’s Ass

by on Aug.09, 2013, under Men Over 30

When I started this blog in 2009, the biggest sensation in porn was Girth Brooks – and deservedly so. Time flies and we’re already in 2013. Many things have changed but Girth looks exactly like the first time I featured him on this blog. Of course, he still sports the biggest schlong in the porn biz, but he has many other assets. I can’t praise enough his cool personality, he’s really a great guy. Add to that a virtually perfecty body – he has everything you’d want in a manly man – and you get, well, Girth Brooks!

I’m always happy to feature him here, and this time it was no exception. Girth is in the company of hot and muscled Drake Jayden, and the two men goof around and talk shit. Girth commends Drake for his great shape and his tattoos. Drake tells Girth that he’s also proud of the tattoo, but that it was really painful, but that that’s alright because he likes pain. Girth makes a cheeky comment that he can’t even begin to explain how much pain he’s going to inflict on poor Drake’s ass. That got them going pretty fast, and in a few moments the guys are kissing and hugging.

Drake takes Girth’s massive monster cock in his mouth and tries to deliver the best possible blowjob, considering the size of that thing! However, as much as Girth likes the blowjob, he wants something more extreme, such as shoving that huge pole up Drake’s arse.

Drake is now in the correct position and Girth shoves it in, balls deep. Both men moan a little. At first, Girth fucks Drake slowly, but Drake doesn’t want it gently, but roughly and aggressively. Girth has no problems with that, and positions Drake on his back. Girth now fucks him really hard until he manages to fuck the cum out of Drake. Girth pulls out and adds his own spunk to that of Drake’s. Damn, the guys made such a mess! But it’s a good type of mess we all love to see.


Preview video:

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Extra Big Dicks – Girth Brooks Stretches Daniel’s Ass With His Monster Cock

by on Oct.18, 2012, under Extra Big Dicks

I’m so glad to see Girth Brooks again! When I started this blog back in 2008 he was one of the first rough straight men that I featured here. Ah, good memories. Girth is still as big as he has always been and his smile is still there, shining on his handsome face!

This time round he will drill some ass on Brazilian stud Daniel Leon, who happens to love huge dicks. We begin this scene when Girth arrives at his home after a hard day, and starts to take off his clothes. Girth puts his hand in his pants and gives the signal to his snake monster that it’s time to wake up. Girth actually awaits his lunch date and he knows he has to get dressed soon. But right at that moment Daniel enters the room and sees Girth half-naked. He apologizes for having been late and says that he is hungry.

Hungry? Thought Girth to himself. Girth turns around to face Daniel and now his monster dick is pointing straight in Daniel’s direction. "How about sucking my horse hung cock?" Daniel was only kidding about being hungry, he has actually been hungry for Girth’s cock. Daniel kneels before Girth like every good cocksucker, and takes that monster deep into his mouth and throat. Swallowing a massive dick such as Girth’s is a special task that only the most adept cocksuckers can hope to do right. Girth thought it would be cool to slap Daniel’s face with his big tool and he does it. Daniel is extremely horny and can’t get enough of Girth’s cock. There were some pretty hot shots from various angles of Girth being serviced.

Daniel gets rid of his briefs and exposes his smooth ass for Girth to do with it whatever he pleases. Girth first spreads the cheeks on Daniel’s ass to get a better view of his tiny pinky hole which is about to get stretched to a whole different level. Girth puts his monster deep inside Daniel’s ass. Daniel groans while his ass is getting stretched with Girth’s throbbing penis. Daniel is a well-known connoisseur of cocks so he actually enjoys every minute of being impaled on this particular specimen. Daniel doesn’t mind the pain, as the pain is transient but the bliss – permanent!

They change the position and now Girth sits down and lets Daniel impale freely on his shaft. Girth then fucks him real hard and causes Daniel to shoot his cum while being fucked. Daniel sprayed his cum all over himself. Then Girth positions Daniel on his knees and shoots his wad covering Daniel’s face and chest.


Preview video:

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Manavenue – Fuck Blast From The Past ("Fuck Rewind")

by on Feb.08, 2012, under Manavenue

In this update we bring you back some of the best fuck scenes from the previous year. There were some quite powerful fuck sessions and I think your dick will be grateful for this selection.

We will see Tomm getting pounded by Angelo Cruz, then power bottom CJ Madison getting his ass pummeled by the man with the monster cock Girth Brooks and finally the super hairy and super manly Peter Johnson getting drilled by Martin Love.


Short preview video:

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Manavenue is an exceptionally good porn website that features masculine, cocky, muscled, powerful straight men, the type of guys that grab your attention while you’re secretly ogling them in the street or in a supermarket. These tough motherfuckers are aware of their sexual appeal and want to show you everything they’ve got.

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Hot Banker Girth Brooks Ravages Rod Daily’s Asshole

by on Jan.06, 2011, under Men Hard At Work, Suite 703

Rod is the owner of a very successful gym and he’d like to add a luxurious juice bar to it. But he needs some funding for the project. He is visiting his banker, Mr. Girth Brooks, who likes the idea but then he noticed some unpleasant irregularities about Rod’s credit that didn’t look well and offers a higher interest rate.

Rod suggests a more personal one-on-one session to resolve this issue, and lo and behold, after a magnificent fucking Mr. Brooks accepts the lower rate.


Short preview video:

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Girth Brooks Talks About His Chest Hair

by on Nov.11, 2010, under Extra Big Dicks

Girth Brooks explains how he “grows crops” of his chest hair while he’s about to fuck Cole Streets.

You can watch the entire video here.

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Girth Brooks Shaves Off His Chest Hair

by on Nov.10, 2010, under Manavenue

If you’re a fan of Girth Brooks as I am, you are gonna be enjoying this session with our dear hairy stud a lot. As you probably know, everything is big on this guy. Girth is known for 3 big things: huge dick, very hairy chest and a big, infectious smile. And he’s also a great fun to be around cause he’s such a charming and cool guy!

Well, not long ago Girth told us he wanted to shave off his chest hair. He does it from time to time in order to grow a fresh crop of hairs. We thought it would be hot and fun to watch and told him to drop by. 

Girth came in shirt and tie, formally dressed up. I think he looks extra hot in suit! Girth then takes off his shirt to reveal the hairy chest he’s about to shave off. Dang I get hard just by thinking about his chest, with hair or without.

Anyway, he shaves it off in the bathroom and then we get to see him playing with his humongous dick that is unmatched in all porn, gay or straight!

I think he looks equally hot with or without hair. But I prefer my Girth to be hairy!

Click here to watch Girth’s entire video at Manavenue in HD picture quality!

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Girth Brooks Ravages Dareian’s Ass

by on Aug.25, 2010, under My Brother's Hot Friend, Suite 703

It’s morning time for Girth Brooks and naturally he has a morning hardon. What better way to start the morning than to unload those heavy balls and center yourself. However, Dareain Blue happens to walk in the room and finds out what Girth is doing, so to speak. Dareaian offers his help and Girth gladly accepts. Taking that monster cock right to the balls wasn’t an easy task but Doreian, being such a cock hungry maniac, managed to swallow Girth’s fuckin’ hge monster. Girth pounded Doreian’s tight asshole and stretched it not only deep but also wide. These guys fuck like wild animals and finally Girth unloads his big load of hot cum all over Dareian’s hairy chest.


Short preview video:


What to say? Once again a breathtaking scene with Girth and his massive, thick hard monster cock. I wish I had a neighbor like Girth to visit him from time to time. ;)

And Doreian is certainly up to task as he can swallow and take it up deep inside his ass like a champ. Great job guys!

Click here to watch this entire movie on My Brother’s Hot Friend!
My Brother’s Hot Friend is is one of the sites in the Suite 703 collection of sites that feature some of the best-known porn stars!

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Girth Brooks In Your Face

by on Jul.14, 2010, under Extra Big Dicks

Besides sporting the biggest schlong in porn, Girth Brooks is one of my favourite porn stars for other reasons as well. He’s handsome, masculine and – most importantly of all – he’s got  a charming and lively personality. Have you noticed he’s pretty much always smiling? Yeah, he is happy and he wants you to be happy in his presence too,

It’s been almost a year since I introduced Girth Brooks on this blog. He took the gay porn biz by storm and is still going strong. This time around he’s showing off all of his manly assets at Extrabigdicks! 

Originally from Massachusetts Girth more than lives up to his name. Girth starts to stretch as he gets comfortable. He keeps his chest trimmed short but long enough to form a faint happy trail down the middle of his defined abs. He has a natural 5 o’clock shadow that just adds to his sex appeal. He takes his shorts off and, as he does, we can already make out the beginnings of a pop tent growing in his boxer briefs. Those briefs look like they’re hiding an anaconda. He strokes that aching meat with both hands as he starts to give his cock the attention it requires. Even with both fists wrapped around his monster cock there’s room for more. He puts his left hand behind his head showcasing his sexy pits. He slowly runs his tongue along his bicep and pit which just! makes his dick throb harder. He stands to give us a better view as the cam goes in from below giving us a spectacular view of those smooth balls and that thick cock. Girth knows just how to show off what he’s packing. He then gets on the couch and assumes a more revealing position as he gets on all four. He arches his back a bit as his beautiful ass gets put on display. Look all you want boys, that’s as close as you’re gonna get to that ass. He strokes that cock underhand as he shows off that sweet ass that’s framed by sexy tan lines. Girth’s cock is getting close so he flips over and lies back to give that cock the release it’s now begging for. He grabs that thick cock by the base as he jacks off faster. His smooth nuts pull in tight as he prepared to unload. His abs contract as he starts to moan and groan aloud as his rock hard explodes coating his furry happy trail with his thick load. Oh yes, someone was up for the challenge of taking this cock in every hole and tune i! n next week to see if it all fit!


Short preview video:

See Girth Brooks in Complete XXX video now!

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Berke Sucks Girth Brooks’ Huge Cock

by on Sep.18, 2009, under Manavenue

On a recent vacation to the Magic City, Girth and Berke are out tossing a few passes before heading back to their hotel rooms.

Girth is intent on showing Berke the new porn he just downloaded; Berke is intent on showing Girth what a great dick sucker he is.  We all know Girth IS his namesake, and Berke chokes most of it down like the pro he is.

Girth is in heaven as he gets his first blowjob from a guy and loves the attention his monster receives.  Berke loves showing off his acquired skills and before long, these straight guys are unloading some serious man-juice.

Will they be back?  Will there be more to this story?  Only time will tell…

Thanks for playing, guys.


Why not watch the whole thing? These guys are gorgeous!

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Girth Brooks is REALLY Huge

by on Aug.06, 2009, under Manavenue

Guessing by the response so far,  Girth Brooks will have his hands
full as an upcoming porn star…and we do mean a hand FULL.

This mother fucker’s dick is so fat, well… pictures do speak for
themselves and he really could NOT get his hand around his own dick.

Can you imagine trying to choke that cock down your throat, much less
trying to sit on it?

Girth Brooks is a guy that REALLY lives up to his namesake!!!

Thanks for a great time, Girth.  And hurry back with that big dick


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